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 The moment Xuefeng got pulled inside the rooftop and his eyes were uncovered, he couldn't help but cry out in fascination, "Whoa, it's like a Planetarium!" He looked into the sky and saw a giant copula filled with stars, feeling as if he went back to his days on earth where they would visit the Planetarium to learn about planets and stars.

It was a momentary slip but Xiao Wen quickly caught him on that, asking, "Planetarium? What is that?"

"Oh, don't mind me. I just name places where you can watch stars as such." Xuefeng replied as if it was nothing, not thinking of a better method to cover his mistake. Xiao Wen didn't have a reason to doubt him and actually adopted the name, saying, "It's a nice name. Let's call this place Planetarium."

She hugged into his arm and pulled him to the middle of the room as she explained, "This is the place where I would go through all of my breakthroughs. It has an array built into the floor and ceiling that helps gather all Spirit Essence from the air and the Spirit Stones that you insert into the array. There is almost a million high-tiered Spirit Stones already inside so it should be enough for you. After you sit down in the middle, all Spirit Essence will be concentrated in one place. All you need to do is absorb and turn into Spirit Qi."

Xuefeng looked around, studying the patterns on the floor and saw a small rock column next to the central spot with a small cavity in the middle. He didn't need to ask as Xiao Wen noticed his gaze and explained further, pulling out a small black crystal in the same shape as a cavity, "This is the place where you insert a special token that activates the array. Only my father and I have it as only two were made. Here you go."

Xiao Wen didn't hesitate to give it to him with a gentle smile, even though she knew it was priceless. Yi who was watching from the side looked at that scene and finally understood that Xiao Wen was already wholeheartedly devoted to him. She wondered for a second, 'Am I also fully committed to my love in my heart?'

Her heart would throb whenever she looked at him and whenever her eyes closed, the first person that came into her mind was him. Did that mean she was in love? Yi didn't know, but if she didn't try, would she find out the truth?

Xuefeng researched the black crystal in his hands but didn't feel anything special from it. Xiao Wen smiled as if she expected it and said as she grazed his fingers with her own, "It's called Lava Rock as you can only find it in the middle of a volcano. It's really rare as there were only two pieces found that were bigger than a fist. Our family managed to get one of those pieces and father created this array. It acts as a catalyst to activate the array but there is one more special ability that it has."

Yi's eyes widened when she heard it, not expecting Xiao Wen to actually try and test it. The two were already together, loving each other but Xiao Wen still decided to go for a test. Yi looked for reasons against it but then she realised that she would also do the same. Which girl in love wouldn't the moment they get such an opportunity.

"What is it?" Xuefeng asked curiously, looking into her eyes. He noticed her gaze falling down onto the stone and he also stared down at it. She was sure of her feelings so she didn't hesitate to touch the black crystal, wrapping her hand together with his, placing the black crystal in the middle of their palms.

The crystal which was black as coal just a moment ago suddenly shone with red light, slightly burning their palms but Xiao Wen did not let go of his hand. Although it hurt her, joy was filling her heart and she felt like the happiest person.

Xuefeng did not feel much pain but he still did not understand what was going on so he looked at her with confusion. She also moved her head to look into his eyes and their gazes interlocked.

The red light only got brighter the more time passed but Xiao Wen didn't avert her gaze away and unfolded the mystery, "Instead of a Lava Rock, I named it a Love Rock... The moment two people that love each other grab onto it together, it will shine with a bright red light, just like the one you just saw..."

As she spoke, the red light suddenly disappeared and Xiao Wen leaned over, kissing his lips deeply. She knew Xuefeng wouldn't be satisfied with that so she sealed his lips before he said anything and continued right after pulling away, "I didn't do it to test if you love me as I already know that."

"Then why?" Xuefeng asked back calmly, knowing she had an explanation prepared. He naturally would not like if his wife had any doubts about his feelings. He didn't hide anything from them and expected the same.

