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 Turning their heads around, they saw a person raising into the night sky, their eyes sharpening to see the man in the darkness. If they used their Spirit Eyes, they could see much further and clearer but with just their own eyes strengthened because of their cultivation, they could see precisely even in the dark. They only needed to adjust them to the darkness.

They could recognize the men's voice but when they saw his face, they fully confirmed it was Xiao Feng waiting for them by the lake. As he already figured they would come through this lake. As he observed them, he was still in awe of how useful for transportation this Holy Land was. As a Master of the most prominent family in this world, he immediately understood its power.

The only problem he had was Xuefeng who was the one deciding who could or couldn't use it at this point. They didn't have a good relationship with each other from the start so Xiao Feng would have to repair it if he ever wanted to utilize it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Looking at her father, Xiao Wen thought of letting Xuefeng go on instinct, but then she recalled auntie words and squeezed his waist harder instead, getting him closer to her, not scared to show he was her man. Xuefeng, on the other hand, planned to release his Golden Wings right away to show Xiao Feng who is the boss but stopped for a second, smiling when he felt Xiao Wen not letting go of him.

He didn't plan to change the setting, but only modify their roles in the scene. His Golden Wings spread out of his back right after that and Xuefeng hugged Xiao Wen into his arms instead. Both of his hands embracing her as he pressed her body onto his chest.

She naturally blushed, feeling embarrassed as her body turned hot all over after seeing him so brave and bold in front of her father but deep inside, she was blissful. Her arms could not help but wrap around his neck as her head found its place on his shoulder, snuggling with her nose into his neck.

Even though she did all that, Xiao Wen didn't want to face her father, leaving it to Xuefeng who assured her with gentle rubs on the back that everything will be alright.

With Xiao Wen in his arms, Xuefeng flew up to future father-in-law who hovered some distance away from them, seemingly lost in his thought before asking seriously, "What's the situation, father?" Xuefeng was already prepared for Xiao Feng's outrage but instead of that, he was welcomed with a smirk which quite surprised him.

Xiao Feng watched them up close, observing his daughter's reactions before glancing at Xuefeng's shiny wings which illuminated their surroundings and finally asked as he chuckled to himself, "Hah, is this the way of you showing me that the last daughter of mine also fell for you?"

Xiao Wen wanted to defend them before it was too late, planning on telling how much she loves Xuefeng to convince her father but before she could say anything, Xuefeng lifted her chin and kissed her deeply, not bothered by Xiao Feng watching them.

Xiao Wen could only follow his lead, accepting his kiss wholeheartedly only to hear him say confidently after they separated, "I think this is a better way to confirm it. Yes, Xiao Wen is my woman and I won't spare anything to make her happy." Xuefeng actually felt really good announcing it to him, no matter the consequences he might face from that.

Xiao Wen was a bit nervous, feeling like a child who did something bad and waited for punishment but then Xiao Feng laughed even harder than before. It didn't look as if he was laughing at them, but rather on himself.

They expected an angry expression but they received a grin as Xiao Feng commented sarcastically, "Ah, I really underestimated you. Not only my first daughter and my ex-woman but also two of my other daughters as well. You made all of them into your lovers. Who else are you going to take from me? My wife?"

Before Xuefeng could comment on that, Xiao Wen was the first to defend him, saying protectively, "No! Xuefeng is not like that. I was the one who wanted it in the first place. Xuefeng planned to be my friend but I didn't let him, hehe. Under my advances, he could only accept me."

As she said that, Xiao Wen held onto his face and kissed him to show her boldness and her father actually believed that, knowing her daughter was capable of that.

Thinking about it for a moment, Xiao Feng turned to the man who stole all of his daughter's hearts and asked with his face back to a serious one, "You know that by taking all of my daughters as your women, you are now my only possible successor to be the leader of Xiao Family? Do you understand how big of a responsibility that is?"

"I wouldn't act before considering all of this," Xuefeng said as he already thought about it even before he did anything with her. He had a long night to think after she confessed and this was one of his thoughts. He already had Tianshi which he would never leave so by taking Xiao Wen as well, he naturally became the only male successor.

"You are not ready yet. You are too weak. Why did you think I told you to first become the best cultivator in the Eastern Region? I want the best for my daughters and I expect my son-in-law to be excellent. I don't care who he is as long as he can continue from where I left off and protect my daughters when I'm going to leave for Heaven's Realm. Do you understand me?" Xiao Feng didn't hesitate to state the truth.

"I already made some arrangements to reach that goal. I'm confident I can win. You don't need to worry about it." Xuefeng replied right after. He still needed to take care of the Prince which was pestering Princess Shan so he couldn't resign from those plans.

Knowing he understood, Xiao Feng nodded but still warned him, "That's good. As long as you understand that, I won't oppose to my daughter's choices but once I see you are not keeping your promises, I won't hesitate to break you three apart."

Blinking as if he recalled something, Xuefeng suddenly added, "Actually, I can't promise one thing. I might not be the best candidate to lead Xiao Family on your place."

This made Xiao Feng release his aura as he squinted his eyes and asked sternly, "And why is that? If you think you can't, you might as well let go of my daughter right now. Only the next leader of my Xiao Family can marry her."

When Xiao Wen heard this, she looked at Xuefeng, hoping to hear his explanation as well, not knowing why would he reject such honours. Xiao Family was already established and right now, after destroying Tang Family, it is bound to be even more powerful than it ever was.

Xuefeng rubbed Xiao Wen's cheek to calm her down and explained his previous thought, "I'm not saying this because I don't want to marry your daughters. I'm saying it because I also plan to leave this realm very soon. I will take all of my women with me and enter Heaven's Realm as well. I don't think I can take care of the family business when we are gone as well, am I right?"

Hearing him both Xiao Wen and her father calmed down as that was obvious and said, "Then you can still do it until all of my daughters reach peak Monarch stage together with you. It should, of course, take you some time to reach it." He knew that one-day Xuefeng would also follow his footsteps together with his daughter, but it shouldn't be too soon.

Contrary to his expectations, Xuefeng dropped a bomb while telling his plan with confidence, "I will enter Heaven's Realm in four years."

When Xiao Feng heard him, he choked as he cried out, "What?! Did you just say you want to rush from Overlord stage into Monarch Stage in just four years? I know you are also special together with my daughter but even Wen only reached Sage stage by the age of twenty-two. She still has a long way until she can reach Monarch Stage. You are what? Sixteen? Even if you Cultivate every day, you will find it hard to break through so fast."

Xuefeng could feel Xiao Wen hug him tighter as those words were said which made him feel like she also knew the perks of cultivating with their Spirit. If she were to connect with her Spirit Lang and cultivate like that, she would have reached the Monarch Stage much faster but she decided against it, using her own talent instead.

Xuefeng didn't plan to expose her so he simply explained with a shrug, "I have an ability that allows me to cultivate faster. I can Ascend faster than four years but I also want to spend some time with my women so I added that to the total count."

Xiao Feng felt like he wasted his life the more he listened to Xuefeng. He had many beauties around him, special powers that boosted his cultivation and everything planned already. His whole life was already planned out smoothly for him.

Xiao Feng had to take a few breaths to calm down and finally said, "Fine, then I will see how you are doing for myself before deciding what to do." Recalling the more important issue he wanted to ask before they sidetracked, Xiao Wen asked confused, "Now tell me, where is Tianshi?"