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 Naturally, after what happened with Tianshi, Xuefeng wasn't going to let her go, thinking the safest place would be near him and replied with confidence in his voice, "I don't care about your father's opinion. You are staying with me. I will take care of it, don't worry." The way he said it didn't give Tianshi an option to reject him but she didn't mind that, happy with such a solution.

Pulling away from her as he realised he was still wet from the well water, Xuefeng dried himself quickly by transferring his Fire Qi through his clothes before taking out a towel and started wiping the water off of her while saying warmly, "I made you wet. Let me dry your body first before you wear anything." His shirt was short-sleeved today so he didn't plan for that but Tianshi's sudden hug made it impossible.

Tianshi wanted to reject his proposition but seeing the care in his eyes, she nodded, letting him do it for her, "Mhmm..." She somehow enjoyed finally receiving his attention after so long of his absence. Xuefeng wanted to know what exactly happened that led to her injuries but he wasn't in a hurry. Knowing she was safe already, he first assisted her, making sure she was comfortable.

At the same time, in the throne room, when Xiao Wen wanted to rush after Xuefeng who carried Tianshi out, her hand was suddenly caught by the Auntie, not letting her follow them. She wanted to pull her hand away but knowing that Auntie saved her sister, she stopped herself, knowing she wouldn't be held if it wasn't important.

Only after Xuefeng disappeared behind the corner did Auntie let go of her and said with a gentle smile, "Xuefeng can handle it. You should leave them for a moment as Tianshi will wake up any time soon. She is already fine thanks to your great husband."

When Xiao Wen heard Auntie guess their relation, she couldn't help but blush and ask while looking away, "Is it that obvious?"

Auntie giggled seeing such reaction and stood up, nodded in agreement, "Yes. Very. The way you look at him is only reserved for someone really special and close to your heart. He is a really good guy, isn't he?"

Xiao Wen looked towards the room Xuefeng went to and her gentle smile was enough for Auntie as an answer. Instead of replying, Xiao Wen dried her clothes in a similar way as Xuefeng and bowed her head slightly, thanking sincerely while reaching out her hand in her introduction, "We don't know each other well but thank you for saving my sister. I'm Xiao Wen." One had to know it was a hard task to make Xiao Wen bow her head but in this situation, she didn't have any problems with that.

As experienced as Auntie was, she knew when to accept thanks and this time, she did not reject them, knowing they were really sincere.

Gently shaking her hand, Auntie also introduced herself, "You can call me Aunt. You must be that boy, Xiao Feng's daughter, right?" Without giving Xiao Wen time to respond, she continued while looking at her face, "You all have the same eyes as him together with your sister. It must have been tough for him knowing that Xuefeng already has all three of his daughters as his wives, together with my daughter Nuwa. Maybe these old bones still have a chance, haha."

Seeing that Xiao Wen looked away as if she didn't want to answer, Auntie smiled even deeper and commented playfully, "Hah, so he still doesn't know... I guess there will be a nice surprise for him once you visit him..." Patting Xiao Wen on the shoulder, she didn't stop on that and advised, "Don't be scared to show your love for Xuefeng in front of others. If he is really important for you then you should be proud he is your man."

After saying that, she walked towards Nuwa's bedroom and Xiao Wen followed her after the advice she received sunk in. She decided to follow it as it actually made sense and said with a smile, "Don't worry Auntie, you are still young. You can still get the chance to love." Auntie could only smile wryly to that, knowing it was too hard for her.


"Damn, I will kill every single one of those bastards!" Xuefeng banged his hand against the wooden wall the moment he heard Tianshi's explanation. When Xiao Wen came into the room, Tianshi finally told them what happened and their blood boiled.

Xiao Wen tightened the hug around her sister and called out to Xuefeng with a cold gaze, "You won't... Cause I will kill them all first." Tianshi described how Tang Family members rushed into their Palace just to kidnap her, killing Yu in the process and how they later chased her outside the Capital before shooting her down with a long-ranged fireball, allowing her to avoid getting caught only thanks to Xuefeng's token. The killing intent in their bodies was already high from the beginning but now it was even stronger.

"And that Pio pisses me off even more! What's the point of having a bodyguard who doesn't even protect you?!" Xuefeng shouted, feeling that something wasn't right with Pio before continuing, "If he is still alive, I will definitely ask the same question to the fake ass bodyguard personally."

Tianshi couldn't defend Pio as she knew that if not for Xuefeng's token and this world, she would be for sure caught and who knows what would happen later. Her mind still returned to Yi's smiling face as he tried to justify his behaviour, "If he tried to protect only me, Yi would also die in the battle today..."

She was fine with getting hurt as long as it could save Yi's life and Xuefeng could see it in her eyes. He didn't want to bring wrong news to her but still said softly, "We don't know what exactly happened yet... But one thing I know for sure. I don't want you to get close to Pio. I smell a wrong vibe from him."

Tianshi wanted to say something about it but then Xiao Wen concurred Xuefeng's decision, "I also think this is would be best for you. His main job was to protect you but he failed. There are no second chances when it comes to life. Anyway, you will stay with us right now so there is no need to meet him."

Xuefeng fully agreed with her words and suddenly turned to Auntie who was sitting at the end of the bed, listening with interest, asking for another favour, the third one already, "Auntie, I have a request. Can you keep Tianshi company while we are gone? I want her to stay and rest here."

Auntie was quick to reply as she planned to do even more than that, "Don't worry Xuefeng. She will feel like at home."

Naturally, when Tianshi heard this request, she quickly disagreed as she cried out, "Nooo, you want to leave me again? I want to go with yo-" Unfortunately, before she ended complaining, Xuefeng kissed her, stopping her unnecessary protest before asking sweetly while looking into her eyes, "Will you do it for me and stay here while getting some rest? Please? I wouldn't be able to focus with you around me. I don't want you to get hurt anymore..."

Seeing his worried expression, Tianshi couldn't get herself to reject his proposal and nodded, agreeing on one condition, "Yes... But promise you will come back and nothing will happen to you..."

Xuefeng didn't mind that as that was exactly his plan and said with a confident smile, "I can promise you this much. I will kill many today but I will definitely come back. Please rest well tonight." After kissing Tianshi for the last time as a goodbye, Xuefeng reached out to Xiao Wen who gracefully took his hand and jumped off the bed, right into his arms.

Tianshi still wasn't yet aware of the two's relationship and found that a bit suspicious but as Xuefeng placed Xiao Wen on the ground, she dismissed those thoughts, rather thinking of Xuefeng's departure and dangerous battles he was about to partake in.

Xiao Wen naturally saw her sister's gaze but they didn't have time for such talks, deciding to postpone any information about this issue for the time when they come back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Get some rest and don't create problems for Auntie." Xuefeng reminded Tianshi as he tucked her under the quilt and only after she nodded did he kiss her forehead for the final goodbyes, finally leaving with Xiao Wen by walking back into the throne room.