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 Xiao Feng couldn't agree more, nodding as he flew forward first, heading back towards the capital with moderate speed. He didn't want Xuefeng to lose his way so he gave him some leeway else he wouldn't need much time to get back into the Capital.

Even if it was a moderate speed for him, he still launched into the sky like a rocket. For normal cultivators that was more than enough to lose them. Seeing that Xuefeng didn't have a problem to catch up and even kept the pace, slowly overtaking him, Xiao Feng smiled and increased his speed a little, giving his new son-in-law a nice challenge.

He didn't expect that just as he did so, Xuefeng would also speed up, Xiao Wen hugging him tightly as they left Xiao Feng behind. He tried to catch up but no matter what he did, Xuefeng would always speed up, keeping a safe distance in front of him.

It quite irritated Xiao Feng, knowing that Xuefeng was just trying to show off in front of him and he was planning to ignore it when he suddenly overheard his daughter calling out to her golden-winged boy, "Xuefeng, you don't need to speed up like this. You shouldn't hurt my father's pride in front of his daughter..."

What was even more frustrating was Xuefeng's reply, "Wen, sweetie, you need to understand that sometimes there is a rivalry between both father and his son-in-law. One can not always win. I don't think he would be happy if I let him win on purpose too."

"Fuck!" Xiao Feng cursed under his breath and infused his Ether Qi into his body, quickly catching up to Xuefeng as his body looked as if he teleported even second meter. As he surpassed them, Xiao Feng stopped to exchange glances with Xuefeng before grinning and overtaking them as he launched forward.

Xiao Wen couldn't help but roll her eyes at both her father and Xuefeng as she commented, "Gosh, so childish, both of you." Xuefeng hearing that only smiled and rushed after Xiao Feng, squeezing Xiao Wen's slim body as he flew.

As they finally reached the gates to the Capital, Xiao Feng stopped and called out to Xuefeng who caught up with a satisfied smile, "You lost." That was a small win for him but he still enjoyed that pleasant victory. For Xiao Wen, it looked like a childish competition but for the two men in the house, it was much more than that, it was a matter of pride.

Xuefeng wasn't too bothered by the loss and only kissed Xiao Wen as a response while gently rubbing her back before finally replying with a shrug, "I'm still the winner, I could hug a beauty in my arms the whole time."

"You..." Xiao Feng glared at Xuefeng but before any other words were said, Xiao Wen let go of Xuefeng and flew in between of them and stopped any further fights, "Shut up both of you. We have more important things to do. If you want to compete, make it a bet of the highest number of Tang Family experts killed. At least you'll be doing something productive."

"Haha! Wen, you think he can win against me? Since when did you learned how to joke this well?" Xiao Feng laughed out loud when he heard his daughter comparing him to a sixteen-year-old brat but Xuefeng fought back saying sarcastically, "Yeah, Wen don't compare me to this old man. He is probably already tired after just one battle."

As they glared back at each other, Xiao Wen stopped them once again, crying out as she pulled out her golden sword, "Enough! If you have so much energy, use it to kill! We are going." Without looking back at them, she took Xuefeng by the hand and pulled him towards the big barrier that surrounded the walls of the Capital.

With a special token in her hands, they passed through it without problems. Xuefeng could already see how enormous the Capital of the Central Region was from the outside but when he entered, he saw endless buildings and towers, one bigger than the other. Many palaces with big territories could be seen from the night sky but it was surprisingly quiet which Xuefeng noticed right away.

Xiao Feng, who followed right after them commented as he caught up, "The battle still didn't start. I think Elder Yang is still trying to break Tang Family's defences. We should join them." Before he moved forward, he looked at Xuefeng and said, "The one will less kills before tomorrow morning is a loser."

As Xiao Feng flew away, Xuefeng laughed as his competitive spirit got fired up. He didn't have to reply as there is no way he would reject it and Xiao Feng knew it.

When Xuefeng wanted to chase after him, Xiao Wen suddenly stopped him and only after her father was some distance away from them did she whisper in his ear, "Don't lose please..." Together with a deep kiss, Xiao Wen's words awakened Xuefeng's battle spirit as he replied confidently before launching forward, "I won't. I promise."

Xiao Wen didn't want the two most important men in her life to fight but when she had to choose, she didn't want Xuefeng to lose. She already chose him as her man so Xiao Wen wanted him to be the best in everything that he does.


Just as they left the area around the lake, someone else appeared out of nowhere, immediately looking around as if the person was looking for food after being hungry for ages.

It was a lady wearing a golden dress, emitting her powerful aura in all of their surroundings but then she frowned when she couldn't find Xuefeng anywhere and asked the man who came with her, "I can't find him. Where did he go? Were your calculations wrong? You are never wrong earlier." Normally she would hide but this time she was tired of hiding, wanting to quickly meet Xuefeng.

