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 "Thank you Xuefeng... I know you did it for me." Xiao Wen called out as she jumped into Wuxing's arms the moment their feet touched the ground, this time without Yi accompanying her.

Xuefeng only smiled and kissed her, not bothered by Xiao Feng's presence, "You are already mine. I will not let anyone disrespect you. I don't care if they are the Emperor, the Ruler of the Realm or a God himself. I will fight them until I can't anymore."

This made Xiao Wen warm in her heart and she returned the kiss with passion, saying lovingly, "Mhmm, I know. This is why I chose you."

For a second, Xiao Feng didn't recognize his daughter, almost feeling like someone just replaced her with another human. Where was the cold and domineering Xiao Wen? All he could see was a gentle girl in love. He rolled his eyes at them and called out to Xuefeng, "Alright, you two love birds, follow me to my office. I already asked my wife to bring the Artefacts you wanted. She already returned from her own mission."

"Mission?" Xuefeng asked curiously, not often getting to meet the girls' mother.

Xiao Wen knew her mother well so she asked with a grin, "Did mother go on a killing spree?"

Xiao Feng only nodded proudly as he explained, "Yes, she already hunted down all Tang Family members who were searching for Tianshi. There were many so it took her longer."

"Huh? This fast?" Xuefeng asked confused, knowing that not much time passed since he came here but Mrs Xiao already finished off many groups of cultivators by herself.

"Hehe, my mother is much stronger than you think. She is just hiding her-" Xiao Wen giggled as she tried to introduce her mother's strength when Xuefeng suddenly stopped moving and walked back towards the entrance. Only then did the rest notice that Yi stayed behind.

Xuefeng approached Yi who daydreamed while looking in front of herself with an empty gaze and asked her, "Yi? What are you doing? Is something wrong? Why are you not following us?"

The moment she heard his voice, her blank gaze recovered and she quickly responded, "No, no, no... I'm feeling fine. I was just talking to..."

Before she could finish, Xuefeng covered her mouth to stop her from talking further and said with a smile, "Yi, you are no longer a normal person. You need to take care of your secrets. Don't tell anyone about such stuff. Also, you are going back with us tonight so you better stay close to me or we will leave you behind."

Seeing his gentle smile and feeling his warm hand, Yi returned the smile after he let go of her. She let him grab her hand and allowed him to lead her wherever he wanted as she promised, "Alright, I will be careful."

"Good girl." Xuefeng nodded satisfied, only releasing her hand when they caught up to the rest and switched to holding Xiao Wen's but Yi didn't mind that, knowing she was still just his friend. Right now she could only dream of anything else.

The moment they reached Xiao Feng's office, he sat in his office chair and asked, "Xuefeng, tell me. How is it that one moment you say that you don't want to take over the family but the next you do exactly that?"

This question caught Xuefeng off-guard as he admitted with a laugh, "Haha, actually, it didn't feel that bad. If I didn't plan to leave this Realm soon, I would really consider setting up my own clan but I can't take that responsibility. I just wanted to know how it feels."

There happened to be a chance to test out his leadership skills and it turned out he was successful on the first try. Xiao Feng couldn't say anything about that as he also thought Xuefeng wasn't that half-bad and switched to another topic, "Hmm, alright. About the Tang Family Palace... You said you want it?"

Xuefeng already knew this question would fall so he answered prepared, "Yes. I thought of moving my Clan to the Capital here. The Spirit Essence in the air is much better here. I will settle it with my father after I come back tomorrow. Hope you can help with the moving."

Xuefeng didn't tell that to anyone yet as he just thought about it so not only Xiao Feng but also Xiao Wen was shocked as she asked, thinking this was a great idea, "Huh? You want to move the entire Liu Clan here?"

"That's right. Not only that, but I also want all the buildings and medical shops together with all alchemists belonging to the old Tang Family, making Liu Clan the second powerhouse in this world. What do you think?" Xuefeng asked after presenting them with his ambitious project.

Xiao Feng's eyelid twitched when he heard that but then Xuefeng added, "Of course, that would put Xiao Family at a loss, so we can change the earlier agreement between us. This time I only want the Storage Artefacts and you can keep the Spirit Stones. I know that there are still a lot of riches left in the Tang Family's treasury so you can have all that. I will also give you back more than half of the high ranked pills that I got from killing Taizong. All the low ranked pills should still be in the treasury."

