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 'Hah, nice acting, getting everyone to hate him.' Drakos laughed in his mind after hearing Xuefeng's act and asked, "But you know who was the one who sent him here, right?'

'I know... He was probably sent by this Fate Organisation to lure me in. What is the other better method than using someone I love to bring me into the Central Region? Fuck... I want to kill that bastard so badly...' Xuefeng cursed whenever he thought of Pio's despicable move.

When Pio released his Star Ability, he didn't move, waiting for Xuefeng to act first which allowed them to strategize a bit.

Everything happened because of this mysterious organization and Xuefeng was already fed up with it, wanting to have nothing to do with them. His Tianshi was hurt just because they wanted to meet him which boiled his blood every second he thought about it.

'If you tell everyone to attack him, those two in the sky will definitely interfere in the fight.' Drakos advised after analyzing the scene. As Liena still continued to stay, it was easy to guess that she wanted something.

Knowing the situation, Xuefeng could make only one decision, 'I will fight alone then...' Not only because he wanted to vent his anger but also because he wanted to test his skills without holding back.

If he were to fight against Xiao Wen, it was obvious he couldn't use his ultimate moves but against someone he wanted to kill badly, this wasn't an issue.

Drakos naturally liked that attitude, wanting nothing more but a badass Fate Holder as he called out in laughter, 'Haha, you finally grew some balls! I doubt they would stop you two as they would want to test your abilities for sure. Listen, just as I thought, his stars are not made from the Fate Qi, but he has to use it to move it around! If you touch it, I will be able to absorb the Fate Qi from the inside.'

Xuefeng didn't wait too long to test it and reached out, trying to touch one little star hovering next to him and just as it landed on his palm, Pio's face turned ugly. He quickly recalled all of his stars away from Xuefeng, gathering them around him.

Naturally, the plan turned out to be successful as he heard Drakos laugh which put a smile on Xuefeng's face. He glanced at Pio with a smirk and commented, "Oh, how cute. You thought you can defeat me? Are you scared now?"

Pio didn't reply, returning to his calm face and instead looked into the sky, right at the spot where Liena was hovering, expecting her to do something but even after a long time, he didn't see any reaction from her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Milady...? Should we act? Xuefeng seems to really have Drakos with him. If he uses his full power, Pio doesn't stand a chance..." The golden-robbed man asked worriedly, being more sure of their previous theory after seeing Xuefeng's act.

Liena was watching the battle and didn't even look at him as she replied, "I don't think Drakos has his original power in him. If he was as powerful as in his prime, he wouldn't hide in the bracelet for so long. I suspect he is injured and needs a lot of Fate Qi to heal. Pio should be able to hold on for a little while if he uses his Darkness attribute as well. Don't you want to see it?"

Before golden-robbed youth could argue more, she added, "Stay put. We still didn't see Xuefeng in action. He is much more interesting than Pio... My desire to have him increases the more I know about him..." She glanced at Xuefeng and licked her lips, feeling like to eat him alive.

The youth could only sigh, getting ready to help if there was a need. He knew that once his Milady set her mind on something, she wouldn't stop until she gets it.

Seeing no movement above from the sky, Pio realised he had to act alone as they didn't plan to help him and finally got serious, his eyes locking on Xuefeng. He knew that there was no way he can face all of the top experts at the same time and even the closest trio to him was enough to fight him.

He glanced for a second at Xiao Wen who was already prepared to battle and said provocatively at Xuefeng, "You seem pretty confident. How about fighting me yourself if you are so strong then?" He knew that even with his ability, he would quickly use up his Fate Qi if he was attacked by everyone so there was no other choice for him.

"Hahahahaha!" When the cultivators around them heard him, they immediately burst out laughing. This was the phrase that only someone who was scared would say. They were obviously not dumb and no one would accept it. Why would they fight him alone when they could attack him all together and get an easy kill? It was a common mentality within cultivators.

With his actions and words, Pio was already guilty for them and in their eyes, he was a spy they needed to kill. Their weapons were already sharpened and ready to attack. Only Xiao Wen and her father were more in favour of duels but at this situation, they also knew it was smarter to just finish the battle fast, knowing the bigger battle was about to start.

Unfortunately, against every cultivator thoughts, Xuefeng only smiled to that and granted Pio this last wish, "I agree! Everyone, give us some space!" Xiao Feng wasn't actually surprised Xuefeng would make such decision as he himself would do the same. As a future leader, he had to show everyone what he got. It was only natural that the leader was the most powerful of the group.

Many didn't understand it but hearing no comment from their Master, they simply compiled, creating a small arena for Xuefeng and Pio. Some found it dumb but who would voice out their opinions like that.

Just then, as the two were having a staredown, Ling warned him tenderly, 'Xuefeng, remember it might not be his only ability. Aside from the light in a Star Shaping ability, there is also darkness which not many seem to remember. Not everyone can tame it but it seems like Pio has his own under control. I have never seen how it looks like so I can't help you with that. Just be careful. We will all assist you so don't think you are alone.'

Ming also followed up with her own encouragement, 'Mhmm, we will! My ability is not good against males... But I can lend you some Fate Qi if there is a need! I will work together with Ling.' He could feel a bit of embarrassment in her voice but before he could ask what was that about, he saw Xiao Feng throwing something onto the ground right in front of them.

Bzzzt! A big light exploded from it, covering the two of them.

Just to be sure that Pio doesn't escape, Xiao Feng placed a thick barrier around them which isolated them from others. This move surprised Pio, not because he was locked but because Xiao Feng actually left his son-in-law to battle with him solo. This could only mean he was sure Xuefeng would handle him.

"Father! What are you doing?!" Only the other hand, Xiao Wen called out right away in objection as she didn't like that. She wanted to be ready to help at any time. It was Xuefeng's safety they were talking about!

Xiao Feng could only shrug as he explained, "He said he can do it then trust him. A leader needs to be responsible for his actions. We can still help him when we are sure he can't win." Xiao Wen could only pout as he looked through the translucent barrier, watching her lover fight.

Inside the barrier which was about thirty meters in diameter, Xuefeng body was already shining with sparkling Lightning Armour as his wings this time acted like a weapon, the edges modified to be sharp like spears.

"Your Father-in-law seems to be as confident in you like you are in yourself." Pio commented with a smile as he also pulled out his sword but he was quickly stopped by Xuefeng as he called out, "Stop the bullshit. We both know your friends in the sky don't want to help you. We are here to fight!"

He didn't wait for any words back from Pio's filthy mouth and slashed with his Black Flames Slayer, sending an arc of black flames which were tinted with gold.