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 "What?! Xiao Wen said that whoever defeats her can marry her?!" Saber Devil yelled as he threw the wine away before raising the man in front of him by his shirt. He was drowning his sadness in wine when suddenly such good news came to him.

"Y-yes, Milord." The Rat nodded hurriedly, confirming the fake story he just related to one of the five Devils. He already expected such a reaction from him.

"How sure are you? If the information is fake, I will kill you." Saber Devil asked while glaring at Rat. The news was just too hard to believe. He never recalled Xiao Wen even saying stuff even remotely similar to that.

"Yes, Milord. I overheard Xiao Wen's talk with her friend. Everything is true but there is a catch." Rat said clearly, getting more confident after seeing that Saber Devil liked Xiao Wen.

"What catch? Talk." Saber Devil responded right away with interest and Rat naturally explained with a slight smile, "The catch is another man that already defeated her yesterday. Xiao Wen immediately fell in love with him after that. Milord would have to defeat both Xiao Wen but also her new man to show that Milord is stronger. Unfortunately, that man is very strong even though he even didn't reach Saint Stage."

"What? Someone below a Saint Stage defeated her? Does he also have one of the top ten Fate Spirits?" Saber Devil quickly asked surprised, hitting the mark right away.

"Yes. If Milord can defeat him and acquire two top ten abilities, Xiao Wen wouldn't be able to resist herself. I have more information about him, including his abilities which I can share if Milord wants to proceed with the plan. Aside from that, I already reserved a slot for Xiao Wen Challenge. Everything is prepared."

With so many details already prepared by Rat, Saber Devil got suspicious for a second and asked, "It seems like you really want me to fight that guy? Do you have a grudge against him?"

"No, no! I just want to get on Milord's good side. If Milord can remember me and share some of your greatness, I would be already satisfied." Rat replied honestly.

"Alright, let's do this. You really lifted my mood. A woman would naturally be better to vent my frustration." Saber Devil finally agreed, a smiled finally appearing on his lips before letting Rat drop to the ground while ordering, "Tell me everything you know."


Back in the Capital in the Tang Family territory.

Xuefeng knew there was much more to be done in the Tang Family raid but he did not have time for that at the moment. What's more, seeing Taizong's methods and how much blood he absorbed to reach the state he was in, the whole Tang Family Palace should be a mess with corpses piled all around.

He was not scared of that but it didn't mean he liked such gore. If there was a chance to avoid it, he definitely would do it while also taking Xiao Wen and Yi with him so they did not need to see that.

Not only did he had many new plans for the future crowding his mind, but also one issue that he was the most concerned about, his strength. If people looked from the side, they would naturally think he was a powerful cultivator but deep down he knew this wasn't his own strength. Of course, one would argue that Drakos could be considered as his strength but he didn't feel like he could command him anytime so Xuefeng wouldn't say so.

Only if it was the power he could generate on his own, would he count it. Both Ling and Ming had an unbreakable connection established with him so he could say they were his weapons but Drakos was different, acting independently all the time.

Would Xuefeng defeat Pio without Drakos? That was debatable but Xuefeng was only sure he could either escape or tie with him while completely defeating him was another issue. How can Xuefeng protect his lovers while not being able to defeat his enemies? What if Drakos decide to leave one day and he is met with an opponent he can't beat? Only by becoming strong himself while also improving his women's strength can they live together without worry.

'I am this close to getting Spirit Saint but we can't end on that. I need to cultivate faster...' Xuefeng thought deeply, setting goals in his mind, planning for a rapid improvement very soon. He already reached peak Spirit Emperor stage thanks to the tribulation but he needed more.

With how domineering in business Xuefeng became, Xiao Feng, didn't have anything to say, knowing that the whole Tang Family's treasures were in Xuefeng's hands and followed after the youngling as the one flew up to Xiao Wen in the sky. The moment they got closer, Xiao Wen dove into Xuefeng's arms, only realising that Yi would be a problem when Xuefeng already caught them.

