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 When Xuefeng heard his first love's name, his expression changed, no longer looking calm as his face turned cold. He was still yet to blame Xiao Feng for Tianshi getting hurt and Xiao Feng just triggered the avalanche.

Xiao Wen could naturally feel his change of attitude on her body as he embraced her tighter. She looked at him, seeing his coldness and immediately tried to stop him, knowing he will vent his anger on her father. Before Xuefeng was about to glare and question Xiao Feng, she pulled his chin so he could focus only on her and pleaded softly, "Xuefeng... Please don't fight with father now... We will find those who did it to her and have our revenge."

Xuefeng blinked unsure of what to do as he stared at her. He didn't want to ignore her but he had to make Xiao Feng understand that he made a mistake keeping Tianshi away from him. She could only be fully safe with him as he wouldn't hesitate to protect her with his life. Glancing at Xiao Feng with a blaming gaze, Xuefeng commented, "I know we will... But they are not the only ones at fault."

The moment Xiao Feng heard the two, he could not help but question while squinting his eyes, "What happened? Did anything happen to Tianshi?" He was sure that Tianshi was safe but hearing the two words, it didn't seem like it was the truth.

As Xiao Feng asked what happened, Xuefeng had to respond accordingly just as he planned, making Xiao Wen sigh. She also thought it was her father's fault for not being able to protect his daughter well but also knew that fighting and arguing now would not help them in any way.

"You think that just because Tianshi escaped, she was safe?" Xuefeng asked with an anger building inside of him before exploding outwards, directing everything at Xiao Feng, "She almost died! You took her away from me but you can't even protect her! Useless!"

Xuefeng's words were really sharp and even Xiao Wen felt it, hugging him tightly as she tried to calm him down but that didn't help at all.

He continued to glare at Xiao Feng and explained, his voice getting louder after each sentence until he started yelling, "Her body was all black, burned by an enemy's fireball as she tried to desperately escape from their pursuit. Her legs were broken so she couldn't walk, crawling with all of her strength in hope to find someone to help her. If not for the Auntie saving her, I would not be able to see her smile ever again! Do you know how much pain she had to go through?! Her eyes were dry as she had no more tears to cry! How could you let that happen?!"

Xiao Feng shuddered as he imagined how much his daughter suffered based on Xuefeng's explanation. He would not even blink if Xuefeng described someone else's pains but it was his daughter, after all, making him feel everything differently. As a father, he was supposed to protect everyone but failed horribly.

Xiao Feng didn't mind Xuefeng's flame or vicious tongue, knowing he deserved it. He could blame it all on Pio but in the end, he was the one responsible for everything happening in his family. He could expect Tang Family desperate sneak attack at some point and could make some preparations for that.

Before he could defend himself, Xuefeng continued tearing him apart, "You promised that you will keep her safe but what did you do?! She only suffered and almost died! What a great father you are!"

At that moment, when Xuefeng was at his peak of scolding, Xiao Wen rubbed him on his neck with her nose, trying to stop him from continuing and Xuefeng this time listened, calming down instead of going harder on his future father-in-law.

Xuefeng still had to point out other faults, one of them being Tianshi's new guard that clearly failed with his job, "And what is up with this Pio? You let him protect Tianshi but he almost let her die. I don't know what you were thinking."

Xuefeng thought that Xiao Feng would try to find excuses but to his surprise, he didn't fight back with words and simply asked about Tianshi with a worried expression, "How is she now?" He looked more like a caring father at that moment instead of the great master. He knew that Xuefeng wouldn't come here if Tianshi wasn't alright so he didn't panic too much.

After getting no answer, Xuefeng planned on continuing but Xiao Wen acted again which made him sigh, turning much calmer as he replied, "Tianshi is alright now as I healed her back to full health but she is not coming back here. From today onwards she will stay with me at all times so I can protect her myself."

Looking at his daughter, Xiao Feng asked again instead of commenting, "Wen, are you also going to stay with him?" He was back in his thinking mode. It was easier for him to stop Tianshi with him to motivate Xuefeng to work harder but it was impossible for him to do the same with Xiao Wen. She wasn't someone he could fight if he had to hold back.

Xiao Wen nodded right away, not expecting that her actions were not enough as an answer but still confirmed, "Mhmm, I will stay with Xuefeng. I already decided to be with him and I won't change my decision."

Xiao Feng could be seen thinking about something and just as they thought he will find problems with them, he said the opposite, "Fine. I will let you be with both of my daughters. They are already old enough to make their own decisions so I won't stop them, but..." He looked into Xuefeng eyes and continued, "As you are my only son-in-law, I have one requirement."

Hearing about another requirement, Xuefeng naturally countered it, "And if I say no, you will take Tianshi away from me? That's not going to work anymore. I'm not letting Tianshi go no matter what you say." He already had one requirement which was winning the Eastern Region tournament so it was kind of ridiculous to demand more.

Xuefeng planned to decline no matter what Xiao Feng says but then the one in question proposed, "You don't need to accept it but I want to teach you Artefact Crafting. I wanted to postpone it for the future until I'm sure you will marry my girls but I guess I have no choice now. Crafting is our family's speciality and every Master of Xiao Family was an Artefact Crafter. I want it to stay this way. What do you think?"

"Crafting?" Xuefeng said out loud as he started thinking about it. He was honestly not expecting such requirement and Xuefeng was somewhat interested. Xiao Wen was also surprised and called out to Xuefeng before he would reject her father, "Xuefeng, Tianshi is already safe and we will get our revenge soon for her. There is nothing else we can do now. Don't reject my father."

"If you want to get revenge for those who hurt Tianshi, I already killed them. They are at the bottom of the lake. If you want more, you can come with me to kill all Tang Family bastards. I can't do anything other than payback for my mistake." Xiao Feng answered before Xuefeng could speak as he pointed towards the lake beneath them.

Xuefeng scanned the lake with his Spirit Awareness and found five bodies all destroyed which somehow eased his anger. Not rejecting Xiao Feng's proposal, Xuefeng decided, "We will settle this later. It's time to kill..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.