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 'What?! Fate Spirit? How come it's not an ability instead? I kind of wanted that one...' Xuefeng naturally exclaimed in his mind, finding that quite surprising as the Spirit would always disappear, leaving on the ability behind.

He was also quite disappointed as he was quite looking forward to having it, finding the Star concept pretty cool. But, at the same time, wasn't it exactly what he wanted? Xuefeng had two Fate Spirits already with an additional Drakos. He wanted to turn all of his women into Fate Holders so this was a nice opportunity to start.

'Xuefeng! It's the Star Shaper Fate Spirit!' Little Ming exclaimed as she also found it very surprising before sighing as she realised they couldn't use it for themselves, 'Sigh, too bad we can't get her ability now. She is too weak now. If we try to kill her to reclaim the ability, it will probably be lost in the process.'

Founding it perfect in this situation, Xuefeng asked as he proposed, 'But isn't it good this way? I can give it to someone else. Only Xiao Wen is a Fate Holder but other girls are not. This way there will be the three of us.'

'That's a good idea. You can't accept her anyway as you already have me and Ling. She is hurt after forcefully breaking the connection with Pio so only by connecting with a Fate Holder's spirit will she recover. With another Fate Holder in the group, our overall strength will improve greatly so it's a good opportunity.' Little Ming approved Xuefeng's plan, knowing that the Spirit was probably the duo's present for Xuefeng. Getting the whole Fate Spirit who was actually experienced with her own ability was much better than just taking the ability itself.

Just then, the crystal in Xuefeng's hands dimmed as the Fate Spirit called out to him weakly, 'Help... Need... Host...' The sound was so weak that they barely heard her which made them worried right away.

Drakos who was the one who caused this could only laugh embarrassedly as he proposed, 'Hehe, oops. I guess I sucked her dry... I didn't think she will survive. Try giving her some Fate Qi to recover.'

Little Ming naturally tried it just as he suggested but it didn't seem to work as she called out a moment after, 'Ah, she is weakening quickly and doesn't even absorb the Fate Qi I give her. We need to quickly find her a host else she will soon return to the reincarnation circle.'

'How much time we have?' Xuefeng thought as he acted quickly, looking around the area in search for the possible host. It would be a huge waste to lose a Fate Spirit of such calibre.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Little Ming calculated it and gave an estimate, 'I should be able to keep her alive for a few minutes tops so going back to the Eastern Region is out of the question.' To reach the other girls, they would have to travel back to the lake before going through double transportation. It was obvious that the weak spirit wouldn't make it.

Knowing he had limited time, his first choice was naturally his love, Xiao Wen and Xuefeng reached her in the blink of an eye, leaving the burning Pio, who was already unrecognizable, to himself. Xiao Wen already had her own spirit but if there was a way she could have two, he wouldn't mind.

Seeing him approaching her so hurriedly, Xiao Wen asked anxiously, "Xuefeng, is something wrong?" Her gaze locked on his hand and the shiny crystal he was holding as she realised it could be the reason for such rush. Everyone could see how the crystal launched into the air and fell onto his palm.

Xuefeng did not have much time to explain so he simply grabbed her hand and placed the crystal on her palm and asked out loud, "Is she suitable?" Earlier Xuefeng received the information from the Fate Spirit that he is not fulfilling her requirements so he asked to confirm with her and also inform Xiao Wen what was going on. He couldn't say anything related to Fate Spirits out loud.

Xiao Wen didn't know what Xuefeng meant but then her eyes widened as she looked at him and the star-shaped crystal in shock, suddenly creating a soundproof barrier around them. It was also her first time seeing the whole Spirit being retrieved after Fate Holder's death so it was normal for her to get a bit amazed.

Her reaction was really similar to that of Little Ming as she exclaimed "Xuefeng, its a Fate Spirit! How did you get it from that Pio? She sounds so weak..." The Fate Spirit just said she was also not suitable but just the sheer voice was enough to impress Xiao Wen.

Knowing that they were isolated now, Xuefeng didn't beat around the bush and asked swiftly, not wasting any more time, "Can you take that Spirit for yourself? It won't survive for long if no one takes her. My Fate Spirit said it is impossible to get the ability without connecting with it."

Xiao Wen actually liked the idea of having double spirits but it was already too late for her. She could only reject the offer as she returned the crystal to Xuefeng and explained, "I would if I could but... I'm already fully connected with my Lang." For some reason, she felt embarrassed when she said so in front of Xuefeng, feeling as if she was cheating on him.

Xuefeng naturally didn't mind as he wouldn't overthink like her and cursed, not knowing what to do now, "Damn, we are running out of time... I won't be able to reach the girls this quickly, we are left with little options..." He wanted to give the Fate Spirit to one of his women but it seemed like his plan would have to be delayed a bit.

"How about Yi then...?" Xiao Wen proposed after looking around and spotting Yi not far away from them and explained her choice, "She is a good girl. She won't betray us."

To make his choice harder, Little Ming suddenly shouted in the midst of his thought process, 'I can't hold it for much longer! We are losing her!' Xuefeng already spent more than a minute of their precious time so he had to hurry.

Hearing Little Ming's warning and seeing the crystal's luster decreasing with each second, Xuefeng made a quick decision, calling out, "Alright! Yi it is then." He didn't have much problem with her, but with this decision, she would be permanently in his group so he didn't want to be rash. Too bad the situation didn't allow him for more thinking.

Xiao Wen quickly opened the barrier and Xuefeng dashed towards the Yi who already woke up from her daze the moment Pio died, not feeling much when he left this world.

"Xuef-" Seeing Xuefeng suddenly appearing in front of her, she tried to congratulate him for winning the battle but he didn't let her, interrupting her, "Do you trust me?!" There was too much of an explanation to be done for her so Xuefeng skipped it.

She was confused by the sudden question but nodded right after, "I do!" Xuefeng never gave her the reason for her to lose her trust so she would agree to anything he says.

"Then don't resist it," Xuefeng said after hearing her reply. He reached out and suddenly lifted her head by her chin as if he was about to kiss her and fixed her hair, uncovering her forehead. For some reason, she suddenly felt nervous, thinking Xuefeng will kiss her but instead of that, he placed a familiar-looking star-shaped crystal near her forehead.

'Will this work?' Xuefeng asked himself as the moment the crystal touched Yi's forehead, nothing really happened. They were waiting for it to work but to no avail.

'I can barely feel the Spirit inside of the crystal... It feels like it's too weak to react anymore...' Little Ming commented after some moment, feeling like they were losing her.

'Come on...' Xuefeng urged the Fate Spirit, not willing to accept that they would actually lose such a powerful Spirit. Just then, Xuefeng saw Yi closing her eyes and suddenly the crystal stopped losing its lustre.

Xuefeng had to let go of it as it gradually started moving on its own, entering into Yi's forehead for about half of the crystal's depth. Xuefeng couldn't help but smile, knowing that their efforts worked, the spirit able to slowly connect with Yi.

It was finally at that moment when Xiao Feng came up to them and asked, "What happened?" He didn't see that just as he finished his question, Yi's eyes snapped open, her pupils undergoing a transformation.