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 "What?! Did he destroy the barrier with just one attack? How strong is he right now?" Xiao Feng was the first to ask in surprise after seeing the barrier disintegrating in the blink of an eye after Xuefeng's claw collapsed on it.

"Master, I doubt those were his limits. I could still feel there was some power left in the strike." Elder Yang said as he nodded in approval.

Seeing that the battle will start soon but everything was still unorganized, Xiao Feng pulled out his double hammers and said as he decided it was finally time to fix the rookie mistakes of his son-in-law, "Let's go. We can't have such a mess in the battlefield else the chaos will be too hard to handle."

Xuefeng who hovered in the sky right above the top of the barrier looked down at it, seeing it slowly disappear after just one attack of his. He somehow expected it but he was still amazed by Drakos strength when he saw it for his own eyes.

'After another thousand Fate Stones, my strength increased once again. Don't be that surprised. The more Fate Stones you give me, the more strength I will recover. I can tell you that this isn't just one-thousandth of my former power.' Drakos explained proudly, feeling he deserved more praises for his greatness.

'What?!' Xuefeng naturally got shocked by that and asked curiously, planning on doing some calculations, 'How many Spirit Stones do you need to recover completely then?'

Drakos treated it as if it was nothing, saying nonchalantly, 'Ah, just a small number. Five to ten million should be enough.'

Xuefeng almost fell down from the sky when he heard that and quickly rejected, 'Small Number?! There is no way I'm giving you ten million! I still have my own needs and I want to support my women too. When they all become Fate Holders, I will need a lot to support them all.'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Drakos wasn't in a hurry as he trained his patience for many thousands of years so he replied, 'We will talk about it later. If you don't hurry, your precious loot will be stolen by others.'

Xuefeng turned around and saw that everyone was looking at him, waiting for the signal of an attack. He even saw Xiao Feng who was already rushing towards the line of the cultivators as if he wanted to be the first to attack. Xuefeng realised how important his role right now was feeling like a general of the army.

Knowing that Xuefeng took it seriously and thought as he looked at all the forces they had, quickly realising what was wrong, 'Wait, our position is bad. If everyone attack solo like that, we will be all slaughtered in the depths of the palace. We need to group up. The Tang Family members seem to be sheltered inside so the moment we enter, we will be at a disadvantage.'

He immediately wanted to implement his plan and before Xiao Feng had a chance to speak, Xuefeng called out to everyone from above, "Everyone! Make small groups of ten to twenty people, now! We outnumber them so let's use that to our advantage! Don't let yourself be caught off-guard."

"Yes, Young Master!" The cultivators agreed right away and to Xiao Feng's surprise,

started grouping up just as Xuefeng wanted. They completely disregarded him and only listened to Xuefeng as if he was already leading Xiao Family.

'Cough, maybe I was too passive earlier?' Xiao Feng thought for a second but then he dismissed those thoughts, knowing this was exactly what he wanted. He would definitely ascend with his wife in a year or two so it would be best if there was already someone who can lead the family for a while.

It would be for the best as he didn't believe that Xuefeng will ascend alone without any of his women. While ascending, if one is strong enough, they can take their dao partner with them but what about the others? It's not possible to take four, five or even six of them. Each and every one of them would have to reach the peak of Monarch stage to allow them to continue their cultivation journey together.

Seeing everyone was getting in groups, Xuefeng also wanted to go up to Xiao Wen and Yi but then, an explosion happened inside the palace, gathering everyone's attention. Even Xuefeng was disturbed as he halted his movements and looked down in search of the source.

He didn't expect that he would actually see tens of Tang Family cultivators flying in panic out of the Palace. They didn't seem like they cared where they were flying as long as they were as far away from the Palace as possible. They all spread out in all directions, flying towards the Xiao Family cultivators as if they didn't see them.

'What is going on...?' Xuefeng asked himself before quickly waking up and ordering everyone by yelling, "Don't let anyone escape! Kill them all! Leave no one behind!"

His experts naturally listened as this was exactly what they were waiting for and they swiftly grouped up, killing every expert one by one, but they also noticed that something was wrong. Each Tang Family Cultivator had a scared look on his face as if their whole family just died and they couldn't do anything to defend, only forced to run to save their lives. They didn't even notice hundreds of cultivators in the skies, waiting to slaughter them.

