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 "Ahhhh... So much of it pouring inside of me... A lot more than before..." Ling moaned strongly with her face all red, feeling her insides filling with Xuefeng's seeds for the second time before collapsing onto Xuefeng's body weakly. Even though it was impossible for her to get tired as she didn't have her own physical body yet but she could still overwork herself mentally.

She found it ridiculous to use her own ability on herself but this was exactly what they did, refilling their juices to feel more refreshed. Her chest moved up and down as their breath synced with each other and they finally decided to have a little break.

At one hand it was not only because Xuefeng didn't want to oversaturate his fresh relationship with too much sex and reveal all of its secrets during their first close encounter but also because Xuefeng naturally noticed Xiao Wen sucking on him in the outside world.

Before Xuefeng could say anything, Ling suddenly looked up at him, her white hair falling down on her breast before acting as snow on the twin peaks and said softly, "I also want to try it..." All of the cold aura she once had was completely eradicated by him and what was left was love, affection and all warm feelings she shared towards him.

"Hmm? You do?" Xuefeng didn't expect Ling would get so invested after just one intercourse but he could somehow understand it. By connecting with him, she exposed everything she had for him and there was nothing else between them that they didn't know. They were like two naked swords entangled in a battle of love.

"Mhmm..." Ling nodded innocently, having a child curiosity in her blue eyes. Even though she already saw everything and knows how to do it based on the other girls' presentation, before she does it herself, it will be always a new experience for her.

Leaning over up to his lips, she suddenly kissed him, before whispered as if she was giving him some samples of her skills, "I want to kiss it..." She then dived once again and sucked on his bottom lip in a deep kiss before adding, "I want to suck on it..."

In the end, her tongue entered into his mouth, creating chaos and finished it with a lick on his teeth that almost bit his tongue away and whispered with yearning, "I want to lick it too... I want to try everything for you, cause I love you..."

"How can I not love you back when you are like that...?" Xuefeng asked as he held onto her face and caressed it, watching her face that showed a smile that was only for him to enjoy. She was the one that he understood completely, sharing their love together as they stayed connected. He knew it was a pure and mutual feeling between then so all that was left for him was to love her plenty.

"You can't. If you stop loving me, I will know and then I will make you love me back again... You can't escape from me anymore..." Ling explained as she rubbed her cheek against his hand before adding, "You know... I'm tempted to turn around and try right now..."

Xuefeng could already feel that and reminded her, "That will cancel our connection, right?"

"Mhmm... This is why I'm resisting it... I don't want to separate from you... How about we just stay like that...?" Ling whispered quietly as she laid back down on Xuefeng and rubbed their faces together. She put her hands underneath him to also embrace him and naturally got the same in return as Xuefeng said with a sigh into her ear, "I wish life was this simple... But sadly it is not... Don't worry, you will be able to get what you want but how about leaving it for the next time we are together? There are many things that we still didn't try."

As he said so, Xuefeng imagined all lewd stuff and positions he could think of so Ling could have a sample of what they were going to do which made Ling momentarily embarrassed but she didn't shy away and said back, "If you want to do all that... then I don't mind... But will it fit in there...?"

"Cough, cough... Let's talk about it when the time is due..." Xuefeng immediately coughed, stopping her from going further and Ling only smiled, returning to hugging into him while controlling the absorption of Spirit Essence.

Xuefeng looked at the situation outside their space and asked curiously, "Xiao Wen seems to be cultivating really fast thanks to me. Is there a way to increase her cultivation much quicker?"

"Well, there is... But I guess you don't need to do anything. Xiao Wen figured it out herself..." Ling replied as she suddenly sat up and pulled him up.

Without saying anything else, she wrapped her hands around his arms and resumed their spicy action. Only after she started did Xuefeng realise what Ling was actually doing. She was competing with Xiao Wen!

"Ling...? There is no need for such competition..." Xuefeng asked confused, not knowing how to handle this. Outside of his body, Xiao Wen was also raiding on top of him, planning on absorbing more by connecting herself with him, having more Golden Qi pushed into her. The problem wasn't their actions but he knew from their connection that Ling wanted to know who was better between the two.

"Don't worry... It's just some friendly competition. She won't know the results and only I will know the truth..." Ling whispered to him as she hid her flushed face out of his view but Xuefeng didn't like that at all and stopped her momentarily, "We are not doing that." How could he even be willing to rate them like that?

He stopped her movements with his arm and then spanked her butt, scolding, "You know how I feel towards the both of you and yet you want me to tell who is better. There is no better or worse. Each one of you has their own qualities but I would never rate any of you. Got it?"

To his surprise, Ling just pulled back and kissed him instead of replying, pressing him back to the bed before finally saying with a jealous expression, "Can't I get jealous even once...? I'm laying in your embrace but you are still thinking about others... It's our first time together... Think only about me now, okay?"

Hearing her put it like that, Xuefeng finally understood why she was upset all of a sudden but shouldn't that be a norm? After all, Ling wasn't the only one that he had to take care of so he tried to explain that while caressing her back, "Ling... I am only yours now... But-"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Unfortunately, he couldn't finish the sentence as Ling did it for him, continuing after cutting him off, "But I need to understand that you can't just ignore Xiao Wen. I know... It's just that the more time we spend together, the more I want you all to myself... Am I selfish?"

Xuefeng shook his head and kissed her on the forehead, saying softly, "I think it is normal to want more... I can't get enough of you as well but as a man, I need to take responsibility for all of you. Don't worry... I won't even let you feel lonely or lost... I will be always there for you... Whenever you want to see me, you can call for me-"

As if Ling was waiting for this, she suddenly brightened and called out happily, "Alright! I will make sure to call you here plenty," before cuddling herself into his arms as if nothing happened.

"Hey, what was that, huh?" Xuefeng rolled his eyes, not knowing if he should laugh or cry. He just got played by Ling into saying that so that she could pull him into the space whenever she wanted to meet with him.

Ling only hugged him tighter and giggled, "Hehe, you need to be careful at all times. Don't think you know us, women, fully. When we love someone, we will use all tactics to spend more time with them. You probably already know that but we all want you for ourselves so you can focus all of your attention on us. We also don't like to share but we all do it for you because we love you."

Seeing she put Xuefeng into his thinking mode, Ling let him think more while she congratulated him, "Congratulations on reaching Sage Stage."