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 The golden-robed youth watched Xuefeng's back who was becoming more distant the more they waited and asked unsure, "Milady... I think he talked about us there..."

Liena rolled her eyes at the obvious statement and flew after Zhen Bai as she said sternly, "No shit. It's obvious that he talked about us... Let's go. We need to catch up with them." In her mind, she already calculated that the benefits she gets from Zhen Bai and Xuefeng's value were incomparable. She basically needed Xuefeng but she could survive without Zhen Bai.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Are we not following Xuefeng anymore?" The golden-robbed youth asked, worried that Xuefeng would escape them. He also knew Xuefeng was much more important to them compared to the Ruler of the Realm.

"Didn't you hear Xuefeng? If we want to decrease our sins, we can only go and settle this matter for him. It seems like he blames Tianshi's injuries on us so arguing won't do us any good and we can only adapt. After we finish with them, we will find Xuefeng in Xiao Family Palace. We've still yet to talk to him." Liena explained her plan, already thinking of how to approach Xuefeng.

The Golden-robed youth could only follow after her but still asked on the way, "What if he escapes? He knows we are after him thanks to Drakos so he might try to leave now."

"Don't worry. He is not scared of us anymore. With the power that Drakos provides him, Xuefeng can easily face against us now. We can't fight him. Remember, it's we who need him, not the other way around." Liena assured him and they both disappeared from their spots, chasing after Zhen Bai.

When that happened, a smile appeared on Xuefeng's face and he squeezed Xiao Wen's hand as he flew without worry about the Royal Family anymore.


"Father! Are you going to let this slide? They embarrassed us in front of all those peop-" Zhen Bai's son called out to his father right after they gained some distance but before he finished, his face was smacked across with his father's hand.


Zhen Bai glared at his son and scolded angrily, "They didn't do shit! You embarrassed yourself first with your dirty mouth. I took you with me cause you begged me for a week but you've ruined everything. If not for the fact that this white-haired kid already claimed the two Princesses and the negotiations would fail anyway, I would beat you up and leave you half-dead, letting your mother come and pick you up later."

The moment Zhen Bai mentioned his mother like that, the Prince naturally got offended but didn't dare to speak up. As the son of a concubine, he didn't have too many rights for the throne but he still enjoyed his life. He thought that this trip will deepen the ties with his father but it backfired horribly.

Zhen Bai flew quietly, thinking of what he should do now. There were many paths ahead of them but all of them led to many deaths and blood. Xuefeng already offended him so he had to make a stance else he would turn into a laughing stock as he knew Xiao Family members would make sure to tell everyone about it in the Capital.

He happened to glance at this useless son of his and asked, thinking of finding some inspiration, "If you were in my place, what would you do right now?"

"Huh?" The Prince was confused at first but then his eyes brightened and he quickly said, "We can't let them have their way and insult us like that so we naturally have to act. That white-haired brat, although strong, should be punished. I would find his family and lock them down. Unless he surrenders, they would be executed for taking part in the conspiracy against the Royal Family. Looking at the way he protects his women, he wouldn't risk their wellbeing by attacking us."

Zhen Bai wasn't surprised with such a solution as he also thought about it but he knew it was impossible for now. He had to hold himself back until he checks Xuefeng's background with his Fate Organisation spies. If Xuefeng had too much of a back-up, they could only swallow all the offences.

Just as he wanted to comment on that to his son, they heard a female voice coming from the void right in front of them, "That's actually a nice plan. Too bad it's impossible."

They momentarily stopped and Zhen Bai's face froze as if he recalled something and he immediately bowed down his head as he called out weakly, "Milady..." He reacted instantly because he remembered that voice. After meeting her for the first time, he never forgot it. His son was dumbfounded at first but he quickly followed his footsteps.

At that very moment, two people wearing golden robes appeared right in front of them out of thin air. Liena didn't have time to waste so she went straight into the topic, "You will leave the white-haired boy alone and you won't find trouble with Xiao family or anyone related to him. Are we clear?"

"Milady... With all due respect but isn't it too late already? He is going against the Royal Family-" Zhen Bai found this surprising and tried to dispute with her but he was cut right away as she asked coldly, "Do you want Zhen Family to lose the reign of this Realm? I think my words were clear."

As a Ruler, he couldn't just give up so easily and he asked back, trying to play the pity card to learn to get more information, "Milady, can I at least receive some reason? Royal Family will become a laughing stock in the whole Capital if I don't take any action..."

It wasn't hard for Liena to see what he wanted but at the same time, he at least deserved some explanation so she gave him one, "He is very important to me. Is that enough? He is more valuable to me than the Royal Family is so if you bother him, I will remove you all. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Milady... I will take a step back and won't interfere in the boy's matters anymore... How about the Xiao Family then?" Zhen Bai asked one last question to be sure how to proceed.

Liena didn't care about anyone other than Xuefeng and Yi right now but still had to respect their feelings so she ordered, "Same. Leave them be. They are important to him for the time being. With the way he is advancing, he will leave this Realm in a few years. After that, you can do whatever you want."

This time Zhen Bai's eyes finally brightened as that was actually some good news and bowed deeper, expressing his gratitude, "Thank you, Milady. I will act accordingly." He didn't need to keep such position for long as Liena disappeared right after hearing that.

Zhen Bai could feel that his son would like to ask some questions but he stopped him before they left his mouth as he said, "Forget about it. The less you know the better. You only need to know to never trouble that boy else both you and the royal family will be doomed. Let's go back to the Palace and warn everyone."


As they flew in the air, Xuefeng finally had time to consult in his mind, 'Ling, did you count the loot already? How much did we get?' He took more than five rings from the dead Taizong and he knew they were filled with goods.

Ling swiftly reported their status, 'There are about a thousand pill boxes with rare pills that we have yet to segregate and only about two hundred Artefacts ranging from Rank 5 to Rank 9. There seems to be only three of the highest Rank and the rest varies. I think the Pills are the most valuable from there but they are mostly healing pills which are useless as you have me. We are separating the pills with Little Ming into ones you can sell and others that you can actually use.'

Xuefeng was a bit surprised as he expected much more and quickly found himself a reason, 'Hmm, it seems like there are still many left in the Tang Family Palace. I don't believe such a big Family only had this much artefacts and pills... How about Spirit Stones? We can use them to exchange for Fate Stones.'

Fortunately this time Ling had good news and even giggled before informing, 'Hehe, there is about one whole ring filled with high-tiered Spirit Stones. We didn't count them all yet but I think there are at least a few billion of them there. Will tell you about it later.'

'Haha, big Families for sure are rich! Thank you Ling.' Xuefeng laughed after hearing the number and seeing they were about to land in the palace, he reminded her about his plans, 'By the way, I will visit you tonight. I wish to breakthrough before tomorrow.'

He didn't give her a chance to reject as if it was natural for them to perform such actions but Ling didn't get angry or shy anymore and simply accepted it with a smile on her face, not bothered by Little Ming's giggle, 'Alright, I will be waiting...'