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"So he does have Ling! I knew my intuition wasn't wrong! He is one of the top ten. Now we need to find seven more and we are set." Seeing the Golden Clouds dispersing, Liena naturally exclaimed happily, knowing they had the right guy.

"Milady, we are still not sure he will help us. He is already not happy with our organization and he is being protected by those two men," the golden-robed youth commented, utilizing his ability to the max only to sigh while admitting, "I can't feel their position at all but that could be expected from the Council members. They are on a completely another league."

Liena smiled as she already forgot of their previous plan and said, "I know but did I say we will force him? We should use a gentle approach and try to please him as much as we can. Ling is the main key to open the Fate Kingdom so we can't lose her. This Xuefeng seems to value friendship a lot. We should meet with him after they settle Tang Family matters and become his friends."

"Mhmm..." Golden-robed youth nodded but then glanced at the area a few buildings away from the Tang Family Palace and asked while squinting his eyes, "Milady, are we going to do anything about that rat? He is probably going back to inform everyone about Xuefeng at our Fate Sanctuary."

The youth already felt one Fate Holder some time ago but he didn't care much about it. Only now it seemed somewhat relevant as they had to be mindful of what they are doing just in case they angered Xuefeng.

Liena already saw him earlier as well but she quickly rejected, "No. Let him go. Xuefeng made the scene so big that no matter what we do, it will still reach the ears of other Fate Holders. We would have to kill everyone here to silence the news which is simply impossible. He is being protected by two Council members anyway, so we don't need to worry about his safety. Even if others attack him, I don't think he would have problems beating them."

The youth prayed in his mind as she said, "Hopefully nothing major will happen... Once they hear about Xuefeng's ability, there will be many who is consumed by greed. Having the ability to increase everyone's talent, creating a powerhouse sect or family wouldn't be an issue." He could already imagine how many Fate Holders will blindly rush to kill Xuefeng before he joins the organisation.

"Or become rich overnight by selling their service. Fortunately, Xuefeng is not that dumb to do it else the whole balance would be broken. We can use that fact to convince him to join us. Let's only watch for now." Liena added, finishing their conversation as her gaze returned back to Xuefeng.

Meanwhile, the rat they were talking about sneakily moved in between the various buildings, heading towards the northern entrance of the Capital. Once outside after getting no problems from the Capital guards, clearly being a local, the man flew into the night sky and only landed when he reached certain debris with hundreds of giant boulder.

With a strange mist surrounding them all, it will be extremely hard to navigate between them but the man didn't hesitate, flying right into the mist before landing right in front of a medium, not any outstanding boulder. With just a single touch on its surface, the man disappeared as if he was sucked inside of it before reappearing in the middle of the city centre with many tall towers surrounding him.

He seemed to know the topography of this hidden city as he immediately dashed towards the closest building with a name board above the entrance, 'Devil's Den'.

The moment Rat entered, he rushed towards one of the private rooms and called out the moment he opened the doors, "Guys! I got some fresh news! You won't believe what just happened in the Capital!"

There were three men inside, drinking some wine while chilling only to be disturbed by Rat's shout. One of them scolded him, "Rat, you idiot, why are you screaming so much? What happened? If you want to tell us about Tang Family demise then we already know about."

"No! It is something completely different." Rat shook his head excitedly and finally revealed after closing the doors tightly, "There was a Golden Heavenly Tribulation in the Capital!"

"And? Is that this shocking? This news is not worth shouting." The men were not that excited to hear that as such situation happened a few times a year.

The Rat continued to grin and added, keeping the mystery in the air, "What if I tell you that this one is special? It wasn't a normal tribulation."

One of the senior men was already triggered by Rat and called out annoyed, "How different can it be? You can only trigger Heavenly Tribulation when awakening your Spirit Talent. Stop grinning and tell us."

Hearing him, Rat laughed and said, "Haha! And you are wrong here. Not only the girl didn't go through it during her Awakening Ceremony but she also didn't have Golden Talent just an hour ago."

"What? Did her talent increase out of nowhere? This is not possible, unless..." The old man thought of some possibility and asked, "Don't tell me that Thunder Goddess is back? Didn't she ascend already?"

Rat could only nod as he replied, "One of the top ten abilities is back, but the person changed."

One middle-aged man in black robe sighed when he heard that, still remembering the mesmerising charm of Thunder Goddess, "Does that mean she is dead? Damn, it's such a pity... She was a great beauty."

