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 "Xuefeng... You don't need too..." Yi whispered as she raised her head to look at Xuefeng's approaching face but he didn't mind her words as he commanded, "Stay still, close your eyes and don't resist my Qi."

Seeing his gentle smile and warm hands touching her cheek, her mood couldn't help but brighten. She returned the smile and nodded lightly, closing her eyes for him. There wasn't anyone else who she had this much trust like she had in Xuefeng. She knew no matter what he wanted to do, he would never hurt her.

Xuefeng didn't waste time and ordered as he already decided to reveal one of his abilities, 'Ling, increase her talent to a gold one and don't suppress the phenomenon, let them see who they are against.'

'Alright.' Ling didn't question him, already knowing he had to do it to establish himself in the capital. Sending her Fate Qi inside Yi's Dantain, she was met with the new Fate Spirit resistance but she was quickly let in. They already helped Yi so much so it would be strange if Xuefeng now tried to hurt her right now.

As Xuefeng didn't have to do anything, he didn't pretend he was focusing on his job but instead, he grinned cooly as he looked around at the faces of the gathered cultivators. They immediately thought that Xuefeng was just playing with them but oh boy, they were wrong.

They suddenly heard a rumbling coming from the distance and just as they looked at the sky, a loud thunder lightened it up. Bang! The sound of it shocked everyone as they looked at Xuefeng dumbfounded.

'He was actually doing it...' Everyone's minds connected as they thought of the same thing. With the thunder brightening the sky for a moment, they could see purple clouds gathering from every corner in the horizon.

What was more surprising was how effortless he turned her Dark Blue Talent into a purple one. He smiled, grinning at them without even looking at Yi and in a matter of seconds she was already a Purple Talent.

Such talent wasn't rare in the Central Region as many had it but the sheer possibility to have it increased in seconds made them forget about Pio's power, looking at Xuefeng with awe. What did he try to prove there? That he could increase anyone's talent as he wished! How could they make an enemy of such an individual?


Just as they thought about it, another thunderclap resounded throughout the Capital, this time showing that clouds covered the whole sky, illuminating them right above them. It wouldn't be surprising if they were of a purple colour but they were black like coal!

"Black Talent!" One Saint cultivator called out in shock, confirming everyone's guesses. Even though Xuefeng increased her talent to Black, he was still going which made them think out loud, "Is he going to increase her talent to Gold one...?"

Naturally, when one person pointed it out, others couldn't get rid of that thought from their minds and they stared at the sky to confirm it.

'Xuefeng, prepare to receive the Heavenly Tribulation for her. When I turn her into a Golden Talent, she will be struck by bolts of Lightning but I don't think she is strong enough to receive them. This is why we always do it sneakily to not anger the heavens.' Ling warned.

'I know, don't worry. I remember my own Heavenly Tribulation. It wasn't that hard.' Xuefeng replied confidently and suddenly shouted into the skies, "Heavens! Do you remember me!? You didn't even leave a scratch on me the last time! You think today will be different?!"

Just as he yelled, the clouds suddenly rumbled once again and started changing into a bright golden colour with golden flashes of lightning buzzing all around the clouds. It was dark just a moment ago and but all of a sudden, the Capital turned into a day with golden clouds illuminating the thousands of kilometres of land around them.

"Golden Talent!" Seeing the clouds, many cried out at the same time, this time fully believing Xuefeng that this was nothing for him. They finally understand why Xuefeng had so much confidence in himself. He could turn anyone into a Gold Talent in a less than a minute!

This information took a lot to sink in their minds but once it did, they realised how good of a future Xiao Family would have with Xuefeng leading them. Wouldn't many of them turn into a Golden Talent and have a chance to ascend if they were his faithful subordinates?

The sheer thought if that made them ecstatic, making all the of them forget about Yi completely. What is worth it? Definitely not. Even with Pio's power, if they had a bad talent, they would still get stuck trying to reach higher stages.


As if the Heavens heard Xuefeng's challenge, a horrible thunderclap resounded throughout the Capital, waking everyone up and momentarily, three golden thunderbolts launched towards Xuefeng. They ignored Yi completely as if they knew that it was Xuefeng who was the cause of everything.

