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 "Oooof..." When everyone heard Xuefeng's words, they momentarily sucked in their breaths. One needed extreme courage to talk like this to the current ruler of the whole Realm. What's worse, he called one of his sons a dog while glaring at him. Could one get more ballsy than that?

Even Xiao Feng was surprised by that but then he laughed out loud, not able to hold his laughter, "Hahaha, well said! Zhen Bai, you should keep your son in check before someone accidentally teaches him a painful lesson."

There was always a silent rivalry between the three top families in the Capital Region, namely Xiao, Tang and Zhen Families. Even though Xiao Family had the strongest cultivators, it was Zhen Family who had the most authority in the Capital just from the fact of being a Royal Family.

Normally, Royal Family would try to cut the wings of other families to stay the strongest but it was too late now. If the fight between them started, Royal Family would definitely win if they used the help of all four regions but the cost would be too enormous. This would only ruin both families while allowing the third one to step on their corpses to replace them.

Now that one of them was out of the picture, Xiao Feng already expected that Royal Family would make their moves after Tang Family's demise but he didn't think they would act so fast.

Although the prince was grown up and mature, he was raised up with a golden spoon so he was extremely arrogant. The moment he heard someone calling him a dog, he naturally flipped off, his face turning all red and he wanted to bash Xuefeng with curses but Xuefeng didn't let him talk as he continued, "Our men only bow to their wives, their parents and their Master. I would like to know when did Xiao Family get a new master? Or is it that you want to start a war by undermining Xiao Family Master's Authority?"

The moment the war was mentioned, all cultivators released their pressure while taking out their weapons, aiming it towards the prince. Xuefeng wasn't different as he also pulled out his Black Flames Slayer, making his body burn with black and gold coloured flames. Prince's face turned pale just as quick as it got red by anger. After all, there were hundreds of cultivators versus the two of them. They were already at a disadvantage from the start.

Even though all that happened, Zhen Bai remained calm. His profound gaze piercing through Xuefeng as if he tried to figure out from where he got all that courage to lead everyone. With just one glance he noticed the golden wings as well as the flames with hints of gold in them and it quickly gave him some ideas. As a Ruler, he naturally knew about Fate Organisation, personally having multiple members infiltrating it on his orders.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Father-" When his son tried to reach for his help, Zhen Bai quickly cut him off and denied him any, saying sternly, "If you got the audacity to call all those great cultivators bastards, you better also have the power to back it up. I'm not going to clean up after your mess. You deal with it."

"B-but-" Having his biggest supported leave him, the Prince froze and stuttered as he tried to negotiate but his father ignored him, calling out to Xiao Feng instead while shrugging, "I have so many sons that it's hard to raise them all properly. I'm already fortunate to have at least one decent son. I'm coming here on his behalf to nego-"

Unfortunately, Xuefeng wasn't willing to let it go just like that. Seeing that Zhen Bai skillfully dodged the issue while skipping to the topic, he stopped him saying with confidence, "You don't seem to understand the severity of the situation. Your son offended our cultivators until he apologize and pays for his sins, there won't be any negotiations. We don't negotiate with people who curse at our men."

When Xiao Family Cultivators heard those words, many of them quickly turned into Xuefeng's fans in a blink of an eye and many were touched. He was fighting the Ruler of the Realm because they were offended by his son. How lucky they would be to have such a future master who cares for them so much, daring to confront anyone in their steed.

This time, Zhen Bai didn't ignore the white-haired young man in front of him. He already let it slide once but this was the second time he got disturbed. Seeing that Xiao Feng only smiled, allowing him to go on a rampage meant that he did have a say in Xiao Family.

He didn't exactly have an idea who Xuefeng was but looking at the way Xiao Wen looked at him, there was a high chance he was Xiao Feng's future son-in-law. This would explain why Xiao Feng just let him talk and speak on his behalf.

'Already preparing a successor, huh?' Zhen Bai thought before asking Xuefeng with a serious gaze, "You must be Xiao Wen's future husband, right?" He didn't respond to Xuefeng's demand, trying to change the subject but that didn't end just like he expected.

Xuefeng did not joke around anymore and called out to the many cultivators gathered around them, "If that Prince does not apologize in the next ten second, kill him."

All of them acknowledged the order quickly, preparing themselves to attack while calling out, "Yes, Young master!"

This naturally made the Ruler of the Realm furious but after so many years of ruling, he mastered his self-control and didn't show his anger outside. There was basically no advantages in arguing and his goal for this trip would be ruined right away.

It was pretty obvious that even though he scolded his son, he tried to defend him by switching to another subject. It wasn't possible anymore so he slapped his son at the back of his head and ordered, "Apologise, now."

Even though the Prince wasn't the smartest guy, upon seeing the stern gaze of his father, it was obvious that it was in his best interest to give in. He looked around at everyone and said reluctantly, "I apologize for my rude remark."

Zhen Bai nodded, accepting such an apology and looked at Xuefeng, asking with a fake smile, "Is that enough? Can we proceed with the matter I came here for or is young master still not satisfied?"

"Are you all satisfied?" Instead of replying, Xuefeng asked his cultivators first as they were the ones being cursed at earlier.

For them, just the sheer fact that Xuefeng managed to get the arrogant Prince to apologise was a success so most of them nodded in confirmation, "Yes, Young Master!"

Knowing that it was enough for them, Xuefeng didn't pursue the issue further and looked at Xiao Feng without saying anything. He already disliked this so-called Ruler and didn't want to have anything to do with him.

It was Xiao Feng who took over the lead after the matter was resolved and asked hurriedly, "What do you want? I don't have time so just say it right here." He was still yet to get anything from Xuefeng and he wanted to quickly take a look at the loot Xuefeng held.

Zhen Bai didn't get angry at him and got to the point, knowing the atmosphere was tense, "You should know about the rule in the Capital that you signed which states that every land that loses its owner belongs to the Royal Family. After Tang Family ceased to exist, this Palace naturally should belong to the Royal Family."

A frown appeared on Xiao Feng's face as he quickly countered, "So you came here to claim what Xiao Family earned with blood and many deaths?"

Zhen Bai shook his head and explained further, "No. I came with a proposition. We both need to one day leave this Realm but our children and family will stay. With Tang Family over, we can form a friendship through marriage so our children can rule this world even without us around. Let this Palace be a marriage gift to Princess Tianshi from my oldest son. What do you think?"

When Xuefeng heard that marriage proposal, be immediately burst out in laughter, hidden anger mixed in it, "Hahahaha! So you want to take away my wife and give it to your son? Are you serious or just trying to be funny?" He hated arranged marriages to the core even back on Earth. He would never let anyone be forced to marry without love involved, just to act as a bargaining chip.

"Huh?" Zhen Bai didn't expect that, glancing at Xiao Wen and quickly adapted, changing his offer, "I guess it was Tianshi that got lucky with finding her love then. Congratulations. I thought it was the other way around. How about Princess Wen then? That would be perfect as my eldest son was more attracted to Princess Wen. He would definitely treat her with the respect and love she deserves."

Both Xuefeng and Xiao Wen immediately surrounded themselves in a murderous aura. Even in Xiao Wen's presence, Zhen Bai didn't ask for her permission which triggered both of them. It was okay if he didn't know that Xiao Wen was also Xuefeng's woman but disrespecting her like that in front of everyone was not something Xuefeng would allow.

The burning flames on his body increased their intensity as he asked Xiao Feng with a chilling expression on his face, "What will happen if I kill him?"