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 Just as Xuefeng broke the surface of the water with Xiao Wen in his arms, he released his Spirit Awareness, filling the whole bathroom before passing the walls and entering the throne room. He was ready to scan the whole palace in the hope to find her but to think he didn't have to, his search ending before it even started.

"I found her!" Xuefeng cried out right away the moment he found Tianshi's body laying on the sofa but then his happiness faltered when he realised she was laying without any movements. He could feel Auntie sitting next to her but that still didn't help him suppress his worries.

"Tianshi!" Xiao Wen shouted the moment her own Spirit Awareness spotted her dear sister and she didn't wait for a second, getting out of Xuefeng's embrace before climbing the well's edge. Even without drying themselves, both of them ran towards the doors, almost crashing on each other.

When they saw Tianshi laying on her back with the yellow substance on her back, they quickly understood what had happened. Tianshi seems to have gotten hurt in her pursuit and Auntie was the one who helped her.

Xuefeng called out from the distance as he quickly rushed to the sofa, looking at the damage done to Tianshi's back, "Auntie! How is she?!" Before he received her reply, Xuefeng already kneeled in front of her and grabbed her hand, Fate Qi being pumped into her body.

Xiao Wen stood next to him, looking worriedly at the horrible looking back, all covered in scars. Naturally, her body began filling with anger, one that even Xuefeng has never seen before. No one could hurt her little sister else they were done for. Tang Family was already on her death list and she couldn't help to kill them all.

Seeing the care in Xuefeng's eyes, Auntie explained her perspective, not hiding anything so Xuefeng could understand what pains did Tianshi go through, "When I came here, I found her lying in the middle of the floor, her back all charred. Despite all pains, she crawled from the bathroom to seek help. Her skin was also burned with her dress sticking to her body. I had to rip it away, one piece after another while she screamed despite the painkiller I gave her."

When Xuefeng heard what state Tianshi was in, his body shivered as his blood boiled inside of him. Anger tried to get the best of him but he suppressed it, for the time being, focusing all of his Fate Qi into his healing powers. Normally it was Ling that was controlling the regeneration ability but now Xuefeng took the reigns, not sparing even a bit unused.

For a moment he regretted not coming right after they got a message from Xiao Feng, but then Auntie continued, "Don't blame yourself. Even if you came earlier, she would still have to go through a lot of pain. The only ones you should blame is the one who did it." With that said, she patted Xuefeng on the head with motherly care.

Unfortunately, even with that Xuefeng still felt mad at himself, as he should be. He knew he still wouldn't leave Wuying without giving her blood but at least he wouldn't talk so much, getting angry for nothing when Tianshi could be in danger.

As Tianshi's back began filling with Fate Qi, It quickly shone with golden light, the layer of honey illuminating it in the surroundings. One by one, the scars were being replaced by smooth and rosy skin.

The healing pills Tianshi did a good job but they couldn't clean the scars as Xuefeng's regeneration could. In just a few seconds, her whole back was already as even as ever and Xuefeng only had to peel off the layer of honey to reveal it.

Tianshi fell asleep tired from all the pains but when a feeling of great relief came as Tianshi's skin could finally breathe the air, her eyelids shivered and her lips parted, letting out a soft moan as she spoke her lover's name, "Aah... Xue... Feng..."

Afraid she would wake up, Xuefeng hugged her and kissed her cheek, rubbing it with his nose as he whispered, "Shh... I'm here... You are all fine now... Just sleep and I will take care of everything..." As if she heard his soothing voice, Tianshi calmed down and her breathing returned to normal, focused on accepting his warmth.

"How is she?" Xiao Wen asked softly as she approached her sister and fixed the hair that was falling onto Tianshi's face. Xuefeng rubbed Tianshi's head and replied while squeezing Xiao Wen's hand, "She is alright... But the people who hurt her won't."

She naturally understood what Xuefeng was planning as she had the same thing in mind. They definitely would not let the Tang family live past tomorrow.

Looking at Tianshi's sleeping face and naked back, Xuefeng thanked warmly, "Auntie, thank you for saving her. It really means a lot to me." He knew that if not for Auntie, Tianshi would have been in a much worse condition.

The Auntie only smiled, not accepting his thanks as she said with a soft shrug, "I only did what everyone would do. I couldn't just leave the poor girl like her alone." Xuefeng didn't want to push it too much but he already noted in his heart that he owes Auntie favour for that.

Finding Tianshi's current position weird, Xuefeng decided to move her, asking for another help, "Auntie, can you aid me in picking Tianshi up? I don't want to wake her up. She needs to rest right now."

Naturally, Auntie didn't have problems with that and her eyes turned white, Tianshi suddenly raising upwards. Xuefeng gently took her into his arms and carried her towards the bedroom at the back where Nuwa sleeps. Xuefeng didn't want to wake her up but as he laid her down, still leaning forward, Tianshi woke up, blinking her eyes as she looked at him from a few centimetres away.

Xuefeng's regeneration already healed her body but also got rid of all her tiredness. She would wake up any time soon even without Xuefeng's interference.

Looking at him gently, Tianshi smiled and suddenly hugged him across the neck as she whispered, "I knew you will come..." Knowing she didn't sleep anymore, Xuefeng allowed himself to hug her tightly, pressing her best against his while running his hands on her smooth back.

Pulling away, Xuefeng rubbed her cheeks with both hands and promised her, "It's my fault you got hurt as I let you leave my side. I will not let you go anymore. Ever." For Tianshi, Xuefeng was the only person linking her with her old life and she didn't want to lose it.

Each day they were away from each other was like a month for her and she was especially glad to hear those words from him. If this much pain was needed to stay with him, Tianshi would gladly do it again and her smile this time wouldn't leave her face despite the pain.

"Mhmm... I will stay with you..." Tianshi naturally agreed to his plans without hesitation but still had some worries back from home, knowing how her parents will react, "But what about my father? He will definitely not agree..."