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 'I guess this is the end of the Golden Phenomenon... To think that he would actually suck the whole phenomenon clouds by himself... I also benefited greatly from that...' Xiao Wen thought as she saw the tornado above their head slow down before disappearing completely.

She realised that Xuefeng would be finishing his cultivation soon, so she tried to stand up, pulling his member out of her and sneakily return to her place. She could feel it sliding out of her, causing her to open her mouth to let out a moan but she held it in, trying to not alarm him.

Just as she was around the tip, about to pull it all out, Xuefeng suddenly snapped his eyes opened and grabbed her by the waist, bringing her back into his arms.

"Aahh!" This time she couldn't hold back her moan as Xuefeng filled her completely yet again. He caught her hands, pulling her further into his embrace and asked softly, "Where do you think you are going?"

Xuefeng looked at her with a passionate gaze but Xiao Wen didn't run away anymore, knowing she was already exposed and said while creating circles on his chest with her finger, "Uhmm... You see... I was walking towards you to check how you are doing and I just happened to slip, falling onto you. Out of nowhere, your hard member welcomed me as it launched out of your pants and I accidentally swallowed it..."

Xuefeng actually found it funny and chuckled, asking her for more, "Heh, I'm really curious of what happened next? You seemed to have a lot of fun there." He turned around and checked how is Yi doing but finding her still trying her hardest to cultivate, he didn't disturb her.

As he stopped his cultivation and Xiao Wen was busy making up stories, all of the Spirit Essence from the array should be going to Yi so that was a good time for her to catch up. He already reached Spirit Sage stage achieving what he planned but there was still some need at the back of his head, wanting much more than that. He didn't expect that the Heavenly Tribulation would not fire at him so it quite ruined his plans.

Skimming her hands onto his shoulders, Xiao Wen slowly wrapped them around Xuefeng's neck before continuing to narrate her story as she slowly moved with her hips, not bothered by Yi that could be sneakily watching, "You know... I tried to pull it out but each time it was about to leave my mouth, I would slip again, swallowing it even deeper while my tongue wrapped around its head, trying to fight back the monster. Unfortunately, it was too big on a creature for me to handle so I had to attack multiple times..."

Xiao Wen kissed him in the process, showing off how exactly her assault looked like before continuing after Xuefeng's hands landed on her moving butt, caressing it while helping her train, "Unfortunately... The creature was so sneaky and started spewing out some liquid, forcing me to absorb it each time before continuing to fight it. Who would have thought that the monster would regain its strength each time I had to absorb his liquid, getting much stronger and harder to attack. In the end, I had to retreat leaving the raging beast alone while searching for another way to kill it... Mhmmm..."

Xiao Wen recounted the story while rubbing their noses together and teasing him with the tips of her lips before she was stopped by Xuefeng who gave in to her torment, kissing her deeply, teaching her multiple new moves that she could use to fight the monster yet again in the future.

Her breath was getting hotter with each presentation of his but she always returned for another lesson, staying after class for some additional tutoring. With one hand caressing on her back and the other sliding underneath her dress to feel her skin directly, she pulled away yet again, wanting to finish her story.

"I tried to think of a better method... Ahh... But the moment I tried to approach it, I slipped yet again and this gave the monster an opportunity to strike at my inner core, attacking me from the inside... Ah... I tried to resist and struggled, climbing up the trial only to fall in the end, letting the monster attack my insides again and again... This was the time it returned to spewing out its liquid to stop me from resisting, paralyzing my body with each atta- Aaaahh-" Xiao Wen spoke in a whisper, her voice crashing after every sentence due to the moans that kept escaping her lips.

She was already fighting the battle earlier so the moment they resumed it, she was really close to finally peak. For some reason, doing it like this in the open made her even more excited as she thought she would. Even though they were hidden behind Xuefeng's broad back, it was still shameless of them for such actions.

Unfortunately, Xiao Wen couldn't think for that anymore as Xuefeng only fueled the fire inside of her, whispering with the hot breath into her ear, "What happened next? Did my Princess defeat the monster...?"

"This Princess failed... Ahh... I tried to escape in the end, knowing the owner of the monster was about to wake up but it was too late anymore..." Xiao Wen narrated with troubles to speak, finally reaching the present moment of her battle and began foreshadowing the future, "The owner caught me into his arms and didn't give me any chance to resist as it crashed against me with all of his power, fueling more power into his companion. All I could do was give in to their force..."

The moment she reached her last sentence, Xiao Wen was already at her limits and Xuefeng suddenly started took the full control, grasping her buttcheeks without holding back before slamming her while bottom as she screamed, also having no limitation anymore, "He pounded with all his might until finally releasing his ultimate skill right inside my core- Ahhh!"

Just as she wanted, her core was crushed as the wave of pleasure immobilized her whole body, sending shivers and tightened her muscles. Xuefeng's Golden Liquid, this time filled with his own power filled her at the deepest end but she took it all without any regrets.

"Huh... Huh..." Xiao Wen breathed hurriedly, powerlessly supporting herself on Xuefeng's body but she still found the strength to say softly, her voice filled with affection, "I love you Xuefeng..."

Xuefeng held onto her face and replied with similar feelings, "Me too, I love you too... Please never change... I want to have playful, sometimes bashful but also domineering Xiao Wen next to me for the many years to come... I hope none of you leaves me."

He said the same to Ling before leaving her, making sure they both remember that. After he heard the truth from Ling, he knew that he should cherish every single one of them. The way they were with him, they were all treasures for him.

Holding onto Xiao Wen, he refreshed her body, giving her the stamina back before saying with a teasing smile, "You seem to have a big tendency to slip a lot. Maybe we should work on your balance sometime in the future?"

Xiao Wen couldn't help but chuckle as she nodded right away, hugging into his body, "Haha, to be taught by the master himself, I will be honoured."

"Let's create some more stories in the future but it's time to go now. My breakthrough was successful so we should move to our next points in the schedule. I want to come back to Tianshi for the night before returning back to the Liu Clan. There will be some changes in our previous plan." Xuefeng said as they finally stood up, returning to his serious but cool mode.

"Oh, does it affect our plans to go to the White Lotus Sect?" Xiao Wen asked curiously, somehow having an idea of what that could be. Their overall strength greatly increased so there were bound to be some changes.

Xuefeng nodded and said as he cleaned himself up before helping Xiao Wen, "Aye, that will be also adjusted. We need to increase the strength of everyone but also set our future goals and plans straight. I already have some thoughts but I will wait for the time we meet with everyone before revealing it."

"Alrighty~" Xiao Wen naturally didn't mind that and hugged into his arm, being all ready to leave. They both stared at Yi who suddenly opened her eyes with a snap and smiled, clearly satisfied with herself.

"It seems like there is someone else who also had a breakthrough today. Well done." Xuefeng praised, seeing that Yi also improved thanks to this opportunity. She only stood up and walked up to him without saying anything before looking up at him, waiting for her reward.

Xuefeng guessed what she wanted but at that moment, he only reached out with his free hand and patted her on the head before saying to the both of them, "Alright, let's go." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Although Yi didn't get what she wanted, she was still satisfied with the progress, deciding to focus on her cultivation, showing to Xuefeng that she didn't fail the trust he put in her. If she happened to get anything other than that as a bonus, she would naturally be happy with that.

Unfortunately, Fate didn't let them have their way as just after Xiao Wen stopped the array from working and collected the Lava Rock from the inside, two people in golden clothing appeared out of nowhere, blocking their path. Xiao Wen quickly recognized the golden-robed youth immediately and squeezed Xuefeng arm as a warning, signalling him to be careful with them.