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 When they finally landed on the pier, near the familiar cold lake outside of the Capital, Xiao Wen couldn't keep those words in her anymore and covered her face as she crouched, cursing herself, "Arrgh... I'm so stupid... That was so embarrassing! Why did I mention it... Now my mom will tease me for a long time..."

As Yi already advanced to Spirit Saint stage, Xuefeng didn't need to carry her anymore so he was free to immediately appear behind her and embrace her as he cheered her up, "Don't worry, you will be fine. Your mother knows we do it already. This is probably why she mentioned having kids to also make sure we are careful."

Xiao Wen naturally still didn't want kids, wanting to rather fight and battle instead. She was quick to shake her head and reject that thought, "Ahh, don't tell me about it... We will think about it when we are ready..."

Seeing how she acted, Xuefeng couldn't help but lean over and whisper into her ear, teasing her, "Heh, with the amount I released this time, wouldn't that happen pretty soon?"

"Ah! I absorbed it all!" Xiao Wen exclaimed as she stood up but he, fortunately, predicted it and jumped away, only to hear her scolding, "Do you want me to beat you up?!"

She threatened him with her fist but unfortunately for her, she couldn't overpower Xuefeng anymore so she added instead, "Also, Yi is watching us... Behave a little."

Even though he was at the beginning of the Spirit Sage stage while she was at its peak, their physical bodies and strength were greatly mismatched. She was much stronger before but now the turns have changed. Only after using one of her passive abilities would she overpower him but she naturally wouldn't use it against him anymore.

Upon hearing her name being mentioned, Yi waved with her hand and said as she chuckled, "Oh, don't mind me. Just imagine I'm not here. I like watching how you two tease each other, hehe." She actually wanted to observe Xuefeng's actions to learn more about him so this worked perfectly for her.

Xuefeng pointed at Yi and said to Xiao Wen with a teasing smile, "See? She likes watching." Only after seeing Xiao Wen pout at him did Xuefeng laugh and add while hugging her into his arms, "I'm joking, I'm joking, let's go back." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Haha," Yi only chuckled at them at asked curiously, "Young Master, where are we going? We are in the middle of the lake..."

Xuefeng approached her and grabbed Yi by her waist while saying, "I told you, call me Xuefeng and also hold onto me while holding your breath."

He didn't need to ask twice before Yi hugged into his chest, sharing the second half of him before asking, "Why should I hold my breath-"


Unfortunately, before she could finish her sentence, Xuefeng already jumped into the water without any warning.


The whole swim, Yi's eyes were wide open, amazed by what was happening. She could feel that they were no longer inside the cold waters of the lake the moment they went through the stone doors which was in itself magical. The moment they broke the surface of the well, Yi looked around in excitement and asked while reaching the edge to see where they were, "Ah! What is this place?"

"Shhh!" Xuefeng immediately covered her mouth with his finger and shushed her. She froze, not expecting such a reaction from him, thinking, 'Wasn't that supposed to be a safe place...?' Yi was looking out for dangers but didn't feel any, only hearing someone singing in the room with the water running in the background.

"Where are you my Captain...?

You said you will come quickly, yet you went missing...

You left me home this sickly, only giving me your blessing...

You swam across the sea, yet you disappear...

Come back and say you love me, that's all I want to hear..."

'That's Tianshi's voice!' Yi thought in her mind after hearing the melancholic voice singing a song that she never heard Tianshi sing. She knew that Tianshi loved to sing in her free time but this was the first time she felt so many feelings in her voice.

She felt Xuefeng finally pulling her finger away, showing her to be quiet and she nodded her head before returning to listening to the song as they slowly left the well one by one. They were much stronger than Tianshi so if she wasn't looking, there was no way she would notice they were coming as her Spirit Awareness was turned off as well.

Tianshi was standing with her back towards them, showering fully naked and water on her neck, drowning out their noises. With all her wounds healed, she regained back her beauty and her figure looked stunning as usual.

He naturally recognized the song she was singing as it was one of her favourites, narrating the story of a certain princess that fell in love with a Captain of a ship. Most wives back on earth would sing this song when their husband was away in the hope they will come back home earlier so Tianshi probably thought of him as her captain that she was missing and started singing.

As Tianshi was ready to sing another verse, Xuefeng kissed Xiao Wen to bribe her and whispered something into her ear. She wasn't mad when she heard his request but stole another kiss as payment and walked towards the doors with unwilling Yi who wanted to hear more of the song. Meanwhile, Xuefeng walked sneakily towards Tianshi from behind right before she started singing again.

"Where are you my Captain...?

I want to see your smile, getting hugs within your arms...

Your leave is like a trial, unable to hold back against your charms...

I miss you, please come back to me...

I'm much better than your crew, even greater than the sea..."

At that moment, Xuefeng finally arrived behind her and hugged her from behind while saying at the same time into her ear, "Your Captain is back..." Tianshi got scared at first, not expecting that someone would be behind her but quickly calmed down when she heard the familiar voice of her lover as well as his warm embrace.

Tianshi smiled happily, letting him wrap his arms around her as she said, "Xuefeng... You came... I knew you would return when I sing for you..."

Xuefeng tightened his embrace and kissed her on the neck, saying softly, not bothered that he was getting wet from the water, "I heard your angelic voice from thousands of kilometers away and I came back as fast as I could... I missed you too..." Tianshi knew that he was just giving her some endearments but she didn't mind it. His voice and hugs were enough of a reward for her.

"Don't stop singing... I want to hear the last parts of the song as I hug you..." Xuefeng requested while skimming his hands on her slim waist and belly. He wanted to caress and kiss her everywhere, paying her back for all the time they were away from each other.

"Take off your clothes first... I want to feel you directly..." Tianshi whispered back as she leaned on his chest and looked back, searching for his lips that she felt the thirst for this whole time. She didn't need to say anything more as Xuefeng's clothes suddenly disappeared, entering back into his storage ring while his lips received her own.

She turned back after a long but passionate kiss and started singing once again to satisfy Xuefeng's request, this time with her voice no longer melancholic but one filled with happiness and love. Xuefeng thought that she would continue from the third verse of the song but she suddenly skipped the last one that was showcasing the Captain return.

"Is that you, my Captain?

I can finally see you, sailing back from the sea!

Your smile in the view, that quickly made me free!

At last, you came back before sunset!

I leave yearning in the past, no longer having any regret!"

Through her body, Xuefeng felt the power of her voice and the emotions that she wanted to express. They went right through his heart, making him shiver from excitement, feeling the joy of the Princess that finally met her Captain.

Tianshi stopped singing with this last verse she finished for him and turned around, looking at Xuefeng's face that was still affected by his Royal Elf bloodline transformation. She didn't care about his current looks and smiled warmly as she started gently caressing his cheek before finally saying, "You came back at last... My dear Captain..." before kissing his lips once again, throwing away any regret that was left in her heart.