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 Seeing Xuefeng fly away, Wuying could only go inside and join the rest of the girls. She was supposed to lead Princess Shan and help her make friends with everyone just as Xuefeng asked her to but just as she entered, Wuying felt the weird atmosphere inside.

Everyone was looking at her as if she did something wrong and even Princess Shan had a helpless expression on her face, having no options to help her. There were only Nuwa, Yiren, Princess Shan and now she joined but she felt it was one versus three instead.

"Is something the matter...?" Wuying asked calmly as she walked up to them and sat on the clean sheets, looking at Nuwa as if she was innocent. She already suspected what problem Nuwa could have with her but still feigned ignorance.

Seeing her trying to act as if nothing happened, Nuwa went straight to the point, questioning what happened while looking at Wuying with a penetrating gaze, "So you are pretending you don't know? What is going on with you depending on Xuefeng's blood? Care to explain?"

Wuying could only sigh, already knowing such a question would be asked by her and explained the issue from her side, "I also don't want this but no matter what I do, after a while, I start feeling the unbearable desire to taste Xuefeng's blood. At the start, from the moment I started practising the two arts, I would thirst for blood and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it."

Falling onto the bed while closing her eyes, Wuying continued, "I was doing fine with just that, only longing for blood when I saw it but since the moment I tasted Xuefeng's blood, I couldn't stop thinking about it. All other kinds felt disgusting compared to his and I would vomit it in private, away from everyone as I couldn't stand its taste. Up till this point, I was still feeling alright but when I used the second blood ability during the fight with the bandits, the situation changed completely."

As Wuying paused, Nuwa glanced at her daughter and Yiren confirmed, nodding with her eyes full of bright light, happy to talk about Wuying's coolness, "Yes! With just one move Wuying killed hundreds of bandits, blood chains flying in the sky. Thanks to her we had quite an easy victory."

Patting her daughter, Nuwa turned back to Wuying who still didn't finish explaining, "Wuying, what happened next? Did your desire increase to the point you can't live without Xuefeng's blood now?"

Wuying opened her eyes and nodded with a smile, "Yes... My head feels like it wants to explode and after some time, it starts hurting. Only after I drink Xuefeng blood, everything turns into rainbows, my surroundings gain more colour and my mood improves, making everything shine."

Hearing up till this point, Nuwa already decided to make this habit stop and called out sternly, "You can't use Xuefeng like that. Is he your husband or food? We have to fix it as soon as possible."

Nuwa thought that Wuying would simply agree, knowing what's best for her but Wuying stood up and shook her head, saying calmly while looking at Nuwa's eyes, "I'm improving. Each time I consume Xuefeng's blood, I feel much better than the last time. I no longer lose control and I'm capable of stopping if that's necessary. Xuefeng is not my food and he will never be. Not only does my strength increase every day but I'm getting more and more control over my abilities as well. I don't think I need Xuefeng's help for long. The side effects are slowly decreasing."

Nuwa stared at Wuying for a moment, trying to feel if she was lying or not and finally decided, "I will observe how you behave for the next few days and then decide. If I don't see the improvement, you will stop." With no Xuefeng next to her, Nuwa emanated her usual Queen's presence, not leaving any room for discussion.

As Wuying didn't have any issue with it, she accepted the deal, not having the powers to stop Nuwa even if she wanted to forcefully spy on them anyway, "Fine. I know myself and can feel I'm doing better."

Feeling the tension between the two of them, Yiren suddenly cried out and focused the girl's gazes on herself, asking cutely, "Aaah, can we all go to bed already? I want everyone to cuddle tonight! No more fighting!"

Seeing Yiren's reaction, they all laughed, even Princess Shan relaxing a bit. Even if she has been friends with Wuying for almost a week before, they were away from each other for a few months already so the old friendship wasn't as strong as before. Right now all she wanted was to become friends with everyone and become accepted into the group. Even if Xuefeng did not develop feelings for her in his mind, she still believed such day would come but, it would be much harder if his most important treasures did not accept her.