"Look at your palm." Xiao Wen said as she opened their hands, pulling out the black crystal out. He was surprised to see there was still a red burn mark left on his palm even after it was healed by Ling. Before he could comment, Xiao Wen extended her palm and showed the same burn on her own palm.

"You probably tried to get rid of it out of instinct, right?" Xiao Wen asked with a smile, leaning on his chest as she hugged him. She already knew him well so she didn't need his confirmation and answered his questions, "Some time ago, my parents happened to discover this special ability as they grabbed the crystal at the same time during my mother's breakthrough. The crystal also turned bright red and started burned their fingers. My father wanted to let go of it but my mother found something special about it and wrapped their hands together just like we did."

She tied their hands together once again, their marks matching as their palms touched and continued narrating, "Afterwards, it turned out a connection formed between them. They researched it and found out that my mother had some strange energy stored inside of her heart which turned out to be really explosive. It had a direct link from my father's heart into hers but my father didn't have any foreign energy in his body."

Xuefeng didn't like the way this was going and asked, "Don't tell me that it's a similar kind of connection that I have between Yiren?"

Xiao Wen shook her head and clarified, "It is similar but not exactly. This is a love mark between the two devoted lovers. The Love Rock shows the affection of two people but also signs a pact between them as a side effect of it. Unfortunately, it's not equal to both parties. Once the stronger party loses their life, their lover will also follow the same path but if the weaker party dies, nothing will happen to the other lover."

"What? Please, tell me you are joking..." Xuefeng didn't want to believe what she just said, holding onto her face while hoping that everything was just a joke, but Xiao Wen held onto his hands before saying with a giggle, finding him really cute, "Don't you think your Fate Spirit would already tell you if something was threatening your life? Mine, on the other side, is already losing his mind, hehe."

Hearing that, Xuefeng immediately connected the dots and quickly scolded her angrily, "Xiao Wen! This is serious! Why would you do that?! The last thing I want to worry about before my death is that you will also die after me. How does it work? Can we get remove it?"

He placed his hand on Xiao Wen's chest, trying to check it for himself but she pushed it away as she explained, "You can't get rid of it. Only when you die will the link sever and the energy around my heart would detonate."

Hugging him, she asked, "Can you feel my heart through our connection? You will know that I'm fine."

Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

Just as she said so, Xuefeng finally heard another heartbeat in his mind. Just like she said, the connection between them was different compared to the one he had with Yiren. All he could feel was a clear and healthy heartbeat without any distraction from her emotions.

Right then, her heart was beating extremely fast as if it was trying to escape from her chest and she commented, "Can you feel how fast it is beating? Its like that because I'm worried... I'm worried that there will be one day when you disappear from my life and I don't want that. Once you are gone, I want to follow after you. I would be fine if I never met you but now I don't even want to imagine my life without you. Please, don't force me to live such a life."

Xuefeng didn't know what to think about the whole situation. He didn't like it at all but how could he get mad at her when she spoke such words, filled with love for him.

He had thoughts of asking Ling and Little Ming for help but as if reading his mind, Xiao Wen stopped him before that happened while saying determined, "Even if you find a method to safely sever our connection, I don't want it. If I wished for that, I wouldn't even start it. I know you are worried about me so I can tell you one secret method to stop all this from happening."

"What is it?" Xuefeng asked eagerly, only to see her look up at him and embrace his neck as she said with a loving smile, "If you want me to stay alive, you cannot die. No matter what you do or who you are against in a battle, you have to always come back to us. Do you hear me?"

Xiao Wen did not give him a chance to reply to her as she pressed her lips against his and did not let go of them for a long time. If her potential sacrifice could help him overcome future hardship and give him the motivation to push forward for her sake, she would happily do it again.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As she finally let go of his lips, he didn't argue anymore, promising her determined, "I will never leave my wives. Not now or any time in the future. In your place, I would rather be more worried that I won't let you go. I told you already. Once you become mine, there is no going back. I'm so stubborn that even if you want me to die, I won't. I can promise you that."