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A parent-child conversation in one of the households in the Phoenix City the next morning looked somewhat rushed.

Knock, knock!

"Honey! Are you awake yet?! There is only one hour until the beginning of the selection! Don't let such an opportunity pass next to your nos-" A concerned mother banged against the doors of her daughter's room but before she finished talking, her daughter already opened the doors and showed herself wearing her best dress, fully prepared.

With a smile planted on her face, the teen ran past her mom and walked down the stairs while yelling some words behind, "Mom! I'm going out! Wish me luck!"

"Alright! Take care! Go kick their asses!" The Mom cheered but her kid was already outside the house, running towards the main plaza.

Inside another household, the scene looked very similar to the previous one. A young teenage female was running around the house to get ready.

"Mom! Did you take my earings? I think I lend them to you a few days ago. I can't find them now!" She called out panickily but her mom quickly came up to her and helped to search for them, calling out anxiously, "I already gave them back! Check the drawer next to the bed!"

The teen quickly found them before shouting excitedly as she ran out of the room, "Okay! I got it! I'm going out! If I don't come back its cause I was selected!"

"Don't worry, we will watch you!" The Mom called out as the girl was already out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Everyone who wanted to take part in the selection jumped from excitement and happiness but there was one group of girls that didn't necessarily think too much of it and would rather sleep more, not going anywhere. This group of girls consisted of Nuwa, Yiren, Wuying and naturally Princess Shan who joined them in a sleepover.

Last night they all played around with each other inside the bed, tickling and talking with gossips about her favourite subject, Xuefeng. Unfortunately, that made them sleep very late. They thought it was because of playing but it turned out that none of them was comfortable to sleep without Xuefeng with them.

For some reason, they felt the bed was really empty. All they could do is hug into each other, mostly using their new human pillow in the shape of Princess Shan. She was forced to sleep in the middle of the bed, stripped of her clothes and put into a thin nightgown only to get hugged by both Wuying and Yiren from both sides.

It was also Princess Shan who woke up first due to her schedule that she got used over the few months but unfortunately, she was stuck in the middle and it didn't seem like she would be released any time soon. She could only pat their heads gently, trying to wake them up, "Everyone... It's already morning... We should slowly wake up..."

Yiren felt the pats on her head and opened her eyes even so slightly to see who it was but then closed them, realising it wasn't the person she has been waiting for before saying, "Mhmm... Mom... Five more minutes..." Wuying wasn't different and also hugged onto Princess Shan, trying to fill the emptiness that they felt without Xuefeng around them.

'Sigh... I guess we still have some time before the selection starts... Hopefully, Xuefeng will come back and join us...' Princess Shan sighed in her mind, knowing exactly how they were feeling and also closed her eyes, imagining how the scene would look like when Xuefeng returns, Should I hug him as well with everyone...? Is that too soon...?'


At the same time, Xuefeng that was so high in demand was currently holding two beauties, Xiao Wen and Tianshi inside of his arms. After the song Tianshi sang for him, Xuefeng couldn't help but give her all the love she was waiting for, entering and filling her with his passion. He was already after a long session with Xiao Wen but that didn't stop him from giving the same to Tianshi as well.

After one satisfying round under the shower, Xuefeng helped her wash before carrying her out towards the bedroom. Her body was pressed against his which covered her just in case but Xuefeng actually relaxed too much, forgetting about Yi that never saw him naked and created quite an interesting scene in between them.

She blushed immensely, staring at the raging fire that wasn't covered by him at all without break. He could only enter the bedroom where they would sleep tonight and leave Tianshi on the bed for a moment, planning to calm down Yi. She naturally wouldn't be sleeping with them as he didn't have any romantic feelings towards her.

As Yi already saw him naked, he didn't bother to cover himself. Such moments would happen a lot in the future if she were to travel with them so she needed to understand it. Unfortunately, just as he left the bathroom, another guest arrived in the throne room. It was the Auntie who came to Tianshi for a visit.

She couldn't help herself but look at his erection and comment with a smile, "Oh, I see that I interrupted something. You are so lively after just coming back, hehe."

All that Xuefeng could do was hugging Xiao Wen from behind and say while acting naturally as if he wasn't bothered by any of theirs glances, "Mhmm, we are just about to retire to sleep. Auntie, will you do me a favour and find a nice room for Yi? The blond beauty behind you is our friend."

