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"Fuck! Again?! How many times will there be a Heavenly Tribulation tonight?!"

"Honey, come back to bed, it's dangerous outside. Two great families are fighting. It's best to wait it out."

"It's another Golden Phenomenon! I'm going to the rooftop! I can't lose out on this opportunity again!"

"Wait! Let me go too!"

When the sky rumbled once again, such a situation happened in almost every household and all cultivators were moving to the highest place to cultivate with the Golden Essence in the sky. Unfortunately, many quickly realised that it wasn't just a normal Golden Phenomenon from a normal cultivator.

When everyone prepared to start their cultivation, they realised there was basically nothing to absorb for them, "Huh? Why does no Golden Spirit Essence leak? Even normal Spirit Essence is almost non-existent..." Only a moment later after looking clearly would they see a giant tornado above Xiao Family's Palace and cursed, "Damn, this bastard is so greedy! He is taking everything for himself!"

They would curse even more if they knew that the person causing all of this wasn't satisfied with just that. Just as quickly the golden clouds came, they heavens quickly realised who they were against and suddenly thought of dispersing, forgetting about Heavenly Tribulation. This naturally pissed Xuefeng off as he wanted to use the Tribulation to jump the stages.

"Damn, what is this? Did the Heavens just find out it's me again and they are recalling all the Golden Essence?" Xuefeng stopped his movements, squeezing Ling's butt out of frustration which made her moan, "Aahh, don't stop..."

Ling began moving her bottom on her own as she didn't stop their actions, being very close to another orgasm. She laid on her belly, pressed against the bed as Xuefeng continued to pleasure her from behind but still proposed, somehow finding some rationality amidst their lovemaking, "We can still take everything back... You still didn't activate your bloodline to the fullest... Connect it with our Spirit's power and we will get another boost to counter that..."

As she said so, she bent her back in an arch before moving back and forth, making Xuefeng's member reach whatever spot she wanted. Ling already learnt how to multitask so this wasn't a problem for her anymore, allowing her to connect her job with pleasure.

"I thought I already did so?" Xuefeng frowned a bit, thinking he already utilized this card. To think there was much more he could use. Xuefeng realised he had no idea how to do it but thankfully he had Ling with him and asked, "How can I do so?"

He already saw her subtle movements, desiring for more so he gave it to her, holding onto her hands and thrust strongly, causing Ling to shiver from pleasure each time he slammed against her but she still replied, moans cutting her speech from time to time, "Ahh! You need to connect the Spirit with your body- Ah... It's usually separated, acting like two entities, but- Ah! Right there! Just a bit more... If you connect them, the absorption should at least double... I will help you... Mhmm!"

Her speech was a mess due to her moans but he understood what she meant. In the end, Ling pressed her face into the bedsheets to suppress her lewd sounds but Xuefeng didn't let that happen, pulling her into his arm by her hands and embraced her tightly, his hands grasping on her breasts as he continued to fill her insides completely.

She could only lean her head on his shoulder and lead his lips onto her own, using it to transport part of their consciousness away. They could feel their own Spirits still engaged in their activity, sucking their juices away as their tongues danced around each other but at the same time, they appeared in the familiar space, the same one where he landed while meeting Ling for the first time.

The place was inside of his physical spirit that was responsible for Essence into Qi transformation. At that moment, the whole place was filled with the Spirit Essence of various colours acting like a giant painting with a rainbow.

Aside from that, Xuefeng quickly noticed his own body with closed eyes in the middle of the space. It looked as if it was split into half and each part looked differently. One part was that of a human, having his old look while the other had the appearance of an Elf, his ear pointed and eyes sharper, looking more like other elves than his current appearance. The present him was the merge of both Human and Royal Elf bloodlines.

Ling hugged him from the side and explained, "This this your bloodline core. If you touch one of them, you will be able to transform into its complete form for a while until you change back in a few hours when the bloodlines balance."

