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 Xuefeng didn't hurry up with entering Ling's space, planning on seeing how did the array work first. He already planned to use both his Royal Elf Bloodline and Ling's help to maximize his absorption but also try to use Golden Clouds together with Heavenly Tribulation as well. He was yet to turn into a Golden Talent just because he was waiting for a perfect moment to get the most out of it.

"Are you guys ready?" Xiao Wen asked as she hovered the Lava Rock above the stone pillar before explaining, "Once I put the crystal on the cavity, Spirit Essence will start flowing rapidly from the outside, filling the room in a flash. If we don't start absorbing it from the start we will slowly start to suffocate. The air will be so overfilled with Spirit Essence that you won't be able to breathe. Make sure to absorb and break into Spirit Sage at one go."

"Mhmm, I'm ready. Don't worry, I will make sure to absorb plenty but still leave some for you." Xuefeng nodded as he sat cross-legged, his hands placed on his knees and Yi also nodded as she mirrored his position.

"Good luck hubby." Xiao Wen gave him one last kiss before placing the crystal in its place. They didn't need to wait for a reaction as even before Xiao Wen pulled her slender hand away, the crystal flashed with cyan light and stone pillar shook. Vibrations travelled like waves all around the room, feeling like an earthquake.

At the same time, Xiao Wen rushed towards her own spot, sliding into the spot on the floor just when the shaking stopped. Xuefeng awaited something special to happen and he wasn't disappointed.


The stone pile suddenly smashed into the ground, making the centre of the floor looking like an eye that observed them. Upon the crash, the markings on the floor that were all ending in the centre also started lighting up in the same colour, hearing towards Xuefeng spot first.

"Ahh! So much Essence!" Xuefeng called out with amazement the moment he felt the surge of power underneath him. Just as Xiao Wen said, endless Spirit Essence started filling the room and the spot underneath him was the outlet for all the essence to escape, passing through him like a geyser.

It wasn't the end of it as the lights travelled further, creating two more geysers below Xiao Wen and Yi before spreading towards the walls.


The light struck them with an explosion and suddenly travelled upwards towards the ceiling, making the walls invisible as if they were breaking, revealing the rooftop surroundings as well as the night sky full of real stars.

"Get ready! What you feel right now is the Spirit Essence from all the Spirit Stones in the array but there are will be a surge coming from the outside!" Xiao Wen called out for the last time before finally closing her eyes, enjoying the effects of the array. It has been some time since she seriously cultivated so she had to make good use of it this time.

Xuefeng smiled, knowing it was time for him to start his operations and closed his eyes as well, asking in his mind, 'Ling, can I come in?' As if Ling was already prepared, instead of answering, the darkness was replaced by the light that illuminated his surroundings.

He thought he will appear in the throne room as usual but to his surprise, he happened to be sitting on the giant bed's edge, specially made by Ling for this occasion. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to look around too much as Ling that answered his call suddenly knocked into him, pushing him down on the bed while locking her lips with his.

It has been a long time since they met personally like this and she couldn't resist herself, knowing what is going to happen very soon. She kept quiet all this time but she really wanted to connect with him so the happiness inside her was indescribable.

Xuefeng embraced her, his hands wrapping around her back as he was hoping a long and passionate kiss but Ling didn't fulfil his dreams, suddenly pulling away from him as said with a happy smile, "I thought you would never ask... I was waiting for you..."

Her usual cold expression was turned into a warm and loving gaze as she looked at him from up close with their noses touching and rubbed against one another. This was the moment she was waiting for so the word excitement got a new face in her case. Her long white hair was released, letting it fall gently on her shoulders and she looked especially beautiful today, her warm smile being the best addition to her look.

"If I was welcomed like this every time I come here, I would definitely come more often..." Xuefeng replied with a teasing smile as he kissed her once again before flipping her body to the side so he could appear on top of her but surprisingly, she didn't struggle at all, letting him handle her as he wished,

Her hands were pinned to the bed as their fingers intertwined and their lips locked in a deep kiss he wanted. Too bad it didn't last for long as Ling copied his method, flipping him to the side as well and pulled away only to whispered with yearning in her eyes, "Let's not waste time... I want to connect with you. We are here to cultivate."

As she said so with her words kissing his ear, her hands suddenly extended downward, making all pieces of clothing disappear from Xuefeng as her hands travelled. All of his upper body got exposed, his boundless muscles replicated perfectly, same as in the outside world but Ling's delicate hands shamelessly skimmed through them to feel the power that was about to claim her.

The moment her hands reached her lower body, his pants disappeared and his member exploded with vitality after just a single touch from her silky fingers. She already knew it would be this big but her eyes still widened, her mind naturally imagining it all the way inside of her.

