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 "Huh? Is there something else you want to say? Time is of the essence here. Everyone is ready for an attack." Xiao Feng asked as he reminded what was their current situation. Xuefeng already gave Tang Family enough time to prepare with his speech so they had to act quickly

Xuefeng smiled and glanced at Pio as he said while looking at the silver-haired man's eyes, "It won't take long. I just have a message to Pio about something."

Xiao Feng frowned a bit but he didn't do anything to stop him which quietly signalled his agreement. He knew Xuefeng would have some problems with Pio after what Tianshi had been through so he could only watch for now. Pio was just a bodyguard for him so he didn't actually care what happens with him.

Pio looked indifferently at Xuefeng when he heard his name being mentioned and Xuefeng didn't spare him, calling out loud enough for everyone to hear him as he glared at him, "From today onwards, you are no longer Princess Tianshi's bodyguard." Those words didn't move Pio but it definitely moved the cultivators around them as they frowned, seeing such a powerful cultivator fired.

They have been fighting by Pio's side for a while today and they could see that he was a great fighter. Before they started to question, however, Xuefeng explained his decision to everyone so they wouldn't blame him, "Pio was supposed to protect Princess Tianshi but instead of doing that, he sent her away with the help of her Escape Talisman. Not only was she not safe but she got caught by Tang Family Cultivators who were waiting for her outside the Capital. She almost died as she used everything to escape them, but look at you, all fine and full of smiles as if nothing happened, acting like a hero."

Every Cultivator momentarily changed sides as they asked under their breaths, trying to understand the situation better, "Ah? Young Princess got caught? She is hurt?" Obviously, they all thought that Tianshi got out safely so they didn't worry and even praised Pio for his quick brains not long ago. Only then did they understand that Pio could actually save their Princess just like he saved the Princess' maid.

What pissed many off was Pio's attitude, not even looking as if he cared about their Princess' wellbeing, his face not changing expression at all. What convinced the rest was his text which he said to their future master.


Lulu growled at Pio when they saw him shrug and slowly walk away as he said indifferently, "I guess I am not needed anymore then. Good luck in the battle." After those words, not only Xuefeng and all other cultivators were mad but Xiao Feng also started losing patience.

"Fuck, to think I respected him. Not only did he fail to protect Princess but he didn't even care when he heard the news. Damn him!" One of the Sage Cultivators closer to Pio cursed at him, saying the words which represented almost everyone's thoughts. Naturally, Xuefeng did much more than just use his words.

His arm already moved as the black flames blasted at the ground in front of Pio, forcing him to stop advancing. Even Xiao Feng and Xiao Wen wanted to act to stop Pio but seeing Xuefeng in action, they let him do the honours.

When Yi saw the two were about to fight, she immediately had thoughts to stop them, but she quickly realised, it was her fault from the beginning. If Pio didn't save her and only focused on the most important person there, Tianshi wouldn't be hurt afterwards. Naturally, she wanted to survive herself, but there was still this slight bit of guilt in her.

As she took time thinking through this, Xuefeng already called out coldly to Pio, his Black Flames Slayer aimed at him just in case he tried to escape again, "Your actions almost cost the life of the person you were supposed to protect. If you don't give me a sufficient explanation, I will only let you go if you leave your head behind."

Everyone sucked in cold air, knowing the situation got really intense and Yi finally reacted as she ran up to Xuefeng and pleaded, "Young Master-" Unfortunately, Xuefeng wasn't in the forgiving mood, stopping her right away as he said calmly, "Yi, don't involve yourself in this." He knew what she wanted to say but that would only make things worse for him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At that moment, Pio finally showed some change in his expression. It wasn't a scared or angry reaction but rather a simple smile as his hand reached out towards his forehead. He pulled out the star that was situated gently in the middle of it and finally asked with a smirk, "So you are saying that I should have just left the others to die? The beauty next to you would be dead if I didn't act."