Xuefeng nodded in understand and picked Ling up as he flew up towards his bloodlines body but felt something was wrong, quickly realising it was Ling's clothing that bothered him. He got so used to touching her soft skin that he didn't like the feeling of any clothes on her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I guess I prefer you without clothes in the end." Xuefeng teased her, clicking with his fingers which caused them to turn completely naked one again and only then did Xuefeng proceed further. Ling didn't stop him at all, only embracing him around his neck, giving her all to him today.

"Tap the Royal Elf's bloodline on the shoulder, I will do the rest." Ling led him and just as he followed her suggestion, the Royal Elf's bloodline opened his eye in a flash, taking over the whole body in a full swoop. The Human bloodline looked as if it was vanishing but Ling assured him, "Don't worry, it did not disappear. It is just dormant at the moment within the Royal Elf bloodline."


Just as she finished her words, they were suddenly ejected from the world, returning to their Spirits that still had the time of their life together. Xuefeng snapped his eyes open and suddenly pinched both of her nipples while pulling away from her lips before asking playfully, "It's time to rob this stingy Heavens of some Golden Essence, what do you think?"


To his surprise, Ling replying by slapping his butt hard which caused his member to twitch inside of her and she replied softly with desire in her eyes, "Sure, but that doesn't mean you can slack... I want you to release inside of me again... Okay?"

Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh and push her down on all fours before smacking her two times on both buttcheek as punishment before calling out, "Hah! Did you dare to slap my butt? Let me give you what you want then!"


'He activated Golden Phenomenon just as I expected but too bad Heavens are not that easily fooled. The Clouds are already beginning to disperse...' Xiao Wen opened her eyes, observing Xuefeng's doings at all times. She was also improving a lot during this cultivation but Xuefeng's progress was much more important for her.

Just as she thought the Golden Phenomenon opportunity was lost, Xuefeng suddenly exploded with double the power, sucking everything around them into his body. The medium tornado he created earlier suddenly increased in size, reaching towards the sky. The moment the golden clouds started to disperse, they were sucked back towards Xuefeng's tornado, having no chance to fly away.

Together with Golden Essence, all other Essences were sucked as well, leaving almost nothing to both Yi and Xiao Wen. Even when she tried to steal some from him, nothing came out. He sucking force was just too strong for her. Yi still tried her hardest to get some Spirit Essence, focused on cultivating wholeheartedly but she knew it was useless.

Xiao Wen wasn't mad at Xuefeng but at the same time, wouldn't he surpass her quickly if she didn't get anything? He was already approaching towards Spirit Sage stage like a race car so it wouldn't be long before he reached her level.

"Huh?!" Just then, as she watched Xuefeng carefully, she noticed a familiar tent in between of his legs, his member raging hard and searching for some attention. She immediately thought of something and approached him, struggling to stay on the ground due to the strong tornado around him but she somehow managed to reach him.

Xiao Wen glanced at Yi and seeing her still focused, she smiled playfully, whispering while pulling away his rock hard partner, "I guess I will have to give you the reward earlier than planned, hehe."

She stroked it a few times and momentarily felt the powerful energy, waiting to be released and claimed by someone else. Xiao Wen didn't hesitate anymore, fixing her crimson hair by putting it behind her ears before finally swallowing the whole head into her mouth.

"Mhmm!!!" Who would have thought that just as her tongue wrapped around it, Xuefeng exploded with a big load of Spirit Qi together with his Golden Seeds. She was almost blown away but she grasped his rod tightly, keeping herself in place.

'It's Golden Qi!' Xiao Wen exclaimed when she tasted and swallowed the whole load, feeling like her dantain filled by a bit chunk with just this much. What's more, she could feel there was so much more being produced each second as the excess Golden Qi didn't know where to escape.


Another load exploded right after she played with it for a few more times, teasing his tip with her tongue. This time there was even more Golden Qi inside the release and Xiao Wen quickly absorbed it again, feeling her body getting warmer.

Xiao Wen knew that it was just a little part of all the Golden Qi he was producing so she didn't mind taking some from him and continued while thinking in her mind, 'Thank you for the meal!'