As her hand embraced it, a passionate but also curious gaze popped up on her face and she looked like she was calculating how deep it will reach her. If this was her before, the moment her hands would touch such a thing, it would be momentarily cut off and burned to ashes but now her fingers caressed it gentle, finding it very valuable to her.

She knew there was not much time left as the rooftop was filling the Spirit Essences that was just waiting to be absorbed by him. Just as Xiao Wen said, soon Xuefeng would find it hard to breathe as he was the one responsible for absorbing the main geyser of Spirit Essence but they didn't even start yet.

Pulling away from him, she sat on his waist as she stroked it up and down, giving herself some time to calm her mind and prepare mentally for this very moment.

'We are going to connect our Spirits... My very first...'

As she was entangled in her bundle of thoughts, she didn't noticed Xuefeng's sudden movement who raised his body and got hold of her perky breasts that were just pleading to have themselves grabbed which caused Ling to moan softly, "Ahh..."

She was about to say to let go and focus on their lower halves first when Xuefeng ordered her, "Take off your clothes. I want to see you." His order sounded like a plea, a one out of desire which she saw in his expression and Ling was not able to reject it.

With just one thought of her, Xuefeng's palm fell on something soft and round, teasing him in the middle with a small joystick that was already rock hard and ready to play. Xuefeng already performed some massage on her is such place before but it was still one of the newest experiences in her life. Fortunately, with everything that she saw while being Xuefeng's Fate Spirit, she gained enough understanding about those matters.

Ling still felt nice with Xuefeng's subtle lead, knowing he put his own feelings into this moment instead of looking at it as just cultivation like she did before. With one of his hands rubbing and caressing her breasts, his other hand dived in between of her legs to make sure she was wet and ready.

To his surprise, Ling was already soaking wet and he couldn't help but tease her about it, whispering with a playful smile while patting her soft cherry bean, "What are we waiting for...? You obviously want it even more than me..."

For some reason, she felt extremely embarrassed and she tried to hide inside of his chest as she moaned the moment he pinched her sensitive spot, "Ahh... It's you who made me like this... I have been watching each time you made love with all the girls... How do you expect me to not feel excited..."

Seeing her like that, it only made Xuefeng's fire burn even stronger and he couldn't hold back anymore, saying, "Then I won't keep you waiting for any longer." He took control of his member back and lifted her bottom, not hesitating to slowly slide it inside of her. He didn't feel any resistance at all so he pushed her down all the way until their waist stuck with one another.

Ling stayed quiet as he entered inside of her but the moment they were fully connected, she exploded in pleasure which caused her to exclaim with her head leaning backwards, "Aaaaah!"


He didn't feel any difference at first but the moment Ling's moan reached his ears, he felt like he was struck by lightning. He heard a loud heartbeat as if it was his own but at the same time somewhat distant. Ling found the sensation paralyzing, almost unable to move around as the waves of pleasure kept coming at her like a storm.

Little Ming told her that it would feel like that based on her knowledge but it definitely surpassed her expectations. It felt so overwhelming, filling her infinite mind until the edges, leaving no space for any other thoughts. The more time she spent in this fashion, the more addictive it became, making her want to throw herself into the waves of pleasure and let it take over her before it crashes.

Fortunately, she already somewhat prepared herself for it, leaving protected thoughts in one corner of her mind, telling her to remember her mission. This was not about her but Xuefeng and their training. Having this in her focus, she struggled to move, collapsing both of their bodies onto soft bed and finished their connection with the infinity kiss that she would never forget.

Xuefeng was still hanging there with his mind more clear compared to Ling but the moment their lips locked, his mind exploded once again. Like, literally, exploded.

His mind turned into thousand of fragments which connected with Ling's consciousness and spread everywhere, filling the whole rooftop. The sensation he felt was so much different compared to his own Spirit Awareness. All bits of various Essences were completely visible to him with a naked eye and he could gather them from all around the place, sucking them in with their connected consciousness.

He finally understood why this method would be tens of times more effective than the others. Together with his Royal Elf body that already absorbed more Spirit Essence through his skin, he could now grab it with his mind as well, leading it towards his body.

"!!!" Just then, as he started gathering Spirit Essence with the help of Ling, acting as if they were one person, he found out something even more shocking. He could look into Ling's memories, emotions or thoughts!

Even if he didn't want to do that, when their Spirit's connected, he gained all access to everything she had. All of her memories and knowledge flooded his mind, imprinting itself on its own and the same happened with his memories that Ling didn't try to look into.

He saw all the happiest moments of her life as well as the one filled with sorrow. As one year after another visualized in front of him, he finally understood how hard it was for Ling to let go of Thunder Goddess to be with him. She was like a family for her, a younger sister that she was with since the moment she was born.

