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 The golden-robed youth wanted to comment on the whole situation, thinking that Xuefeng acted preposterously but Liena stopped him, putting her mist-like mask on her face before ordering, "Don't say anything. We are leaving back to the Pocket Realm."

Still, the youth couldn't let it slide, arguing politely, "But Milady... He disrespected you..." He couldn't handle the fact that his perfect Milady was treated like that by someone.

Liena glanced at him sharply and waved with her hand, wrapping the two of them with Fate Qi and sent them away from the Palace. They appeared outside the Capital and Liena sent them right into the Pocket Realm without hesitation with another teleportation jump.

Only after they were back in their place did Liena say, "It doesn't matter. He was just testing me. We need him but he shouldn't know why. Our mission should stay the secret until we gather all the top ten together. Those two members from the council, we can't reject the possibility that he knows about them. He has Drakos after all."

"Ah!" Only then did the youth exclaimed, finally realising that could actually be the case. "If he knows, then..." The youth didn't even want to imagine it but Liena finished his sentence, "...then this would explain why he is not scared of us. Even without using Fate Qi as he has Drakos to nullify it, we can gather a lot of experts ready to fight him. He should know that from Xiao Wen so this could be a reason why he is so confident. He is good at pretending as well, not giving out any clues on his face... The more I know him the more I want him..."

The moment the youth saw Liena drop on her bed and call out the last words that sounded like a confession, his heart crumbled, suddenly feeling like leaving, finding Xuefeng before killing him. Too bad that he didn't have enough strength to do that.

He couldn't just leave it at that and leave else he would feel great regret later on and braced himself, asking gently, "Milady, doesn't Xuefeng have many women already...?"

Unfortunately, the question backfired at him right away as Liena sat up and asked back with a frosty look on her face, "Huh...? What do you mean by that? You imply that I will chase after him and want to be his woman? Did you get dumb all of a sudden?"

The youth expected to have some reaction from Liena but didn't know she would be so sharp and bowed down his head, apologizing, "Uhmm, no Milady... I apologize. I will get rid of that thought from my head." Even though he said that he was happy in his heart, sighing with relief. She was his crush since the first time he saw her face. It was natural that he would feel happy when his crush stays single for him.

Liena wasn't in the best mood and followed up, stunning the youth, "And even if I would, it is not the matter that concerns you. I don't need to ask you what I should do or not. You can leave now, I will take a nap."

He stared at the ground and nodded in the end, respecting her choice, "Yes... Milady..." He left, closing the doors behind him while giving Liena the last look, but that only cracked his heart open once again and forced him to look away. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Liena looked at the doors and let out a sigh, naturally knowing what he was thinking, 'Sigh... He will never move on...' She dropped on the bed, glancing at the image of Xuefeng that suddenly appeared above her and said quietly to herself, "I'm not going to fall for you, right? You treat me so bad... Meanie..."


"What?! You also connected yourself with Xuefeng?! Are you mad? It happened to us cause we didn't know about it... Why would you willingly do that?" Mrs Xiao called out the moment she saw the imprint on Xiao Wen's hand. Quickly, the issue that they were about to talk about turned into a scolding.

After she read the data that Xuefeng gave them, they finally understood what dangers lurked in the shadows and what her daughter had to face since a lot of time ago.

Before Xiao Wen replied, Xiao Feng, was the first to ask, "So you don't want to have that bond with me in the end?" It was after all a big ego-boost if your wife would be willing to die with you in the name of love.

Too bad that Mrs Xiao was more down to earth than he thought and scolded him as well, "Of course not, stupid! Who will take care of our girls in the future if we both die? Who knows where you will wander around and die like a dummy? From now on you will behave like a good boy else I will be the one to beat you up, got it?"

Xiao Feng, not expecting he would receive a bullet as well, threw his hands in the air as he blamed himself for his stupidity, "Sigh, why did I even speak up..."

Having her husband quiet, Mrs Xiao returned to glaring at her daughter and asked her seriously, "What will happen when you two have kids together in the future and Xuefeng dies in battle? You will leave your kids alone to die? Did you even think about it before you acted?"

Xiao Wen thought about it for a moment and hugged into Xuefeng's chest, explaining, "Hmm... Xuefeng only fights when he knows he can win... He also promised he will never leave me..."

Mrs Xiao wanted to scold more when she heard such silly words but then Xuefeng spoke after giving this matter some thought, "Mother, I already thought about it. If we ever have kids, I will make sure to raise them all properly before moving to any places filled with danger. I'm not irresponsible like that. I know that even though I'm strong, there will always be someone stronger than me but I'm not someone who break promises easily."

This was the first time Xuefeng called her mother and she saw such mature stance from him so she changed her attitude, saying, "Good, as long as you understand. The life of my daughter is in your hands so you better think about it before you rush into any mortal danger."

Before Xuefeng said anything, Mrs Xiao added, "I also hope to see grandkids very soon. I hope you don't wait till a long age. When you ascent to Heaven Realm, you should think about settling down for a while before you try to attack higher realms. After reaching God Stage, age doesn't really matter anymore."

"Mooom! Don't mention kids anymore! I'm still not ready..." Xiao Wen stopped her mother from talking anymore as she blushed for some reason, not able to hold it in her anymore, her heart beating faster each time her mother spoke about kids.

Too bad that Xuefeng only laughed and joined her mother in teasing her. He embraced her tighter before raising her chin upwards so he could kiss her and ask, "So you don't want any in the future? At some point, we will have to think about it, don't you think?"

Having Xuefeng ask the same, she blushed even more but still explained what she really felt, making sure Xuefeng wouldn't misunderstand, "Uhmm... I didn't say I don't want any... But I still want to join you on many journeys and battles... I don't like sitting at home..."

"It's okay, I was just teasing you. I know what you want. We are still too young so we should focus on adventures and make the best use of our young bodies..." As he said so, he kissed her and gave her a knowing look which made her hit him on the shoulder for being naughty, "You only think about that... Didn't you have enough of it just now?"

Xuefeng wanted to tease Xiao Wen more but Mrs Xiao interrupted them, acting as a detective, "Just now? Weren't you two cultivating?" If Xuefeng could add a magnifying glass into her hand right there, the scene would look perfect.

"Cough, let's not talk about it... We did improve a lot and it's all that matters." Xuefeng brushed the question to the side, covering up the scene and changed the topic, "Is the Warship ready? We planned to leave soon. Tianshi is still waiting for us."

Mrs Xiao glanced at him sharply and didn't continue the issue, knowing they were old enough to do what they want before passing him a storage ring, saying, "This is one of the best rings we have. Only that one had space big enough to fit the whole Warship. Try not to destroy it on your way. There is a letter for your father inside as well. Hope he can join us here soon. We will prepare the Palace for your clan."

"Alright. I will pass it to my father." Xuefeng nodded with a smile and let go of Xiao Wen so she could say goodbye to her mother while he and Xiao Feng nodded to each other with understanding.

Before they left, Xiao Feng called out to him, "I expect you to come and study crafting under me when you are done with the stuff at hand."

Xiao Feng already mentioned it before and Xuefeng still remembered it. This was a good opportunity for him to learn one of the elements that he was lacking, Ether Element. Mastering all other elements was in his plans for a long time so he didn't have a reason to reject him.

Leaving the palace though, there was only one person in his mind that was the most important to him at that moment and one he had to take care of with priority. Tianshi.