"Xuefeng...""Xuefeng!" Both of them called out to him, one excitedly while the other embarrassedly. On one side Yi wanted him to touch her but she was still not used to such intimacy. Fortunately, she had a great teacher who showed her how it's done.

Xiao Wen quickly reached forward and wrapped her arm around Xuefeng's neck before kissing him deeply. Normally, everyone would look at Xuefeng with jealousy while seeing such a scene but after witnessing Xuefeng's prowess, they understood that he was worthy of having two beauties in his arms trying to win his favour.

"You took me here so I can take part in the battle but you handled everything by yourself. How are you going to compensate it to me?" Xiao Wen whispered as she pulled slightly away, their noses touching gently.

At the same time, Yi was held by Xuefeng across her waist and pressed tightly against him so she doesn't fall. He didn't push her away so she also embraced him, holding onto his back while supporting her head on his shoulder. Even if she didn't receive any kisses, just one hug was enough to satisfy her.

Xuefeng gave Xiao Wen the respect she deserves and didn't do anything lewd as he would do in private, giving her a smile and a return kiss, before replying, "We will talk about that when we settle everything. You definitely won't be disappointed."

Hearing those words, she could already imagine what they would be doing tonight and she naturally couldn't wait for that.

Xiao Feng didn't want to look at them, so he simply turned away, using the bits of command he still had, "Elder Yang, hope you can clean everything before daylight. I give you full authority."

Elder Yang naturally accepted the mission with a smile as he nodded, "Yes, Master!"

Just then when Xuefeng was about to move, proposing flying back to Xiao Family palace, Little Ming called out in his mind to warn him, 'Xuefeng, someone is coming from the north. Two people, one Monarch and one peak Sage.'

Xuefeng frowned, not exactly happy to have his plans delayed and looked towards the north to confirm it. Naturally, he couldn't see or feel anything which further increased his satisfaction from having the girls around.

"Wen, can you take Yi and stand behind me?" Xuefeng asked, his tone not sounding like he was expecting a different answer than yes.

"Hmm?" Xiao Wen was a bit taken aback but she still compiled without asking questions, knowing that Xuefeng would rarely talk like that without reason.

Elder Yang was just about to go and start the clean-up when suddenly, two white figures appeared in the sky, approaching them from the north. Both Elder Yang and Xiao Feng turned around to them before frowning almost at the same time as they recognized the person coming.

"Why did it take you so long to come? You knew about our families war for weeks and only after we defeated them, you suddenly come as if nothing happened?" Xiao Feng asked sternly, glaring at the middle-aged man in his fifties. The man wore a white robe, which was embellished with many golden ornaments, giving him a look of royalty. The crystal crown on his head was a nice addition which confirmed Xuefeng's initial guesses.

The Royal Family finally came. Xuefeng was wondering why the Royal Family was this quiet inside the Central Region but now he knew they were just waiting for the right moment to strike.

The two men finally arrived, hovering a few tens of meters away from them and the older said with a smiled, "Calm down Xiao Feng. I come in peace. Do you see any guards around me? I came to negotiate something." As the ruler of the whole Royal Family, the man kept his composure but the younger version of him that looked like his son couldn't.

He glared and every cultivator who watched from afar and shouted angrily, "My father, the Ruler of this Realm came in front of you yet you bastards still don't bow your heads?!"

Hearing his words, many of them paled, knowing exactly who the person with the crystal crown was and some even lowered their heads unconsciously but Xuefeng raised her hand at that very moment, calling out sternly, "Don't listen to him."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'Damn, what an arrogant brat. Slap him hard for me!' Drakos also cursed in his mind, but Xuefeng already had such a plan, not liking the newcomers' attitude.

Xuefeng didn't give the dog time to bark more as he looked at his owner, calling out with a glare, "If one goes out with a dog for a walk, he better make sure to put a nice leash on him in case he start barking. I don't care what you came here for but if that's the way you want to negotiate it, then you can scram back home."

Royal Family? Ruler of the Realm? Xuefeng didn't care. He would say the same to anyone else if they behaved like idiots. It was already mercy that his sword wasn't on his dog's head.