This was the moment Ling finally felt like a person, living being with emotions instead of a tool that other Fate Holders thought she was for them. Thunder Goddess made her finally live and regain what she lost since the moment she became a Fate Spirit.

A single tear dropped from Ling's eye as her arms tightened around his body. He could feel her complicated emotions in that very moment but also relief that he learnt the truth about everything about her. There were no more secrets between them. They were one and no one could separate them anymore.

There were so many memories from her life but the moment he saw how she was treated, he couldn't watch anymore, focusing on her instead, showing her that she had him now and no one would ever treat her as such anymore.

At that very moment, their bodies felt much lighter than before, regaining their freedom. As they understood each other, knowing everything and accepting it all, nothing else was restraining them with all boundaries broken.

Their minds were outside, gathering Spirit Essence from all around the rooftop that already filled to the brim but her bodies also didn't idle. No longer feeling any restrictions on them, their mouths opened, still joined together and their tongues bonded with each other, creating one unit that tried to merge fruitlessly but never giving up.

Ling also understood how it felt to be Xuefeng's woman and taste his affection, sympathizing with the other girls. As her bottom moved, the pleasure she felt before returned, filling them both but she wasn't broken anymore, having her man that could support her with his strength.

"Mhmm..." The moans that were earlier suppressed were back and she didn't hold them back, accepting that Xuefeng already knew everything about her everything. Being on top of him, her hips began gathering momentum and some skill, pulling his member out until her head was about to escape before sliding it back inside only to repeat it once again.

Ling was like a researcher, finding new ways to improve with each movement, making sure both of them would feel great. They were no longer separated and everything they felt was linked together.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ling could sense that he wanted to say something and she was the same, wanted to do the same. They knew what they were both going to say but that didn't stop them for expressing themselves out loud. Their lips separated, both feeling numb from their strong and passionate battle before rolling on the bed so that Xuefeng would cover her on top of her.

They gazed at one another and both smiled saying at the same time, "I love you..."


'Huh?' Xiao Wen opened her eyes in the midst of her cultivation, noticing an anomaly around Xuefeng. Earlier, she could feel him explode with power, sucking in most of the Spirit Essence in the air but she already expected him to do so. Lang already explained to her the benefits of cultivating through Spirit so she knew about it but then something weird happened.

It seemed like an additional boost awakened in Xuefeng's body as his Spirit Awareness blew up once again, this time not only gathering Spirit Essence from within the rooftop but also reaching outside, spreading far and wide. Normally it would be the array that gathered Spirit Essence from the outside but Xuefeng decided to take matters into his own hands.

A small tornado formed right above him, reaching towards the ceiling before expanding high into the sky, thinking of sucking in the whole Spirit Essence throughout the Capital. She didn't mind that, feeling happy for him but at the same time, she couldn't help but imagine Xuefeng with beautiful Ling in his arms, doing what only lovers would do.

'Ah, I'm overthinking... All they need is being connected with each other... Where would they find time for that...' Xiao Wen thought as she shook her head to get rid of those unnecessary thoughts from her mind and returned back to her cultivation.

She rejected those thoughts but she couldn't be more right about what was actually happening.

"Ahh! Ahh! Xuefeng!" Ling moaned without suppressing her voice, feeling the power behind each slam against her bottom. Xiao Wen was right that they only needed to be connected but that wouldn't stop Xuefeng.

With both of her legs in his arms, he hips pumped into her entrance as he observed and absorbed each moan and expression of hers. It motivated him to continue and fill her completely, spreading her apart with each push of his, making sure she remembers the shape and size of his.

"Ah! We need to absorb- Ahh... I love you so much..." Ling wanted them to focus only on the cultivation but Xuefeng wanted both and quickly corrupted her mind into wanting more of him. As their minds were not connected, she wanted what he did and right then, Xuefeng's desire was stronger than anything else.

His Dantain was being filled with a crazy pace and soon enough, the barrier to the Saint Stage broke, opening a whole new space for him, almost twice the size of his current dantian. He now understood why it is harder the further you go in Cultivation. Fortunately for him, this was only the start for him.

Xuefeng was expecting some big changes after a breakthrough but everything proceeded as expected. His Spirit grew in size by multiple times, allowing it to transform so much more Spirit Essence into precious Spirit Qi. He could only test the flying and minor teleportation ability afterwards, having much more important matters at hand.

Xuefeng stopped his movements to ask a question as he leaned over to watch her face from up close, "We only need to be connected at all times and everything will work fine, right?"

Ling looked at him speechlessly, as she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him, not willing to pause their moment before whispering with an agreement, "Hu... Just do it... I know what you are planning. No need to ask me..." With all his desires filling their connected mind, she also wanted to try everything he planned.

