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 "Do you have anything you want to tell me?" Xiao Feng asked as he saw that Xuefeng didn't plan on telling him anything of what happened just now.

Unfortunately, Xuefeng only shook his head and explained, "Nope. I respect you but this is not something we can share with you. You already saw enough."

"Are you going to open it?" He asked as he pointed at the barrier.

"My daughter can't say anything but you don't seem to be connected to that organisation. Nothing is stopping you." Xiao Feng said as he naturally would not give up easily after finding the opportunity to learn of all the secrets that have been bothering him for so long.

Xuefeng placed his hand on the barrier, testing its strength and seeing that he would need a lot more space to break through it, he suddenly realised something. Why can't he trade this information with him? Just like Xiao Feng said, he wasn't bounded by anything yet and could do as he wished. Xiao Feng wouldn't just go around and tell everyone so he was safe in this scope but at the same time, he could profit immensely from that.

Knowing that, Xuefeng turned around and nodded, "Fine."

"Great. I wanted to kno-" Xiao Feng smiled, a bit surprised that Xuefeng agreed so fast but then thought it was because he was his future father-in-law after all. Only after a moment did he learn how wrong he was as Xuefeng interrupted him, giving him one big list, "One thousand Rank 1 Storage Artefacts, five hundred of Rank 2, three hundred of Rank 3 and Rank 4 on top of one hundred Rank 5 Rings."

"What? Why do you need so many-" Xiao Feng naturally frowned, not understanding what Xuefeng was talking about but he got disturbed once again as Xuefeng continued, "Also, I want all Spirit Artefacts looted in the upcoming battle. All of that for Fate secrets that you wanted to know for so long. Not that expensive, right?"

Xiao Feng's eyebrow twitched when he heard the words 'not that expensive' and was about to comment sarcastically when Xuefeng stated once again, "You have ten seconds to decide. We wasted too much time. Tang Family probably prepared themselves for our siege already."

Xiao Feng frowned even deeper, calculating everything that Xuefeng demanded in exchange into the Spirit Stones and couldn't help but choke when he got the final number. And this was just the Storage Artefacts he wanted, not even counting all the loot from Tang Family's members. He knew that the treasury would be all cleaned up and transported away by Tang Fei's wife but there would be still many treasures left by her. Was it worth it to trade all that to satisfy his curiosity?


Xuefeng clapped his hands together creating a sound that woke Xiao Feng up from his thoughts and said while calling out to the ladies, "Time's up. Xiao Wen, Yi, we are leaving." Xiao Wen for some reason couldn't stop herself from smiling, seeing how Xuefeng extorted her father. She already figured out what was the reason he did it, so she didn't mind that.

Seeing both Yi and Xiao Wen walking up after Xuefeng's call, Xiao Feng stopped them and gave a counter-proposal, "Wait! I can agree on the Storage Artefacts but you will only get loot from the cultivators you kill. It wouldn't be fair to the others who also take part in the battle."

This was what Xuefeng expected even before he made that demand so he didn't mind it, saying with a shrug, "I'm fine with it. We will trade after the battle with Tang Family is over."

"Fine." Xiao Feng nodded and finally lifted the barrier. Everyone who gathered around them looked at Yi who fully completed her transformation, showing off a similar hair colour like Pio had and their eyes brightened. Naturally, it wasn't hard for Xuefeng to see that and he didn't ignore it this time. His Golden Wings spread on his back and like a burning star he raised to the sky, glaring at everyone.

Pointing at Yi, he declared loud enough so that everyone could hear him, "From today onward, Yi is no longer a servant but rather my, Liu Xuefeng and Xiao Family's friend. If anyone disagrees with that, you can come out right now to face me in a life and death duel."

As he said so, his Black Flames Slayer lit up, this time the flames containing shiny elements of gold which brightened it even stronger. The flames started spreading around his body, turning him into a golden devil as he glared at everyone on the ground.


There was a complete silence where one could hear the gulps of the saliva of the cultivators next to them. They still remembered how Xuefeng killed Pio just a moment ago, playing with him for a while before smashing him with one attack.

Seeing no one raising their hands to battle him, Xuefeng didn't stop right there as he still saw many that looked like they didn't like this situation and called out angrily, "Weren't you all greedy to acquire the new power just now?! I offered you all a chance you wanted, so why is no one stepping out?!"

Just then, finally one Sage Cultivator with a bad temper stepped out, calling out what everyone wanted to say, "We all know that Lady Yi's Spirit Talent is not high so this power would be wasted on her. Why not give it to someone else who can actually-"

Xuefeng noticed that Yi lowered her head upon hearing the man's words and Xuefeng quickly interrupted the man, asking back, "So you think you are strong enough to be the one who inherits Pio's power?"

The man hesitated for a second but knowing he had his friends next to him who backed him up, he nodded as he admitted, "If I would compare myself to Lady Yi then yes, I would say so."

Xuefeng didn't give the man any time to wait as he cried out, "Let's test it then!"

He suddenly disappeared from his position and reappeared moment right after in front of the confident Sage Cultivator, his sword plunging forward. The man didn't expect that Xuefeng would actually attack him this fast without any duel agreement, going for the kill straight away and that brought his doom.

His sword was extended to block the strike but that wasn't enough to stop Xuefeng, his sword going straight through the men's chest as it bypassed the block. Xuefeng pulled it out right after, leaving a hole inside his chest only to hear a loud thud when the man fell to the ground.

"I guess he wasn't strong enough to take over that power. Too bad. Is there anyone else who wants to try and take away the present I gave to my friend? Is there anyone else dissatisfied with my decision?" Xuefeng asked coldly as he once again raised into the skies. He had to take a stance on what is right and what is wrong. He wouldn't allow anyone to even think of hurting his friends or women.

Xiao Feng didn't say anything the whole time, waiting for Xuefeng to finish his scene, somehow feeling there was something else up his sleeve. He wanted to settle the greed of his own men later but now than his son-in-law was taking care of it, he couldn't be more than happy.

He had to leave the family to him in the future so if he can handle the job, he wouldn't mind. Losing one Sage Cultivator was a tragedy but if that one life could be traded to establishing his authority as the future Master, it was a worthy trade.

This time, no one spoke anything, looking at the killed man whose wound was still burning. They knew they would have to probably fight it out with Xuefeng and after his display of power, not many had the confidence that they could take him head-on.

It would be strange if he didn't find anyone who started to dislike him after seeing his cruelty but Xuefeng already had something planned, continuing to ask them loudly, "I see that many of you are still dissatisfied with my decision. Is that because of Yi's Spirit Talent? Is this why she doesn't deserve it? Idiots! Spirit Talent is nothing! Her Dark Blue Spirit Talent? I can improve in within seconds!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As he said so, he dived downwards, heading towards where Yi was standing, gracefully landing next to her. Everyone's minds were focused on Xuefeng's words, thinking that he actually went crazy but then they saw him reaching out to Yi's forehead as if he was actually going to do it.

They all thought in her minds, 'Increasing someone's talent? As if that was this easy!'