"Oh, naturally." The Auntie nodded happily and looked at Yi, checking her out. It didn't take her long to like the shy girl and embrace her, caressing her golden hair.

"Another cute girl. You really have some hidden luck inside of you." Auntie said to Xuefeng before taking Yi away, "Come sweetie, I will show you the room that's the closest to this one." She understood that Yi was just a friend of his but seeing the way Yi looked at Xuefeng, it wasn't hard to understand her feelings.

With them gone, Xiao Wen leaned on his body and asked seductively, "Will you carry me too...?" She didn't need to ask twice for that as his arms were already picking her up and carrying back to the bedroom.

Too bad that their night fun got cut at that as Xuefeng hugged them both into his chest instead, saying sternly, "Sleep." With that one word, all of their imagination and planning got ruined but they took what they had, his warm and cosy embrace.

For that night, Xuefeng already had something planned, wanting to visit Little Ming and finally have a heart to heart talk with her, learning about everything, future and the past. He made sure that both Xiao Wen and Tianshi are soundly asleep before closing his eyes, wanting to move his consciousness into Ling's space but then he felt something soft on his lips which forced his eyes open.

What he saw or rather who he saw was surprisingly Little Ming, appearing in front of him with her physical form. She looked exactly like a human being aside from the golden glow on her skin. He wanted to say something but her lips covered his mouth and she explained herself in his mind, 'Don't say anything or you will wake the girls... I came out so I could see you... But also to tell you that I will be switching back with my sister for a day or two according to our earlier agreement. Don't listen to whatever she says... She is a pretty scheming lady... Hope we can meet again like this and talk... Or maybe do something else too...'

When she said that last sentence, her cheeks blushed and she suddenly vanished, no longer outside of his body. This was her demonstration that she already had a physical body on her own. Xuefeng only needed to call for her and she would appear for him.

Knowing Little Ming was gone, he didn't go back to bother Big Ming and instead hugged the two beauties in his arms, falling asleep. He didn't expect that the moment Big Ming would appear, she would immediately make moves, trying to improve her position in the group.

She smiled as she aimed her words at Xuefeng's bracelet and said, "Drakos from the Dragon Race. The Legendary Dragon, the Fate Nemesis, one of the strongest of his kind, the only one who happened to be successful in cultivating with Draconic Sculpture, getting the Sacred Cultivation Technique inside of it. Thanks to it, he reached the Legendary stage in just one hundred years old, becoming the youngest Dragon who reached such status, becoming the first Dragon who can also turn into a humanoid form."

She knew that Drakos will respond and she wasn't wrong as she heard his cold words coming from the bracelet, "You seem to know a lot about me, woman."

"I know a lot more. Seeing his success, His father, the Ruler of Dragons asked him to gift the Technique to the Race, planning on making their Dragon Race into the most powerful powerhouse in all Realms but for some reason, Drakos refused. His father naturally couldn't let go of such an opportunity due to his son stubbornness and attacked his son, wanting to forcefully take it away but he didn't expect that his son was already equal in strength to him.

He successfully defended himself and killed many of his brothers as he ran away from the Dragon Race Palace, taking the Sacred Technique with him. Since that time, he was expelled from the Dragon Race and determined by them as their mortal enemy. Because of that, many learnt about this technique and wanted it for themselves joining in the hunt after poor Drakos. At some point, he was caught and tortured for hundreds of years before being locked in the Prison after being unsuccessful in getting the Technique out of him."

Contrary to her expectations, Drakos didn't get mad at her, having his temper already sharpened for so many years and replied, "You act as if I didn't know my own life. What do you want?" There was no other reason for her to mention all of this if she didn't want anything from him.

Big Ming didn't reply to his question yet and continued with his story, "The kidnappers wanted to continue their torture until he gives up but one day, he vanished, escaping from the prison and no one saw him ever again since then. To think that he would actually destroy his physical body and escape with his Spirit into the Earth Realm, catching my little sister's attention."

"You know so much about me yet I know nothing about you. How about you introduce yourself?" Drakos asked as he finally dropped what he was doing, focusing on this scheming lady. He knew it was a completely different person than the one he knew, only sharing the same body.

Big Ming smiled to herself and introduced herself, having no need to hide anymore, "I'm the Mother of Fate, the First Queen of Fate Kingdom but my biggest achievement that I am the proudest of is being... Ling's Mother."