Too bad that Xuefeng wouldn't let her off without teasing her and continued to ask more while lifting her up onto his lap, "Do you really want it? Tell me what you want to do? Show me what you desire..."

As he asked so, he began moving once again, raising the difficulty for her answer. With both of his hands on her bottom, he pushed it again his waist reaching as deep as he could before spanked her butt, making her tighten around him right inside of her.

He already knew what she wanted, their mind choosing a place for them but he still waited for her to say it out loud. Ling could only give in to him and finally whispered as she bit his ear for teasing her so much, "Against the door first... Ahh!"

She didn't need to wait for long as the moment her words left her mouth, they both disappeared from the bed, appearing next to the glass door to the balcony and his hips slammed against her from behind, pressing her against the glass with the view onto the lush grasslands. As he was connected with her, Xuefeng had the power over everything in this place so whatever he wanted would happen.

He bound her wrists behind her back and continued smacking her firm bottom while thrusting with power but she couldn't help but exclaim each time, "Ah! More!" She couldn't help but feel the thrill of excitement while seeing Little Ming walking amongst the grass far away from them, giving them a chance of being caught by her.

Xuefeng grinned as he suddenly reached out towards her cherry bean, before tapping in gently which caused Ling to feel as if she was shocked by lightning, her whole body shivering as she exclaimed in pleasure, "Mhmm! I feel so good all of a sudden! Ahh! Am I coming...?"

As Xuefeng could do whatever he wanted in this world, he made her experience what a woman would, peaking with him inside of her. But as their Spirits were connected, he also felt the same as her, suddenly a burst of pleasure hitting his body, quickly finding the way to release the excess of it outside.

"Ah! Xuefeng!" Ling cried out his name, her body suddenly facing him with her legs wrapping around his waist and her lips sucking on his neck as if she wanted to suppress her moans. She could feel his juices flow into her at the deepest end, not expecting this would bring her such extreme experience.

"Mhmm! Mhmmm!" She was letting her voice out, drowning it with both his neck and lips only to hit him on the chest, blaming him after her overwhelming emotions calmed down a bit, "How could you not introduce me to this earlier..."

"How about we will only cultivate like that from this moment?" Xuefeng asked playfully and even before she thought about it, he could hear her cry out, "Yes!"

Just as her voice reached him, she took control over the world and they suddenly appeared back on the bed but this time Xuefeng's hands were bound to the bed frame. She was sitting on top of him and looked sharply at him saying with an evil smile, "This is my time to tease you!"

"Huh? To think that you could block me from taking control anymore? Aren't we one right now?" Xuefeng quickly found out that he could no longer affect Ling's word like before and Ling only giggled to that as she said, "Hah, I was a Spirit for much longer than you. There is no way you could win against me in control. Let me show you what you get for teasing this Princess."

As she said so, Ling decided to change the theme from strong and fast into slow and romantic. Staring into his blue eyes, Ling laid down on his body, beginning to move her waist in a round motion with a slow but steady pace. Her ample breasts were pressed against his chest as she kissed his body all around, leaving kissing marks everywhere.

Xuefeng smirked as he said the truth, "You can't tease me. I'm satisfied with anything you will do for me..." He didn't expect that those words would only backfire on him.

"Oh, then I won't do anything then," Ling said with an evil smile and suddenly stopped moving, only leaning on his chest while looking at him, awaiting his reaction.

"Alright, you won." Xuefeng knew she wouldn't give up so he gave in, but Ling only smiled and traced her finger on his chest, asking, "What will I get then?"

"Oof... What do you want?" Xuefeng questioned before asking, "I can promise it to you once a week..." After actually going through the act of making love with him, feeling such addictive pleasure, it was natural that she wanted some more.

Ling made a puppy face at him, showing a sad expression and pleaded as she laid weakly on his chest, "But I want to everyday tho..."

Xuefeng decided not to promise anything any more and proposed, "How about I satisfy you plenty right now and I will cultivate whenever I have free time?" This was the best offer he could give her and she knew that, accepting it in a heartbeat, "Okay!"

As she lifted herself up, his ties disappeared, making him free to do as he wished. With her body all exposed in front of him, showing her slim and porcelain body in all glory, Ling said softly as she beckoned at him with her finger, "Come and satisfy me then..."

Xuefeng's women didn't need to ask him twice as one was enough and Xuefeng was already on top of Ling, this time it was his turn to bind her to the bed but he wasn't in a hurry yet.

He found it was time for the second part of their Dual Cultivation, knowing that he was filling his Dantain too slowly like this and smiled playfully, proposing, "How about you turn me into me Gold Talent and we anger the Heavens once again?"

"Sure!" Ling agreed right away, kissing him as a way to use her ability, connecting pleasant with useful. Not only were they acting against nature but also engaged in such an act at the same time. It was enough to anger the Heavens.