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 As Taizong looked at the sky with his tongue licking his lips, many Xiao Family cultivators saw his right profile clearly, allowing them to recognize him. Naturally, many were ultimately confused as they asked, "Wait... Isn't that Tang Family's Young Master? How come he turned into a half-beast?"

"I always knew he was a beast. It turns out he was literally a beast!" Another Saint cultivator commented. Since the marriage between him and their Young Princess Tianshi got cancelled, many learnt about her suicide attempt just because she didn't want to marry. Since then, everyone from Xiao Family started disliking him and called him many different nicknames. Seeing that they were actually very close to the truth didn't surprise them.

Of course, that was mostly the opinion of the lower-ranked cultivators because most Sages and seniors could actually see the reason for this transformation. If one looked closely, the sword in Taizong's hands was quite exquisite and powerful. Its appearance was also very similar to his body as it was also covered with scales and red thorns on the handle.

"This sword... Where did Tang Family get it and why didn't I know about it?" Xiao Feng asked his right hand, Elder Yang but even he had no idea how come there was a new Rank 9 artefact in the hands of their enemies.

"We never got information from our spies about it. There is a possibility that it was found by Tang Fei which would explain the lack of leaks. It seems really powerful. Master, maybe we should take care of it together." Elder Yang proposed but he didn't expect that just as he said so, Xuefeng would launch downward without warning while calling out happily, "Let me take care of him!"

"Xuefeng! Come back! Don't be rash!" Xiao Feng this time wasn't sure if Xuefeng could handle it so he tried to call him back but Xuefeng ignored him which annoyed him so he scolded his daughter instead, "Wen, stop your man. He is asking to get himself killed. We shouldn't act rashly in our situation."

Unfortunately, Xiao Wen wasn't supportive as she only smiled and said, "I believe in him. He isn't someone who would battle without a brain. If he decided to fight, he will for sure win."

Yi who was being supported by Xiao Wen in the air also nodded, agreeing with this fully. She wanted to stay on the ground but Xiao Wen already promised to protect her so she could only take Yi with her.

Before Xiao Feng could get angry, Elder Yang suddenly exclaimed, "Ah! Master. Look at Taizong's fingers. He has Tang Fei's wife's Storage Ring. What if..." Elder Yang wanted to finish but he was preceded by Xiao Feng as the one said, "Xuefeng saw the rings as well and now he wants to defeat Taizong to get all the loot Tang Family gathered over the many years. Damn. Let's go!"

It was one thing if all the loot from Tang Family was gone because of Tang Fei's wife escape but if she is dead and the loot is there, Xiao Feng couldn't let Xuefeng get everything for himself. That's the whole generation of riches they were talking about!

Seeing that Xiao Feng was getting ready to join Xuefeng, Xiao Wen also wanted to move as to help Xuefeng secure the kill but with Yi in her arms, she could only watch from the sidelines. Even if Xiao Feng was her father, she would still stay on Xuefeng's side.

Fortunately, It wasn't necessary as just when her father grabbed his hammers and wanted to rush out, he was stopped by a sudden outburst of pressure coming from Xuefeng who already reached Taizong's side. Every cultivator's face paled and those who were the closest even coughed out blood. They naturally backed away, observing from far away instead, with only the strongest staying in their places.

Yi also felt the pressure but it was quickly dispersed by Xiao Wen, allowing them so stand closer and observe.

"What the..." This time, even Xiao Feng was dumbfounded by the power Xuefeng displayed because even he couldn't unveil such pressure. He felt like he couldn't grasp Xuefeng anymore. What was more annoying was Xiao Wen's proud smirk which was sealed with her teasing words, "Hehe, how does it feel to be weaker than your future son-in-law?"


Xuefeng didn't hear Xiao Feng's explosion of shame as he was focused on the red-scaled lizard in front of him. Just a moment before, he launched himself towards Taizong who was already waiting to receive him and Drakos suddenly borrowed some of his Fate Qi to release a terrifying pressure of a Legendary Dragon.

It did not seem like the pressure caused any damage to Taizong but based on his facial expression, one could tell he was shocked beyond words.

"How do you have the presence of a True Dragon! Impossible!" Taizong cried out, his hand which held the sword shaking as he spoke. With his reaction, it was clear that he was scared of Dragons just like Drakos said earlier.

Xuefeng used that moment of his disorientation and attacked, planning to end Taizong's life in one stroke.

Feeling the burning sword heading towards his neck, the Taizong cried out while parrying it, "No!" He bounced Xuefeng's sword with everything he had before jumping away, his black eye glaring at Xuefeng as if he tried to see through him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Dragons are not supposed to be in this Realm! You are fake! You must have used one of their relics! I don't believe it!" Taizong quickly debunked Xuefeng's power, staring angrily at him, but for some reason, his legs were still backing out, searching for a way out.

"Haha!" Xuefeng only laughed and started walking towards escaping Taizong before asking with a confident smile on his face, "Then why are you running away? Let's test if the members of Draconic Tribe are as weak as I remember."

Hearing that Xuefeng knew even that, the Sword's Spirit controlling Taizong didn't hesitate anymore, turning around and running away without looking back.

Xiao Feng quickly reacted, knowing that the whole wealth of Tang Family was in the hands of Taizong right now and shouted to the other side of the encirclement, "Stop him!" He also rushed forward himself, ignoring the information about Dragons that Taizong was spitting, planning on confirming it later on.

Just then, Drakos shouted hurriedly out of nowhere, 'Quick, let me take control over your vocal cords! Let me show him who is the Master and who is the slave.' Even before he finished his words, Xuefeng felt pressure around his neck as if something tried to break in. He didn't stop Drakos and soon felt as if someone took control over his voice.

Taizong didn't even run away too far when Xuefeng took a deep breath and suddenly bellowed in a changed, imperial voice, "Halt!" As if struck by lightning, Taizong froze on the spot.

"Come here." This time Xuefeng asked without yelling but his voice was still lofty and powerful as if a great elderly was speaking out.

To everyone's surprise, Taizong turned around and began walking back to Xuefeng which made everyone else halt, hovering in ready if there was a need to react.

"Kneel." Xuefeng continued with another order. During this third order, Xuefeng felt some pain in his vocal cords, but it was understandable, knowing they were not used to such a power-filled voice.

Taizong looked really unwilling but in the end, his knee bent as he supported himself with the red sword. It has been a long time since he heard this voice but after so many years of hearing it in the past, it was impossible to forget about it.

'Can we handle a big one?' Drakos asked before he continued with the last order, knowing it was really straining for him. Ling was overworking herself with her regeneration but it was still not enough to cover the amount of destruction the voice of a True Dragon was doing to Human vocal cords.

'Just speak slowly else it will hurt him...' Ling admitted just as she finished healing the previous damage.

Drakos didn't give Ling a break as he said once more, trying to talk slowly, "If you don't want to die... return to the sword." Xuefeng really wanted to cough half-way but stopped himself, suppressing the pain for as long as he could.

"Damn... Just as I came out-" Taizong cursed under his breath and the scales started withdrawing from his body, returning back into the sword but even before he finished speaking, Xuefeng's hand moved, cutting Taizong's head off cleanly.

Before Xiao Feng appeared next to Xuefeng, the body of Taizong dropped to the ground but the rings and the sword were quickly grabbed from Xuefeng, leaving nothing behind. The sword was taken by Drakos into his space inside the bracelet while the rings were distributed to Ming and Ling so they could segregate the loot.

Seeing Xiao Feng behind him, Xuefeng turned around and grinned, saying in his normal voice, "I'm done. We can now move to talk about business."