The man sighed, once again explaining what could happen, "Milady, I'm sure he was here just a moment ago but he somehow managed to block the fate signals which every Fate Holder has. This is quite surprising as there are very little things that can stop me. He seems to be really careful now when he appeared once again in the Central Region but he shouldn't have flown too far from here though, so I bet he is in the Capital now."

Just as he said so, the lady grabbed him by the shoulder and quickly rushed towards the Capital without saying anything. She knew what she wanted and Xuefeng was one of those things.

She didn't think he would come once again, giving her another chance to meet him. She only ordered Pio to find him because she thought he would be too scared to come here again but it didn't seem like he cared.

'Xuefeng... Are you the man I think you are or maybe someone else?' The Mysterious lady thought as she transported both of them into space above the Capital. She wasn't stopped by the barrier even without having a special token, passing through it like a knife through butter.

She didn't wait and looked down at everything happening and immediately spotted a golden dot swiftly moving in between the towers as it headed towards one of the biggest palaces in the whole Capital. There was a surprised look on her face but it was quickly replaced with a smile.

As she watched his golden wings flapping behind his back, the mysterious lady couldn't help but get even more interested as she thought, 'I see my bird got some new abilities... Now I am even more eager to meet with him.'

Just as she wanted to satisfy her curiosity right away, teleporting right in front of Xuefeng, her advisor stopped her as he mentioned, "Milady, it seems like the man you have your eyes on will be fighting any time soon. How about we wait and watch how he performs? Maybe this way we will learn more about him."

Hearing the suggestion, the blonde beauty's eyes lit up and she liked it right away and agreed, dropping her plans to rush things, "Alright. Let's see what he's got. If he can exceed my expectations, I might even reward him."

"He will for sure be blessed, Milady." The man said while bowing but secretly sighed in relief, knowing he managed to stop her. They were from Heaven's Realm so they couldn't interfere in Human matters too much. If Xuefeng was to be the deciding factor of Xiao Family victory and they stopped him, the entire history would change.


The entire Capital was super quiet with little to no souls wandering on the streets, but as one was getting closer to the richer part of the city where both Xiao and Tang family palaces were situated, the movements started getting bigger. Battles were happening everywhere but they were all one sided as Xiao Family grouped up to kill every lurking Cultivator from Tang Family. Soon, the only ones still alive would be the most important members of the family hiding inside the palace.

All alchemists from Tang Family's Medical houses were currently locked up until Tang Family would be gone forever. They didn't mind who they were working for as long as they were provided money and resources for their experiments and work so not many complained.

When everyone saw Xuefeng's golden wings, they would stop what they were doing for a second to look at him out of curiosity, first time seeing a cultivator with such an ability. If Xuefeng told them they could also have wings and much more if only they used some of their imagination, they would definitely feel like they wasted their lives.

Of course, Xuefeng wouldn't do that as he wasn't stupid. It was okay to pass the skills to his women but he would never leak it to the public. Even to his own clan, he only passed them a way to gather Elemental Qi, without writing down any skills.

What was even more surprising for the cultivators was the relation between Xuefeng and their princess Xiao Wen. Everyone knew her and judging by their intimacy of them holding hands, they quickly guessed that Xiao Family had a new son-in-law. As Xuefeng didn't let go of her, Xiao Wen could only firmly embrace it and announce it to everyone this way. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She didn't mind it at all, even thinking of going back into Xuefeng's arms but she didn't want to overdo it for the first time.

Just as they almost reached the main battlefield, Xuefeng heard a male voice calling out calmly in his mind, 'Someone is observing us. The people who tracked you earlier are here. They are currently watching you while being invisible using Fate Qi. Too bad they can't hide in front of me, hehe.'

Xuefeng didn't look around to not expose himself too early but still asked, 'Oh, where are they?'

Drakon replied, already providing him with a playful action, 'You won't be able to feel them as even I can barely handle it but you can look in their direction to scare them. Let them know you are more powerful than they think you are by glaring at them. They are standing on top of the red tower on the north from you.'

Xuefeng actually liked the idea but he knew Xiao Wen would try to stop him so he didn't tell her and simply sneaked away why saying, "Wen, wait a moment." He didn't reply to her questioning gaze and simply flew upwards, reaching the same level as the roof of the red tower.

He didn't see anyone on the roof but still glared at the empty space until Xiao Wen flew up to him and asked worriedly, standing right in front of him, "What happened? Did you see anything?"

"I thought I saw something but it was just two hidden birds watching us. Don't worry. Let's go back." Xuefeng assured her as he glared at the spot once again before flying back down to the ground without caring about the two spies from the Fate Organization.