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 After they came back to the courtyard, the food that was prepared for them, already became cold. Wuying didn't have the time to prepare one today so they had to eat what they had.

Although it was cold, they finished everything after a moment. Wuying had to regain the lost blood and food was the best solution without counting pills. She could even use her Spirit Qi to increase the blood production but she already depleted it with the earlier fight.

The ladies looked at each other without saying anything and decided to retire to their rooms for rest. They will for sure respect each other more after today's fight.

They were supposed to start their training today, but due to their spar, they had to reschedule it for tomorrow.

"Try to choose Spirit Art you like for now. I will help you with the parts you can't understand later. Also, we will start your physical training in the morning too. Cultivation is not all about increasing your dantian capacity but also strengthening your physical body." Wuying told him before entering her room.

Xuefeng glanced at the sunset and sighed. He spent another day in another world. Today was the 4th day since he reincarnated. The more he stays here, the more dangerous it seems.

He entered his room and lied on the bed.

'So we are alone for the rest of the evening. Ling, how is the process of modifying Spirit Arts?' He asked in his mind.

'I'm almost done with Clone Arts. What do you want me to modify next?' Ling started working as soon as they left Spirit Art Tower and she was almost done.

'Well, how about Sword Art for attacking?' He thought for a moment before saying. All he could do at the moment was swinging the sword left and right.

'As you wish. You said, earlier that you want to get powerful. The fastest way for you to achieve that is by gathering more Fate Fragments. Each one grants you special Ability. Of course, if you kill someone with multiple fragments you will only get the main one. The others will be lost.' Ling proposed and added 'Before I finish, you can think of a way to get Princess Shan necklace.'

'Right, I think I can use the present I got from the Spirit Treasury to trade with her.' Xuefeng thought his original idea was okay. He couldn't think of anything else.

'Or I can just pin her down to the bed and grab it by force...' A thought came into his mind but he quickly shook his head. Unfortunately, Princess perfect body was already stuck in his mind.

'Aaargh, if this continues on, my Tianshi will become only a distant memory... I guess, it should be around the time they held a funeral for me on Earth. She is probably devastated, but after some time, she will move on, find herself a boyfriend, have kids...' He finished imagining further as it was painful.

'Okay I'm done, It turned out somewhat decent. Come to my space to see.' Ling suddenly stopped his melancholic thoughts.

'Okay.' He sat up cross-legged and closed his eyes. His mind slipped smoothly into his dantian and flew towards the Spirit. After a few times, he found it much easier to manipulate his mind in his dantian.

He touched the spirit and his mind was sucked inside.

What awaited him were many Spirit Artefacts he plundered from Spirit Treasure and black flying orbs.

He pointed at the orbs and asked, 'Are these Spirit Arts?' He deduced as didn't see anything else inside the space.

'Yeah, they are made from your Spirit QI. Here, this is the one I made.' A Black orb with a hint of gold flew towards him. It was slightly bigger than the others. It landed on his palm and he instantly felt familiarity with it. It was his Spirit Qi after all.

'What do I do with it?' He asked after checking it out. Does he have to pour his Spirit Qi again?

'Just absorb it into your body. The information will appear automatically in your mind.' Ling explained.

The moment he did, his head exploded with data. The whole description inscribed itself into his mind.

Even without a vision, he knew how this Spirit Art worked. Basically, It was almost the same like the originals but he could manipulate the amount of Spirit Qi he leaves in the clone.

After the Spirit Qi inside of his copy ended, the clone would still disappear.

It was also much faster and smoother than the previous versions.

The last new function it had could be regarded as best or worst one. It was the fact he had to control the clones with the Spirit Qi he left inside. Although it was hard to split his mind and do multiple things at the same time, it was doable as long as you practised a lot.

'Wow, that's great work you did there. I can't wait for the other arts.' He praised her happily.

'The only big downside of this Spirit Art is that you can't clone your Spirit Artefacts special features like your Black Flames. You can copy the sharpness of the blade but not the soul.' Ling explained further.

'Yeah, that was to be expected. You still did a good job. I will go practise it now.' Xuefeng slipped out of the space and returned back to his room.

He stood up and took a deep breath. It was his first time using his Spirit Qi on a Spirit Art. He followed the instruction in the knowledge he just received and realised his black Qi outside.

In theory, he had to scan his whole body and then transform Spirit Qi into Spirit Shell that looked exactly like him. The more Qi he used, the more real the clone became. If he used more than two-tenths of his Qi, he could practically replicate his whole body, with muscles and blood to fool his enemies.

If only little Qi was used, the clone would be destroyed with one attack.

After slowly scanning his whole body, he used three-tenths of his qi to create his first perfect clone. His dantian was still not replenished after copying manuals on the 5th floor, else he would use much more.

His Spirit Qi transformed into different cells then muscles and bones as he slowly built his body. This was his first creation, so he didn't want to rush anything. He followed the manual about how to transform Spirit Qi into different forms and after about two minutes, he was finally created a whole body.

After he was done with himself, he manipulated his Qi and replicated his clothes.

'Next time I should do it at the same time.' He thought as he watched his naked body being covered by layers of clothing embarrassed. What if someone entered the room right now? It would be even worse if it was Wuying or Princess Shan.

The whole process was completed in exactly three minutes. If he was in the middle of a battle he would die ten times already. Hopefully, this was just a practise.

He looked at the exact clone of himself and he was pretty pleased with himself. It was his first time after all.

The clone was standing without any motion, waiting for the Xuefeng to command it with his QI.

"Wait, before I start I should probably name this art somehow." He thought out loud.

'Ling, how should we call it.' He asked the creator.

'Just call it however you like. It's not like you will shout its name before activating it? I can just tell you it should be around rank 5.' Ling answered before going back into her Spirit Arts modifying. It was really hard and she needed her entire focus.

"Well, for now, I will call it "Thousand Clones Legendary Spirit Art" until I figure out a better name. I will get to a thousand clones somewhere in the future, right?" He smiled at his random name before turning towards his clone.