Xuefeng also figured that out as he killed the tenth cultivator, gathering a sweet collection of goods and seeing more and more coming out from the Palace without any organization. If they all rushed out together, they would at least have some power behind them and chance to break out but all they did was run away alone or in the groups of maximum two people.

"Something must have happened inside..." Xuefeng thought out loud and proceeded to confirm this by catching one of the Tang Family Cultivators alive before beginning his interrogation. To make sure that he will talk, Xuefeng created a fireball in his hand as a threat and asked while almost burning the man's body with it, "What is going on here?! Why are you running?!"

The Saint Cultivator didn't even touch the flames but he still cried out hopelessly, no longer willing to struggle while at the same time lost in despair, "Ahh! Just end my life! He killed my family! He killed my little daughter! She was only five! Tang Family is over! I don't have anything left! Just end me!"

"Who killed your family?" Xuefeng could feel the pain from the man's eyes but that didn't mean he would let him go.

"Devil! He is a Devil!" The man cried out and before Xuefeng could ask more questions, they both heard a loud demonic laugh coming from the inside of the Palace.


"He is coming!" The cultivator shouted when he heard it, his body all tensing up and immediately struggled in Xuefeng's grasp, wanting to run away by attacking Xuefeng but he was faster, cutting his head off at the same time. He would feel bad by taking the loot from such a miserable man if that was earlier but he already got used to the bloodshed in this world so he didn't hesitate when taking the man's ring and life now.

Xuefeng had a bad feeling about this, knowing that the person who could chase away hundreds of cultivators by himself would be quite troublesome to deal with and just as he thought about it, the same person who laughed earlier called out from the inside, this time the man's voice sounded much clearer as if he was getting closer, "Where are you all running?! Hahaha, give me your blood!"

It seemed like most of the cultivators were out already but there was this one young man who appeared to be the last to escape. Just when he crossed the line of the main entrance, he tripped while looking behind him in panic. He rolled on the ground hitting his head in the process which made his head bleed. He was flabbergasted for a second but when he saw the person slowly walking up to him, he began pushing himself away, dragging his body on the floor.

"Hahah! A mere Overlord kid dares to run away from this Majesty. Stay still and let me eat you!" The person from the inside called out in his evil voice as he finally left the Tang Family Palace and showed himself.

Many thought it was a person but now that they looked at him, they realised no one was correct as even calling him human would be wrong. The man looked like half-beast half-human with more than half of his body covered by weird, red scales. Both his left arm and leg were that of a beast, having sharp claws that looked like that of a lizard. Half of his face was also covered by the same scales and one of his eyes turned black.

"L-leave me alone...!" The young man pulled out his sword aiming it at the half-beast with his shaking hands, using it to defend himself.

The half-beasts turned out to be Taizong who turned due to the power of the sword and he laughed in a completely different voice, "Haha, you think you can defeat me with this small sword? Die!"


The Draconic Longsword pierced through the young man and the blood was immediately sucked away from his body acting like a big straw. After sucking everything dry, he raised the body of the young man with his sword, causing his limp arms to sway right in front of him. He shamelessly took the storage ring before tossing the body away.

"Ah! I love blood. But so many escaped, what a shame." Taizong said with a Draconic Longsword Spirit's voice as if his body was completely taken over by the Spirit already.

Just then, he saw Xiao Family cultivators in the sky and grinned while calling out, "Haha, I guess the party's not over!"

When Xuefeng saw that scene, he cursed, "This bastard took all my loot! Look at how many rings he has!"

Unfortunately, Drakos didn't share the same thoughts as his focus was on the Red Draconic Longsword which was slowly corroding Taizong's body with its transformation and cried out angrily, 'That is not important! Look at the sword in his hand! That is Draconic Tribe's signature Spirit Artefact! It's not supposed to appear in the Earth Realm!'

'Draconic Tribe? Is it your clan or something?' Xuefeng asked confused but he didn't expect that Drakos would get even more furious as he spat, 'Tfu! Don't compare this mighty Dragon from Dragon Race to those lizards. Get that sword from this guy before he fully transforms else it will be too hard to take him down. I will help you scare him. Those lizards are just slaves to us, Dragons.'

'Fine!' Xuefeng didn't mind that as he already planned to rush and battle. He wanted all the loot as he was already lacking Fate Stones. In this world, only by fighting would he get rich enough to support himself and his family.