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 Zhen Bai's face darkened when he heard such cocky words from Xuefeng's lips and everyone surrounding them this time had the look of horror on their faces. Did he really have the guts to kill the Ruler of the Realm? Wouldn't that create real chaos in the whole world?

Xiao Feng scratched his head, not that surprised about Xuefeng's reaction. He already spent enough time with him to figure out his character. If someone had any thoughts of going for his women, he didn't hesitate to go on a rampage which Xiao Feng kind of respected but this time the opponent was just too big.

Even though he believed that Xuefeng could defeat Zhen Bai if he used that dragon claw skill this still wasn't something they could do right now.

Xiao Feng could only reply with the truth as he knew that Xuefeng would understand, "If you kill him, the whole Royal System will naturally be in shambles and the real power struggle will start. All the Princes will start fighting for the rights to the throne and many people would die in the process. Basically, the whole capital will turn into a mess that we can't be bothered to deal with, but the decision lies in your hands."

Those words actually surprised Zhen Bai as he looked back at Xuefeng, feeling the need to reevaluate him. Based on Xiao Feng's words, Xuefeng was sure to have the upper hand against him in a fight if one were to break down. Did that mean that a Spirit Emperor had the power to rival a Spirit Monarch?

Suddenly, a realisation came to Zhen Bai as he thought of a certain organisation and thought, 'Is he also one of them, having the power of Fate? If that is so, it would make perfect sense why Xiao Feng supports him so much and even gives his daughters up to him...'

Zhen Bai did a quick calculation in his mind and calmed down, deciding not to fan the flames between them as he apologised for now, "I'm sorry, my apologies. I should have expected that Young Master would take a fancy to both of the Xiao family Princesses. After all, they are the pearls of the Capital-"

Unfortunately for him, Xuefeng was already pissed off by the whole situation and bashed him right away, not caring about Zhen Bai's status, "Shut up! Xiao Wen is right here and you didn't even look at her when you proposed your bullshit marriage! What do you think they are?! Toys?! I hate parents who use their kids as bargaining chips for their own benefits without even asking for their opinion! You better get lost before I lose my temper and kill you. If you disrespect my wife once again, I won't care about the chaos and get rid of the whole Royal Family."

His sword was extended towards Zhen Bai, acting as a warning that Xuefeng wouldn't hesitate to attack if the answer he hears is not what he wanted.

His speech made the whole area as silent as a mouse while everyone waited to hear Zhen Bai's reply. After all, it was the first time when someone threatened to kill the Ruler of the Realm and actually had the upper hand in the situation.

Everyone aside from the Royal Family members saw how Xuefeng destroyed Tang Family Palace's barrier with just one strike. Not many Monarch Stage cultivators could replicate such a feat and definitely not Zhen Bai who was known to be weaker than Xiao Feng. If Xuefeng repeated the same attack on the current Ruler, the battle would end as quickly as it started.

'Haha! That's my boy! If I were you, I would kill him a long time ago but I will forgive you this time.' Drakos laughed, definitely liking the current style of Xuefeng but Ling countered that and scolded, 'Drakos, stop giving him such ideas! Xuefeng, just follow your heart. You are doing great right now.'

'Haha, I'm just saying! I'm already satisfied with this scene.' Drakos only shrugged her scolding away and continued to observe, definitely hoping for more action.

Inside Ling's space, Little Ming was sitting on Ling's lap with her blushed as she commented to herself, "Xuefeng is so handsome when he gets serious..."

"Mhmm..." Ling confirmed it with a nod, her face also flushed. She found Xuefeng really manly every time he protected his women and she couldn't help but imagine herself in Xiao Wen's place, having Xuefeng fight in her stead before embracing her after a won battle.

Little Ming hugged Ling and asked curiously, "Ling, did you and Xuefeng cultivate together already...?"

"Of course not..." Ling denied right away, turning redder but then she added, "But it will happen soon..." She was actually looking forward to it as more time passed. She even had a feeling it would happen today, knowing that Xuefeng was really close to a Saint stage.