Only then did Xiao Feng calmed down a bit, turning into his thinking mode. He knew that it was enough to cover his losses. Getting Liu Xiaobei here wasn't that bad of an idea as they could work together to overshadow Royal Family and fully take control over the whole Central Region.

Before Xiao Feng spoke, Xuefeng added more, "I also hope you can help my father settle in the Capital and take control over everything. I believe he should handle it but additional support is always welcomed."

Just as he said so, the doors opened and a female voice resounded in the room, "Of course we will help. Our families are going to become in-laws very soon, right? There is no need to be polite with each other."

When they turned around, they saw Mrs Xiao walking into the office with a smile planted on her face. She already heard of Xuefeng's feats so she was really proud of their daughters for sniping such a man.

"Actually that's incorrect. Both Tianshi and Xiao Wen are already my wives. No one can change that. We don't need any ceremony or anyone else's recognition. It will be nice if our parents can give their blessings but even without that, nothing can stop us." Xuefeng corrected his mother-in-law and looked at Xiao Wen, asking to confirm it, "Right, Wen?"

She didn't hesitate for too long and nodded right away, confirming in a soft giggle, "Mhmm, that's correct. I am Xuefeng's wife and he is my husband, hehe." She was actually waiting for him to say that, officially acknowledging her as his wife.

Mrs Xiao wasn't mad about it and actually found that commendable, cementing the two families ties right away, "Interesting. This only means we are already a family then. Even a stronger reason to help."

She looked at her husband and he proposed after a quick thought, "Alright. I can lend you my main warship to help with the transport. It allows us to bring anyone in and out of the Capital. Normally you need permission from the Royal Family to bring any strangers in but it doesn't really apply to us."

"That's actually perfect." The solution Xiao Feng proposed was much better than moving everyone by himself with the Holy Land so Xuefeng couldn't be more than thankful. He took off one of his rings that Ling prepared and threw it towards him while saying, "I already separated the goods I don't need and kept the rest for myself. Also, there is something special inside that you wanted."

He asked Ling and Little Ming to create some basic facts about Fate Holders that they could share before including the slip inside the ring. The moment Xiao Feng got his hands on it, he immediately started reading it, ignoring everything around him.

"Here. I also brought what you wanted." Mrs Xiao also had something for him but instead of throwing it, she passed it directly before rubbing his cheeks as she asked curiously, "I don't know why you need so many Storage Artefacts but hopefully we have a lot of manufacturers. Why don't you share your plans to mom?"

"I'm sorry but I can't. This information is only available to my women." Xuefeng could only shrugged as he rejected, giving his reason but he didn't think that Mrs Xiao would suddenly smile cheekily and ask, "Huh? Is that a proposal?"

Xuefeng for a second imagined Xiao Feng's face that he would have after learning that even his wife was taken by him which actually made him laugh but he also rejected it, even though he would love to see that expression, "Haha, as much as I appreciate Mrs Xiao's beauty, I'm afraid I can not. I don't want to steal all women from your husband's life. I'm not so cruel, hehe."

Xiao Wen pouted to that and scolded, "Mom! What are you saying?!"

Mrs Xiao rubbed Xuefeng's cheeks and said playfully, "Hehe, I'm just playing. I also don't want to steal my girl's man. I hope you can take care of them. I guess I will stick with my own then. He finally loves me plenty so I will let you go."

She checked if her husband heard anything but he didn't even react to her teasings which made her snicker, "Tsk, he is not even listening now. What did you gave him?"

"Something very valuable. Mrs Xiao should also take a look." Xuefeng didn't reveal anything and curiosity ate Mrs Xiao up right away, forcing her to see for herself.

Xuefeng knew they would be busy for a while so he decided to leave for now, dropping her a message, "I still need to make a breakthrough to the Saint Stage so we will take our leave now. I will come pick up the warship before our departure."

Mrs Xiao poked her husband in the head but he didn't react at all which made her sigh and walk back to them as she replied, "Alright, I guess I will prepare it for you as Feng doesn't seem like he can at the moment. You can use our rooftop by the way if you want to breakthrough. Xiao Wen will show you around."

As she walked past them, it was the first time she looked at Yi from the moment she entered but she didn't comment on her presence, clearly showing her stance. It would be strange if she was happy when her daughter's competition increased.

Xuefeng was already ready to counter Mrs Xiao's arguments but seeing her not commenting it, he simply patted Yi on the head and pulled them both out of the office. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.