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 As Xuefeng led Xiao Wen next to the throne, she suddenly stopped him and reminded him in a whisper, "I know that I can't stop you from coming to the Central Region with me as I need you to transport us there but I want you to remember that you will for sure be targeted by the Fate Organisation. They will definitely try to rope you in and you won't have a way to reject them. I will be there for you but I don't think I can push them away for you."

Xiao Wen wanted to keep him away from the Central Region for the same exact reason but as usual, her plans went astray in a different direction.

Xuefeng knew about that but with the bracelet with him, he felt confident he could fight Fate Holders who were even stronger than him. Holding Xiao Wen's hands, Xuefeng replied with confidence, "Mhmm, I understand. Don't worry. I am not as weak as you think I am. If it means fighting against other Fate Holders, I think I have a significant advantage."

The red-haired beauty naturally felt there was something suspicious about this and wanted to ask about it but stopped herself, knowing that firstly, the talk would take too much time which they didn't have and secondly, all Fate Holders had secrets. Unless he told her himself, she didn't want to pry into the hidden aces he had up his sleeve. If he told her everything, they would not be called hidden anymore.

Xiao Wen also had her own secrets like the many abilities she had and her own tricks which she didn't reveal to him yet. The only difference between them was the fact that she would not hesitate if Xuefeng asked her for that and would tell him everything. She didn't know if Xuefeng would do the same but she did not want to test that. They were still new with their love and Xiao Wen wanted to first strengthen it before trying to test its durability.

Knowing all that, Xiao Wen didn't waste any more time and said while entering into his arms, "Alright, if that is so then we should get going. I don't know what the situation is like in the Capital but my father probably already ordered to hunt down the whole Tang Family. Without their leader, they are now like homeless dogs which need to be hunted down before they regroup and start creating problems." She didn't know where the gate to be sent out was so she just returned into his embrace, the same way she entered here.

"I agree." Xuefeng could easily figure out the reason she changed the subject but he didn't bring it up, not planning on telling him about bracelet's powers yet. He himself still didn't know the exact ways he could use it so before he gains control over it, Xuefeng wouldn't brag around.

Hugging Xiao Wen by her waist, Xuefeng pulled out a box filled with Fate Stones and presented it to her, saying, "Take these. There might be a lot of fighting tonight so if you need to use some of your Fate Qi, don't hesitate. The worst thing for me would be seeing you getting hurt as well."

When Xiao Wen opened the box and saw a nice stack of Fate stones inside, Xiao Wen couldn't help but cry out with shock appearing on his face, "Xuefeng?? Where did you get so many of them?! I can't take them..." There were more exactly one hundred of them which made Xiao Wen instinctively reject him.

Unfortunately, she got an immediate glare from him as if he didn't even want to hear anything about rejecting as he commented unhappily, slowly pulling her out of his embrace, "Oh, so you don't consider me as your man? I guess I was-" Before he could finish his sentence, Xiao Wen leaned over and kissed him, clearly knowing what his next words would be and thank him sincerely, "I will take them then... Thank you. You are my one and only man so don't say such stuff. One hundred high-tier Fate Stones is just too much that's why I was a little hesitant at the start..."

Xuefeng could only smile, his goal was to create such a reaction and assured her, "I understand but don't worry. You can use them as you wish. If you worry that I will lack stones because I gave you this many then stop. I have even more for myself."

"Alright, then I won't be polite anymore." Hearing Xuefeng presenting it like that, she really did feel better about the whole gift, finally accepting it wholeheartedly before kissing him as a thank you.

He didn't know how generous this gift was to her and how much it could increase her strength. Normally she would not use her abilities to save her Fate Qi for the most important fights together with life and death situations as it was too hard to get Fate Qi without killing someone else. She was not like Xuefeng who had an infinite amount of Fate Stones and could spend Fate Qi like it was the most common Spirit Qi.

Opening the throne passage, Xiao Wen saw a hole behind it and Xuefeng picked her up, walking up to the edge before reminding her as they jumped together, "Hold onto me tightly, the portal is down there in the hole." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As they dropped down, Xuefeng asked in his mind, the question aiming at the bracelet's Spirit, 'Can you hide my location from this Fate Organisation? I think they can track me because of the Fate Qi scent on my body.'

Just as he expected, the bracelet's Spirit felt offended by such question as he replied arrogantly, 'Who do you think I am? I'm Fate's Nemesis! I can protect you from any Fate Qi attack but don't get too cocky even having my greatness with you. I can't block any normal attacks made by other elements for you. Even if you face a Fate Holder, if he fights you with his own strength, you could be trashed.'

Xuefeng did not have time to respond as they finally hit the water, their surroundings turning into darkness. Xuefeng made sure to squeeze Xiao Wen tightly so as he wouldn't drop her and thought of their destination while holding the token in his hands.

The only thing he could think of was the lake he landed before as that was the only place in the Central Region he has been in. Tianshi was no longer in the Central Region with the token to lead him.

As the coldness suddenly hit them, the water around them started changing colour into dark shades of blue which confirmed his successful arrival. He never knew how that feature worked but as long as it did, Xuefeng did not plan to complain.

Xuefeng finally let go of Xiao Wen so they could swim towards the surface. He could already feel something was lacking in his arms but shook his head, not feeling about it now. He had to gain some self-control over himself as he already noticed it was hard to live for him without a daily dose of cuddles from his wives.

Unfortunately, just as he thought about it, bracelet's Spirit brought bad news for them as he said surprised, 'Oh, I can already feel someone locked on you, wow. His ability is quite impressive. Before I even created a safe zone around you, he already spotted you. I think the whole range of his ability is the Central Region so the moment anyone uses Fate Qi, he or she will know. Do you want me to block him now?'

For Xuefeng it was an obvious question so he naturally agreed, 'Of course! I will deal with them after I handle Tang Family. I don't have time to fight two enemies.' With the rules Xiao Wen mentioned to him before, he already knew that there was no way he could join this organisation. Even with all the benefits they would provide to him, Xuefeng didn't think separation from his women was worth it. Unless all of them could go together with him, there was no way he would agree.

'Got it.' The bracelet's Spirit acknowledged him and before they hit the surface an invisible layer appeared around him, creating a small barrier on his skin that would be sucking all the Fate Qi launched at him, potentially making him invisible to the person tracking them.

Even Xiao Wen turned to him, looking at his body suspiciously, feeling something was different about him but that only made him confirm that everything went smoothly.

'By the way, what's your name? I can't call you a bracelet's Spirit all the time.' Xuefeng asked one more question as Xiao Wen took him by the hand and began speeding upwards, probably wanting to ask him about the barrier.

Hearing the question, the bracelet's Spirit got excited as if he was waiting for it the whole time and cleared his throat before saying cooly, 'Yhym, my name is Drakon! Cool name, ya? I thought of it myself.' He couldn't help but praise it himself which made Xuefeng roll his eyes.


Xiao Wen broke the water surface and flew into the air while dragging him by the hand. She grabbed him by the waist as he still didn't have his wings to fly and didn't wait long to ask him while feeling his skin all around, "What did you do just now? You feel somewhat distant as if my perception can't find you."

Xuefeng assured her as he explained with a slight smile, "I just added an extra layer of protection so they wouldn't find me. Don't worry."

Just as he finished his sentence, they both felt something moving in the distance and a familiar voice reached them, commenting on their entry, "It took you quite some time to arrive."