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 "Everyone! It's Princess Wen and Master Xiao!"

"Princess is with a guy!"

"It seems like the Princess found herself a husband and she is totally in love with him. Look at the way she is hugging him."

"Well, it's not like we have anything to say in this matter. Master Xiao seems to already accept him so you better prepare for him to be our next Master."

"Ha... We will see how strong he is first but his Golden Wings does seem impressive..."

As Xuefeng landed on the ground, placing Xiao Wen on the ground while still holding her by the waist, many Saint or Sage stage cultivators began gossiping about them. It was an obvious sequence of events. They could not stop everyone from gossiping so Xuefeng could only ignore it all, not even thinking they were there. Xiao Wen didn't care about others opinion as well so they both were the same in that matter.

She was proud to be with Xuefeng so she was glad he didn't mind showing his affection in front of others. Due to her status, even if someone had a problem with them, it didn't mean anything for them.

Yi was the first to notice Xuefeng and her eyes immediately brightened, her smile widening as she called out while rushing up to him, "Young Master!" She hasn't smiled since they left the Tianshi's courtyard, her blade dripping with the blood of her first victims in her revenge but when she saw Xuefeng, her mood improved right away.

Only halfway in her dash did her gaze moved away from Xuefeng's face and fell onto the women he was holding. Her smile froze as she slowly halted, stopping in front of them and greeted Xiao Wen as well with a bow, "Good Evening Princess..." Even though there was a smile on her face, one could see it was forced but Xiao Wen didn't mind it. Yi was definitely surprised by Xuefeng and Xiao Wen intimacy and quickly understood what was going on between them.

Xuefeng let go of Xiao Wen for a moment and reached out to Yi, gently patting her on the head while apologizing, "Yi, we already know what happened... I'm really sorry for your loss... If only I was there, I wouldn't let any of you get hurt." He knew he was of a way higher standing than her, now that he was a future son-in-law of the Xiao Family but one pat never hurt anyone.

Yi looked at him from below, feeling his warm hand running through her hair and suddenly her eyes watered for some reason. She couldn't help herself anymore and moved forward only to hug Xuefeng tightly, not worrying about the consequences.

It certainly wasn't appropriate to hug Xiao Family Princess' man right in front of everyone, her and Xiao Feng but Yi didn't care. Her sister was dead and the person she liked was right in front of her. All she wanted was a hug from him and she wouldn't bother him anymore.

Xiao Feng frowned and many cultivators exclaimed seeing the scene but Xuefeng acted as if he didn't see them and accepted her hug, patting her back like an older brother. "It's alright... Yu would be proud how brave you are right now. We will get revenge for her."

Only after those words did Yi let go of Xuefeng, taking a step back. She acted shamelessly, not caring about anything at that moment and only after a moment did she realise what a mistake that was. Yi glanced at Xiao Feng and just as she expected, he was glaring at her which made her face turn pale. Even if Xiao Wen didn't mind that, there was still her Master who definitely did mind.

Just as she wanted to start apologising, Xuefeng reached out with his Golden Wings, shielding her from Xiao Feng's gaze and assured her, "Don't worry Yi. No one will do anything to you. Today was a tragedy for all of us to lose someone as gentle and kind as your sister. It's the same in regard to the many others who lost their lives while protecting their families, brothers or friends in this sneak attack and I know it's hard for everyone. It's okay for you to seek comfort."

When cultivators around him heard his speech, they quietened down for a moment, letting him speak. Many of them saw their friend die right in front of them not too long ago so they could understand what Yi was going through right now. Yi had even worse than them as she lost someone as close to her as her sister. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yi also looked at Xuefeng her eyes focusing only on his face as he continued confidently, aiming his words towards everyone gathered around him, "Right now, our goal is to break the barrier and kill every! Single! One! Of Tang Family members to get revenge for each of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives today. In Xiao Family it does not matter if you are a maid, a guard, work as a cook or as a manager in the shop. If anyone loses their lives, Xiao Family always gets! Their! Revenge!"

After Xuefeng yelled the last three words, all cultivators raised their weapons and cried out loudly in agreement, "Yeah!!!"

Both Xiao Wen and her father blinked twice, actually surprised that Xuefeng had such presence inside of him. Even they had the urge to raise their hands and cry out with everyone.

Pio, who was standing there with the hands behind his back, looked at Xuefeng curiously, before glancing at the night sky, suddenly sensing a disturbance in one spot. Not many knew this but he didn't only draw power from his own star in between of his forehead, but also from other stars in the night sky. Small particles he could absorb at night were being blocked by someone a few tens of meters away, meaning there was someone hiding there.

'I guess I'm no longer needed. They are already here. My mission is done.' Pio thought as he already started figuring out a way to leave when he spotted Yi standing in between of Xuefeng's Wings and halted his ideas. 'I guess I will wait a bit more for this party to end before I take her with me.'

Even with everyone cheering, Xuefeng didn't stop and retracted wings onto his back while shouting with charisma, "They are caged inside like rats but not for too long! After the barrier falls, the blood will flow! Are you ready to get revenge for your Friends?! For your brothers and sisters!? For your families!?"

"YEAH!!!" Everyone shouted in agreement once again, this time more people joined, supporting Xuefeng's words fully. Even Xiao Feng smiled seeing his son-in-law who had the ability to lead the big crowd, the heart of a leader.

"Let's get rid of this plague and get our friends the peace they deserve!" Xuefeng cried once again before suddenly pulling out his Black Flames Slayer, the black flames bursting out for a few meters into the sky as he pumped the Flame Qi inside of it and yelled for the last time, "Who is with me?!!!"

"Roaar!!!" Everyone followed after him, pulling out their weapons and even Lulu demanded to be released, growling into the sky right after she appeared. The roar resonated all around the capital, waking everyone who tried to sleep in this chaotic night.

She walked towards Xuefeng and licked his cheek with her giant tongue, showing her eagerness to battle. Xiao Feng, who was just observing the whole time, letting Xuefeng have a stage to perform, finally asked, "Elder Yang, what is the situation?"

Xuefeng wanted to talk about Pio right in front of everyone but he didn't think it was the right moment to argue, leaving it for later. He was leading others into the battle and his personal vendetta against Pio would only disrupt everyone's mood. He didn't know exactly what happened as all information he got were from Tianshi so Xuefeng wanted to first investigate, asking Yi about it and only confronting Pio afterwards.

Xuefeng observed Pio for a while already but the one didn't say anything so far. Fortunately, even though he didn't have sufficient information, Xuefeng could still cancel him from Tianshi's life.

Before Elder Yang could reply, Xuefeng stopped them, "Wait for a second."