Even with the confrontation from Nuwa, Wuying was still cheerful, being in her best mood each time she tasted Xuefeng's blood, Wuying reached out and pulled Yiren into her arms, asking playfully, "Cuddles you say, huh? How about tickles?"

Before Yiren could react, Wuying started tickling her on each side, making Yiren burst out laughing while begging for mercy, "Ahaha, No! I hate- Hahahaha, don't tickle me..." Nuwa was still in her domineering mood but seeing how the situation played out, she stopped herself, watching the three girls playing around instead.


At the same time, in Nuwa's palace room, a black-haired girl was lying down on the sofa, her back all red, covered in golden honey. A Middle-aged woman, similar in appearance to both Nuwa and Yiren was sitting on top of her, pulling a piece of the dress that was stuck to girl's back.

"Ahh!" Tianshi screamed once again, her throat already sore from all the screaming from not long ago.

"I know it still hurts but there is only one last piece left and you will be free from all the pains." The Auntie applied a bit of warm medical honey on Tianshi's back in the spot where she just ripped her skin away which immediately pacified the pain. They have been doing it for some time already and even the painkiller she drank couldn't completely stop the pain she had to go through.

Although the pain was much lighter compared to before, it was still unbearable, her eyes creating a new tear each time Auntie was pulling one piece at a time. After this much crying, there were no more tears left to fall. The only consolation were the gentle pats that Auntie was giving her which made her feel like back at home on Earth when her mom was taking care of her when she was sick. The culture was completely different in this world but here, Auntie only had love filling her heart.

"Sweetheart, can you handle one more now or do you need a break?" Auntie said warmly as she gently rubbed the honey on her back. The wounds were quickly healing thanks to the high ranked pills Tianshi took but it didn't stop scars from forming. The main goal of the healing pills Tianshi took was to heal her wounds and save her life in danger, not to make her skin smooth.

Tianshi let go of the sofa she was squeezing and called out softly, her voice cracking, "I don't want anymore..." She was really done and didn't want to feel any more pain than that.

Auntie felt really bad for Tianshi but there was nothing else she could do. The wounds had to be cleared right away else there would be more complications later. She leaned over and rubbed her nose against Tianshi's cheek and tried to calm her down, "Shhh... It will be okay... Just one more and we are done. I will be gentle like always."

Seeing Tianshi calm down a bit and nod her head, she took a small cloth and placed it in front of her mouth and said, "The last one is the biggest one so please bite on this so that you won't hurt your throat anymore." She didn't want Tianshi to scream anymore and also hurt her teeth. Earlier there were just small parts so it was alright, but now she had to rip off a big part.

"Okay..." Tianshi was already quite absent-minded due to all the pain so she just followed Auntie orders, biting on the small cloth, feeling warm pats that only further relaxed her. After each pain, there was time for relief in the form of medical honey but they had to reach that goal.

Auntie finally went back to her place, sitting on top of Tianshi leg's and firmly grabbed the last piece of the dress left that was still connected to her body. Seeing that Tianshi was already tensed up, ready for the pain to come, Auntie began talking to her as a distraction, "Alright, just listen to my voice and everything will be alright. I know it will be har-"

Just as Auntie was in the middle of the sentence, she ripped off the last part, causing Tianshi to let out a silenced scream, "Mhmmmm!!!" Fortunately for her, Auntie was quick and applied the honey on the wound, relieving her from the burning pain once again.

With her whole dress gone, Tianshi's top was completely bare but that wasn't a problem as there was only Auntie and her in the room. The wounds on Tianshi's back were already healing and the only thing she needed was rest. She could see how tired Tianshi was and up till now, only pain was keeping her awake.

Placing a small pillow under Tianshi's head, Auntie called out to her in a soft voice, "Sleep, my dear. No one will disturb you here. Xuefeng will come soon and help you heal completely... Shhh..."

Hearing Xuefeng's name, Tianshi relaxed and her head leaned on the pillow thinking about her man who will come to save her, falling asleep right after.

Just then, Auntie heard a splash of water in the bathroom and she smiled, commenting under her breath, "Just in time."