Xuefeng only smiled and let go of Yi, also launching into the skies, planning on facing the three lighting bolts by himself. Xiao Wen reached out to hug Yi, protecting her just in case he Heavens wanted to punish her as well.

"Haha!" Xuefeng hid Black Flames Slayer back into his dantain and faced the three thunderbolts with his own body just as Ling suggested. For others, Heavenly Tribulation might be life and death danger but for him, this was just a quicker way of training. The Tribulation Lighting was not only made from pure Lighting Qi but also large amounts of Golden Spirit Essence which he wouldn't mind to take and refine.


Xuefeng's body was hit from three sides but he wasn't even forced back, the lightning disappearing into his body as if it was absorbed by a black hole.

"Haha! Thank you for the treat! It seems like Heavenly Tribulation can only get this powerful! Nothing special! Barely even tickled me!" Xuefeng laughed as he licked his lips, provoking the Heavens to attack him more. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Madman! The Heavenly Lightning didn't even push him back!" Someone commented and at the same time, another three Lightning bolts got launched towards Xuefeng from the skies, this time much bigger and thicker.

'Xuefeng, you need four more bolts of lightning like that and you should advance to the Saint Stage. You are not that far already. The Spirit Essence from the Heavenly Lightning is one of the purest so it is also strengthening your Dantain.' Ling informed him right before the three thick bolts landed on his body.

The most of it was quickly absorbed by him but because there was just too much of it, the Lightning started wrapping around his body, creating a round zone that constantly tried to burn him. He could feel his Dantain getting warmer and stronger the more essence he absorbed but what pissed him off was his black jacket getting ripped in a few spots.

Seeing Wuxing getting wrapped in thick lighting, Yi, who already opened her eyes, cried out of worry, "Xuefeng!"

Thanks to her improved talent, with each breath she could gather so much Spirit Qi. Not only did she receive a powerful spirit but he also gave her a Golden Talent. How could she possibly repay him for that? The only idea she could think of was giving herself up to him but that also wasn't enough in her opinion.

"Don't worry, he will be fine. Just watch." Xiao Wen patted Yi on the head and looked at the sky, having full confidence in Xuefeng. Yi didn't stop watching and just as Xiao Wen said, Xuefeng quickly absorbed all the lingering lightning and once again stood strong while looking at the golden clouds in the skies.

'Even if he wanted me to be his servant forever... Would I reject him?' Yi asked herself, for some reason already knowing the answer to this question.

"Ah! You almost got me! I don't think I would be able to resist another lightning! That was so hard!" Xuefeng this time did not provoke and instead pretended with a pained expression that heavens almost got him, trying to lure another Lightning but unfortunately, just as he said that, the skies rumbled for the last time before beginning to disperse.

Xuefeng instantly stopped pretending and launched after them, trying to stop them but the Heaven's didn't waste their time on him, "No! Wait! Just one more lightning! I know you want to!"

Too bad that the Heavens ignored him and soon the sky returned back to the clean night with all the clouds dispersed.

"Damn, I guess it's not the time for me to advance." Xuefeng cursed before flying back down. He saw that all cultivators were watching him like some kind of god descending from Heavens.

He immediately cried out, scolding them, "What are you guys looking at?! There is a battle ahead of us! Surround the Palace and wait for the signal!" When the barrier around Tang Family drops, they had to be careful to not let anyone escape so Xuefeng didn't hesitate to command in Xiao Feng's stead.

Naturally, no one rejected his order as they quickly moved, flying towards the barrier and surrounding it in an orderly manner from all sides. As a Xiao Family head son-in-law, he naturally had such authority and they could see that Xiao Feng didn't say anything to stop him from taking the lead. Many wouldn't mind following Xuefeng right away, knowing they had more chances to get their Spirit Talent increased this way.

Elder Yang didn't like what was happening and sneakily approached Xiao Feng, advising, "Master... We still need to break the barrier, attacking everyone at one point. Spreading around won't help..."

Unfortunately, Xiao Feng only smiled and raised his hand to stop him from speaking further, saying, "Don't worry, let him do what he wants. I'm curious about what his plan is."