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 Liena smiled when she saw Xuefeng from up close, finally able to talk to him and said sweetly, "Hello Xuefeng. I have been wanting to meet you for a while..."

Before coming to meet Xuefeng, Liena already imagined in her mind the whole scenario of potential reactions Xuefeng might have like shock, doubt, suspicion or even anger but never in her dreams would she guess that Xuefeng would go with a completely different path.

He looked at her indifferently, skimming her body from legs to her mist-covered face and asked, cutting her opening speech off, "Okay, first of all, you appear out of nowhere when I'm already running late, busy with my schedule and expect me to talk to you. Second of all, I don't even know you yet you call my name so intimately? We are not friends. Third of all, you even dare to cover your face as you talk to me. Am I a joke to you?"

This momentarily stunned Liena, not expecting such a reaction at all but just as Xuefeng wanted to walk away, she regained her confidence and said apologetically, slightly bowing her head, "Young Master, please, I'm sorry for my rudeness... It has been a while since I talked to others..."

As the last word of her reached Xuefeng, Liena waved with her hand in front of her face, revealing it to everyone as if it was nothing, shocking the golden-robed youth next to her. The rarity of that happening was really high and even he only saw her once, back in the moment when she asked him for help. The moment he saw her beauty, he couldn't just ignore her.

Glancing again at him, this time with her pretty face uncovered, Liena asked while playing her one of the strands of her hair out of nervousness, "Is that enough, Young Master...? I really don't want our relationship to be ruined by such trifles. I wish to be friends with Young Master."

Unfortunately for her, this was not enough to buy Xuefeng's friendship but at least he wouldn't leave right away, letting her speak, "What do you want?" With Xiao Wen by his side, he knew he wouldn't be cheated by them as he had the insider information.

"Actually, Young Master is smart so you should have probably figured that out before we came and Princess Xiao probably explained some things to you as well. Our plans changed quite a lot recently but the goal is the same. We wish to become friends with Young Master." Liena said honestly, trying to smile gently at him, showing her sincerity.

Too bad that Xuefeng was not quick to believe anything she has to say and said to be clear from the start, "I know you are trying to rope me in your organization but I will say it right now, I'm not scared of you and I won't be joining or signing any contracts. You can automatically get rid of that from your heads."

Even though there were benefits to that, he knew it was also a trap as he couldn't say anything to his family and also put a lot of responsibilities on him. He already had a lot of those already so he did not need any more.

Liena was not surprised when she heard it, already prepared for that and waved with her hands, dismissing his thoughts, saying, "No, no, Young Master, those are not our plans anymore. What you are saying is indeed true but we only use such practices on normal members in our organization. For someone as important as Young Master, we would naturally provide much more comfortable terms. I admit that while being the only Fate Organization, we would sometimes force Fate Holders to join us but I promise that this would not happen in the future."

Xuefeng chuckled and asked back, "Haha, comfortable terms? I already said that I'm not joining any organization. I wish to be free. No matter how many benefits you give me, this matter won't change." He never liked being restricted, only willing to tie himself to his women due to his love for them.

Hearing him, Liena exclaimed with a nod and explained, "Oh, naturally! We want to keep that. What I'm proposing consist of simple friendship without any restrictions. Young Master would be able to have all the benefits of being a Fate Organization member but without any responsibilities. How do such terms sound like? We will give you access to our Pocket Realm as well as the way to fight against others inside our arena. You should have probably heard about it from Princess Xiao."

Xuefeng knew that such an offer was too good to be true so he asked, "And how will that work? Many will see that I'm not restricted and will demand an explanation. I don't wish to be attacked by everyone due to jealousy."

"Well, this will be something that we will take care of so Young Master doesn't need to worry about it. I will provide the key to enter the Pocket Realm and it will be up to Young Master to decide if he wants to enter or not. As I said, we won't force anything and no contract will be binding our relationship." Liena assured, trying to please Xuefeng.

He looked to the side at Xiao Wen who naturally knew more than him in this matter and she couldn't help but nod to confirm his thoughts. The offer that Liena was proposing was naturally too awesome to reject. She knew that Xuefeng would love the arena, battling there with other Fate Holders. It was the quickest and most convenient way to find another Fate Holder to take his ability away.

Seeing that Xiao Wen approved the plan, Xuefeng turned to Yi who was standing patiently to the side and patted her head, asking, "How about Yi? She will naturally receive the same treatment?"

"Of course. We also want to provide the same for Miss Yi. She will receive the same kind of treatment." Liena confirmed, already planning that as well. She knew that if she can get Xuefeng, she would get Yi as well as Yi would follow him anywhere he wanted.

Knowing the situation was so one-sided to his favour, he couldn't say anything else other than agreeing on one more condition, "Alright, I agree but first cancel Xiao Wen's contract and lift all restrictions from her."

He didn't reject the proposal, knowing that maybe in the future he might try visiting that place to get much more abilities for himself so he didn't close the doors in front of him but at the same time wanted the same treatment for all of his women.

Xuefeng looked into Liena's eyes, without hesitation, showing her that he wouldn't back down from his stance. There was no lust or admiration in Xuefeng's gaze which was quite new for Liena but it was a refreshing feeling. She understood that her beauty wasn't enough to topple any male out there and that intrigued her more than scare away.

She beckoned at the golden-robed youth who was already staring at her from time to time, admiring her beauty and commanded, "Cancel her contract. Any of Young Master's wives are our friends as well. We wouldn't want them to be mistreated."

"Yes, Milady." The youth nodded professionally and suddenly created a golden list on the top of his palm, having thousands of names written on it before flicking his hand, spawning a golden feather.

He quickly found Xiao Wen's name on the list and crossed it off the list. Momentarily, it disappeared and Fate Qi in the shape of an orb suddenly flew out of Xiao Wen's belly, flying back towards the youth's hand.

"I'm done. She is officially free for any restrictions." The youth declared as he stepped back behind his Milady.

Xuefeng didn't want to believe them and ordered cooly while placing his hand on Xiao Wen's belly as he continued to observe Liena reaction, "Drakos, check it." He announced it out loud to check their reaction and as he expected, there wasn't much surprise on their face as if they already knew about it.

'She is clear. They removed everything. You know, I could remove it myself if you wanted.' Drakos replied after a moment of checking, shamelessly promoting his services. He could basically deactivate anything that was made from Fate Qi and absorb it for himself.

'It's okay, I wanted them to be the ones to do it.' Xuefeng said back and returned to Liena, asking as he reached out with his hand, "Token to the Pocket Realm? One each for me and Yi. If I want to get more, I will call you."

He wanted to act rudely like that to check what was his bottom like but to his surprise, Liena only smiled sweetly and sent two golden tokens to him with a smile, saying warmly, "Of course, we wouldn't forget. If you happened to have another friend who will want one then you just need to call for me. I'm available to you at all times."

Both the golden-robed youth and Xuefeng didn't expect such commitment from Liena to lower herself into a girl he could call whenever he wanted but there was no other method to show her sincerity.

"Is there anything else? We are leaving. As I said before, I'm busy right now." Xuefeng asked as he grabbed both of the girls by their waists, planning to lead them out of the room.

"I won't trouble Young Master anymore then. You are free to go." Liena said warmly as she sidestepped, letting Xuefeng pass. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He walked forward, making both of the girls walk on his right side so he could shield them in case anything happened and just as he passed Liena, he warned coldly, "Just for your information, next time you guys follow me around like that, I will not hesitate to attack."

Without waiting for her reply, he walked towards the doors, leaving the two behind.