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 Even though the situation was serious with Tianshi being lost, Xuefeng couldn't just leave Wuying, letting her suffer because of her desire for his blood. She was already having trouble right now and if he left her like this for the next day, he didn't want to know what would happen. The problem was still not resolved so he couldn't just leave. Xuefeng cared for all of his women equally or at least tried to.

It wouldn't be in his nature to just disregard Wuying. If he left, leaving her hurt, he would only blame himself more if anything happened. It still hasn't been more than two minutes since they received the call from Tianshi's father so their reaction was already quick.

Opening the doors to his room, Xuefeng planned to rush outside, quickly explaining it to both Wuying and Princess Shan but to his surprise, they were both standing right there in front of his room, looking at him worried.

Wuying was the first one to run up to him and asked worriedly while placing her hands on his chest, "Xuefeng is something the matter? We heard you screaming..." Princess Shan also finished her cultivation, regenerating some of her Water Qi she used in her battle when she heard the commotion, making her follow Wuying.

"Yes, I am afraid I won't be able to accompany you to bed tonight. There is an issue with Tianshi and we need to go check it out. Hopefully, we will come back by tomorrow if it's nothing serious and we can bring her back here." Xuefeng explained it vaguely, knowing that Princess Shan was next to them and she wasn't aware of all the secrets. She still wasn't his woman so until then, he didn't want to share all of them with her.

Naturally, Wuying figured out where Xuefeng was going and quickly followed up with a question, "Can I go with you guys...?" If Xuefeng didn't mention taking her, it could only mean that she wasn't counted in this journey and either Xuefeng went alone or she was just left out, which she didn't want for sure.

Hearing her delicate lips asking this softly, Xuefeng could only brace himself and explain, "You guys need to get a good night sleep so you can be in full strength for tomorrow's selection. You travelled a lot today and I bet you are all tired. I will only take Xiao Wen, while you will stay together with the rest. Can you do that for me?"

Wuying didn't like such a solution but knowing the rest were also staying, she could only agree helplessly, "Mhmm... Alright..." She was excited to receive Xuefeng's reward but now she lost all of her moods, knowing Xuefeng was leaving them.

Patting Wuying on the head, Xuefeng turned to Princess Shan who was still standing silently on the side, pondering what to do now and he found the answer for her, "Shan, you can also go inside the room and sleep with the girls tonight. You will be able to catch up with Wuying, they are probably very curious about your travels."

Having permission and seeing that Xuefeng still wanted to talk to Wuying as he didn't let go of her, she nodded softly, doing exactly as he advised, "Alright. Hope everything goes well for you." She didn't know Tianshi but if she was Xuefeng's wife, she had to be amazing so she didn't mind. As she passed them, Princess Shan reached out her hand and grazed it on his arm, giving him a sample of a gentle touch she could offer.

Xuefeng did notice that and normally he would react, but at the time, he didn't have time for any more flirting. Just as Princess Shan entered the room, Xuefeng closed the door behind her and pulled Wuying to the side, leaning over the wall with her in his arms. Flipping her around, he pushed Wuying's back against his chest and held her so she wouldn't move.

Wuying already figured out what he wanted to do when a small dagger appeared in his hands and called out to stop him, "Xuefeng... It's okay. I will try my best to resist... It doesn't hurt this much..." Before she could say anything more, Xuefeng slashed the dagger across his wrist, causing the blood to drip out of the wound.

Xuefeng would never leave any of his women in suffering if he saw them so he didn't even take Wuying's words into consideration. Holding her with one hand, he brought the second one to her lips and simply ordered, "Drink."

When the blood first flowed, Wuying's eyes turned red, but there would still be some sanity visible in her eyes. Compared to the last time, she resisted a few more seconds before she couldn't anymore, holding his hand up to her mouth and began sucking the blood. Xuefeng did notice the small pause which caused him to smile. It could only mean she was improving and that was a good sign.

Xuefeng knew she already had some in the morning so he didn't plan on giving her too much, but her small tongue which constantly licked the wound made him give her a little extra.

Inside the room, when Nuwa saw what Xuefeng and Wuying were doing, she couldn't help but frown, looking at both Xiao Wen and Yiren, asking right after, "Did you know about it? Drinking human blood is not normal." Nuwa already noticed something was off with Wuying but she didn't expect this to be the reason.

Yiren was the first to respond, happy to reply, "Mom, Wuying practises a powerful blood art but the side effects of it made her hungry for blood. Because of love for Xuefeng, she can no longer drink anyone else's blood but his. We are trying to help her fight back her desire and make her control those arts. They are super powerful!"

Hearing the explanation, Nuwa nodded, patting her daughter as a reward, "I get it now... We should definitely help her. Don't worry, mommy will figure out a way to help her." Nuwa was wondering which girl should she test next and finally found the perfect target.

Seeing that Xuefeng didn't plan to end it any time soon, Nuwa advised to Xiao Wen who was already ready to leave, "You should go now. Take him with you before he spoils her too much." For Nuwa, Xuefeng was never a good trainer for Wuying as he was too soft on his women. If he let her give in to her desire, she would never learn.

"I know. I was about to leave. See you all soon." Xiao Wen wasn't fine with Nuwa commanding her but she shrugged it off as she also had such an idea, going out right after.

When Wuying saw Xiao Wen leaving and walking to the garden with the corner of her eyes, she suddenly let go of Xuefeng's hand. Her desire was forcing her to drink more, but she fought against it, pulling Xuefeng's hand away.

As she already drank some of his blood, she wasn't completely out of control now, making her decisions much easier to carry out. If Xiao Wen came out a little bit earlier, Wuying didn't think she would stop.

Seeing the wound on his wrist closing, she called out to Xuefeng calmly, "You should go already... I'm fine." Her eyes were closed as she tried to further calm down her desire and she succeeded before Xuefeng turned her around and commanded, "Look me in the eyes."

"I'm fine," Wuying assured him again as she opened her eyes showing her beautiful blue pupils while gathering the blood from the corner of her mouth with her finger and putting it into her mouth.

Seeing her eyes looking all clean and stable, Xuefeng sigh in relief and finally let go of her, Golden Air Qi Wings forming on his back as he said, "I should be back tomorrow. Take care of Shan, she knows you the most here so try to help her become friends with everyone."

"I will." Wuying agreed without hesitating and gave Xuefeng last peck before he swung with his wings, rising into the air. Xiao Wen was already waiting for him in the sky so Xuefeng couldn't afford any more words, but she understood it well.

The speed of golden wings was amazing but just as he expected, during the night, he was like a lightbulb flying in the air. He quickly caught up with Xiao Wen who was silently flying towards the lake near the Phoenix City and embraced her from behind, taking her away with him.

He was naturally faster than her so even if she didn't like it, Xiao Wen stayed put in his embrace. She didn't complain about Xuefeng's behaviour either as he already knew what she was unhappy with. His only solution was to speed up to make up for the lost time.