The old man asked right away, proposing them, "How is his strength? He should be kiddo, right? How about we kill him and take over his ability? The one with this ability would be heavily favoured by our Milady. I wish she just looked at me once..." It wasn't strange for the Fate Holders to kill outside the arena as long as the Holder wasn't in the Fate Organisation.

Rat wanted to laugh but only rolled his eyes and said, "Ha! As if that was easy. Do you remember that strong rookie that recently hit the arena stage? That Pio guy, another one with from the top ten."

"Mhmm." The three nodded and Rat didn't wait to reveal the truth, "That guy killed Pio just a moment ago, slapping him left and right with ease. We can't be rush else we will only end up dead like Pio. He is the future Master of Xiao Family as he hooked up with their Princess Xiao Wen. Are you going to find the whole Xiao Family?"

They naturally didn't believe as the middle-aged man questioned, "What? He killed Pio? I can understand if he dates Xiao Wen even though I find it extremely unbelievable but killing another top ten Fate Holder? How would Milady even allow that to happen? Wouldn't she have to wait another sixteen years or more then?"

Rat didn't stop at it and revealed more, "Everything I said before was nothing. Listen to this. He found a way to preserve Pio's Fate Spirit after killing him and gave it to his female friend!"

When this last piece of news dropped, they all stood up and cried out, "What?! Bullshit!"

The Rat knew it was hard to believe and he wouldn't believe either if he heard such news so he recorded everything just to be sure. He pulled out a recording crystal and played the whole scene to them, everything from Pio's death till the moment Xuefeng saved Yi. Only after that they finally believed but their faces were all dumbfounded.

One of them instantly proposed, his face filled with greed with the other two joining as well, "We definitely need to get that method out from him."

"Yes. We should group up and try to take him down. This opportunity is too much."

"I agree."

Only Rat rolled his eyes at them and called out, trying to refresh their minds a bit, "How do you want to do that, huh? Even with the four of us, if we hold back not to kill him, he will definitely win against us. Only by fighting with the intention to kill him would we be able to kill him and we all know that killing him is not an option. Didn't I tell you about his connections to Xiao Family? We would be hunted for ages and it would be a pain in the ass."

Knowing they would only waste his time, the Rat proposed his own idea, "How about we force him by using his woman? Xiao Wen who is this Xuefeng's woman is also a fate member. It just happens that her slot for the monthly challenge will be up for grabs in a few days. We can use it."

"We four are not enough to beat her. No one ever forced her to use her abilities so we don't even know what they are. How do you want us to fight her?" The old man was the first to complain but Rat had the answer to all of his questions.

"Did I ever said we will fight her personally? We just need to find someone strong enough who can match her. I think we have a few options available, hehe."

"Wait... don't tell me you want to ask the five devils for help? Don't they prepare to ascend? Why would they waste their time fighting in the arena?"

"Hah, it just happens that one failed their attempts at ascending and is looking for a place to vent his frustration. What will happen if we place Xiao Wen right in front of his nose? If we tell him that the power to improve his Spirit Talent appeared, he would definitely want to get it into his hands. Afterwards, we can pay him some Fate Stones to increase our talent."

The old man finally asked, seeing that everyone wanted to know, "Who is it?"

Rat only smiled and said the name one word at a time, "Saber Devil."


'You know that to destroy the barrier you need the power of at least a few Monarch Stage Cultivators?' Drakos asked after hearing Xuefeng's request. He definitely liked the concept of going full high profile but was still required to inform Xuefeng about it.

'Can't your claw strike destroy this barrier easily?' Xuefeng asked as he forgot to ask that before he sent all the people away.

'Naturally.' Drakos confirmed which made Xuefeng sigh in relief but then added, 'But that will cost you another thousand high-tiered Fate Stones.'

'What? Didn't I give you a thousand before?' Xuefeng was naturally surprised, feeling scammed.

"The previous batch helped me regain some of my power but I already used it. Some time needs to pass for it to regenerate. If you want me to use it now, I need another batch.' Drakos explained and Xuefeng could imagine a grin that was planted on his face but he didn't have a choice, already choosing to not hold back anymore. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Knowing that he had only one path ahead of him, he moved forward without hesitation, 'Alright, deal. I'm going to get much more stones from the sales later. Let's do this.'