"Congratulations..." Little Ming was naturally happy for her, but at the same time, she would also want some more intimacy with him. Fortunately, she wasn't someone who would get jealous over others success but rather work hard to reach her own goals.

"I will also work hard for that..." Little Ming stated, informing Ling of her decision to compete with her but Ling only smiled and patted her head. She was already sharing Xuefeng with many others so adding one more didn't make a difference. Knowing Little Ming's current stage, it was only advantageous for Xuefeng so she didn't mind that.

The situation outside was about to peak but Little Ming couldn't help but ask curiously, "Ling, why didn't you use the Fate Stones you have in hand to push your stage and slowly build up your Fate Qi to become a Fate Law like you used to be? Don't you want to learn about your identity?"

Ling quickly shook her head and declined, "Not yet... I don't want to trouble my mind with that right now. My focus is only on Xuefeng. I will find the right time in the near future..."

"But-" Little Ming tried to convince her but Ling didn't let her, assuring her, "I know. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. We don't have enough Fate Stones anyway. We will talk about that in the future. I know my identity is somewhat special so it will definitely change my relationship with Xuefeng... I don't want that to happen."

"I understand, Princess Ling-" Little Ming nodded with a smirk but then Ling suddenly started tickling her on the side of her belly which forced Little Ming to give in and apologise, already knowing her fault, "Haha, I'm sorry, I won't anymore!"

Ling didn't stop her assault as she warned playfully, "If you call me Princess one more time, I will kick you out. I'm Ling."

"Yes, Ling!" Only after hearing Little Ming's confirmation did Ling stop and hugged the soft pink hoodie before continuing to watch how the situation would play out outside.


Zhen Bai already realised that the more he stays here, the more his reputation would suffer as Xuefeng was clearly not willing to cooperate so he said calmly while turning around to leave, "I guess we don't have anything to negotiate anymore. We will take our leave. I will send someone to claim the Palace tomorrow morning."

All of his plans failed but if he acted rashly, he would only lose. Xuefeng was already aiming his sword at him, nothing else could be done than leaving, trying to keep the last bits of respect.

Xuefeng only snickered to that and called out, "He better come with a strong bodyguard or at least a thousand else only his head will return back. The Palace belongs to me. If you want to take it away, you better be prepared for war. Xiao Family is not one you can bully."

Zhen Bai paused hearing him but didn't say anything, flying away without turning back. There were no words left to say as Xuefeng was already set against him. Losing one battle doesn't necessarily mean losing the war. Only calm strategizing will let him win in the end.

The many cultivators who were dumbfounded after seeing Zhen Bai just leave, slowly started waking up.

"Did I just see what I just saw? The Ruler of the Realm got chased away by our Young Master? Can someone pinch me?"

"No need. It actually happened. Long Live Young Master!"

"Long Live Young Master!"

Xuefeng only sheathed his sword, cancelling his flames and took Xiao Wen's hand before saying cooly, "We are leaving. We have much more important matters at hand."

"You are aware of what you just potentially caused?" Xiao Feng asked with a smile, making sure that Xuefeng knew all the possible outcomes of his fight with Zhen Bai.

"I know. There is a potential war incoming but I already settled it. He won't dare to attack the Xiao Family. I already have someone who will make sure that Zhen Bai doesn't have any ideas." Xuefeng nodded and called out loudly as they flew back towards Xiao Family Palace.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"And that certain someone is?" Xiao Feng asked curiously, not knowing Xuefeng had other forces as a back-up.

Xuefeng only smiled and looked at the place in the sky where Liena was standing and said mysteriously, "They are watching from the shadows now and listening to us so they know what to do. Only with that can their sins be reduced so they won't hesitate to act. Trust me."

Xiao Feng glanced at the spot where Xuefeng was looking but he obviously didn't spot anyone and could only shrug, agreeing, "Alright."