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 The crowd quietened and gave them more space. The arena made of people, standing in a circle was around 30 meters in diameter.

Wuying and Princess stared at each other trying to predict what the other party will do first.

"If you are not going to move, then I will start first." Princess chuckled as she fixed the grip on her Icy Katana.

Xuefeng sight turned towards her, expecting a cool move. But unfortunately for him, the moment he blinked, Princess Shan wasn't in the same spot anymore.

She used her Movement Spirit Art to quickly close the distance and then swiftly slashed with her katana. Her whole body was covered with thin Ice Blue Qi making her look like she was an ice goddess.

Wuying looked vastly surprised by Princess high-speed attack and before she could even lift up her double daggers for a block, a sharp blade was upon her.

The shiny blade went right through Wuying body as if she was made out of the mud. The Ice blue Spirit Qi around the blade froze the body and the leftovers separated from the blade and splat on the ground creating ice spikes with a loud crash.

Everyone in the audience gasped for a moment and even Xuefeng heart froze. He felt like something inside of him broke.

Princess wasn't happy with the outcome and felt something was wrong. She hurriedly dodged to the side even before the frozen body of Wuying hit the earth.

Her intuition turned out to be true as at the same time, two blood-red daggers cut the air where Princess head was just a second before.

Wuying didn't follow up with another attack but reached out with her hand and a few strings of black hair fell on her palm.

The fake body finally came down to the ground and broke apart. It turned out it was just a clone shell made of Spirit Qi used to confuse enemies. Wuying used her escape art to sneak attack on Princess.

If not for Princess battle instincts she would be long dead. Xuefeng sighed in relief seeing that she is fine but still felt troubled.

'They are going for the kill!' He was shocked by how fast a fight of cultivators can be. One mistake and your life can be lost. He knew, that even if he tried to stop them, it would be impossible with his current skills.

"You got some quick moves." Wuying praised with a smile. Her outfit changed as a Black Spirit Armour wrapped around her curves.

"You are also escaping pretty fast," Princess answered as another layer of Spirit Qi appeared on her body.

They both had protection armour but one was made of their own Qi and another was a Spirit Artefact.

This time, it was Wuying who started another exchange. She dashed towards the other party cutting with both daggers at the same time. Princess was already prepared and parried both attacks as she retreated.

Wuying didn't stop the assault and continued to slash from all directions. After a few more attacks her dagger finally reached the target and hit Princess body.

A flat sound of a blade hitting a rock entered everyone ears and chunks on ice fragments exploded everywhere. At the same time, Princess was hit, she stomped on the ground creating a block of ice that crushed into Wuying chest ejecting her in the air.

She landed gracefully ten meters away and looked at Princess armour which was already repaired.

Her special Ice blue Spirit Qi could turn into ice at her will. As long as she had enough Qi, she could wrap her body with it, giving her ultimate protection. Unless the attack was powerful enough to destroy the ice layer in one hit, it would be hard to defeat her.

That's what Wuying deducted after a quick exchange. Looking down at her own Spirit Armour, it had a few scratches but she was still fine. Thinking there was no other choice, she decided to use her new Spirit Art she was recently practising, "Rank 4 Blood Daggers."

She slashed her palms drawing blood which daggers greedily absorbed. Their red colour became even clearer and turned into bloody red. Normally, you should use the blood of your enemies while activating this Spirit Art but she didn't have any at the moment. Her only option was to use her own.

Without wasting time, she charged forward. Suddenly a copy of herself appeared from her shadow and also run next to her.

Unable to recognize the real one, Princess blocked one with a wall of ice and shot multiple ice bolts towards the other.

One body was quickly pierced by sharp spikes but it disappeared a moments later. The one blocked by the ice wall was the real one.

Wuying couldn't stop her momentum and crashed into the wall, destroying it with a one "X" shaped cut. Blood daggers passed through it without any problems, but what awaited her was an Ice Katana falling vertically from above.

She quickly crossed her daggers above her head to block the strike. The attack was followed by knee hit with an ice spike on it. It crashed into Wuying Spirit Armour with a dull sound.

It didn't cause much damage to her, but the impact caused her to fall back through the hole.

The fallen ice chunks raised the dust from the ground blocking the vision around the wall. Afraid of a sneak attack, Princess increased her distance. Her Spirit Awareness scanned the insides of the fog but didn't find anyone inside.

'The same trick again?' Just as she thought that she sensed a movement behind her.

Her whole back turned into an ice shield on instinct before Wuying Blood daggers made a long horizontal cut.

"Aghhh." Princess groaned in pain.

This time, the ice couldn't withstand the attack and a faint line of blood appeared on Princess back. She turned around ignoring the pain, but Wuying was already far away.

Wuying face looked pale, but she was determined to continue the fight. The price to pay for using Blood Daggers Spirit Art is blood. After the daggers spilt Princess blood, she regained some of her strength but it was not enough.

The Shadow Guard members were excited seeing their leader draw first blood but Xuefeng was not in the least pleased.

'You can stop the fight Xuefeng. Wuying is using an art she is still not proficient yet. She will probably hurt herself before the fight ends.' Ling informed him after examining the situation.'

'Yeah, I think you are right.' Xuefeng agreed.

Princess looked mad when she checked the wound on her back. She never sustained an injury in her life. Taking advantage of the break, she froze the cut and took a healing pill. She didn't want to have a scar forever.

Just as she wanted to use her ultimate art to beat Wuying she heard a familiar voice, "Stop! It's enough."

Both of them looked at each other with complicated faces but in the end, they listened to Xuefeng and put down their weapons.

The crowd was disappointed about the duel results but no one complained out loud.

They were also surprised at Wuying strength. Not many people knew she was already at this stage.

When Wuying and Princess arrived by Xuefeng side, he checked the latter injury. He touched the surface of the wound and took a deep breath.

Although it was healing fast due to the pill, It was for sure painful.

He then looked at Wuying pale face and sighed helplessly.

"Wasn't that only a normal spar? Why do I see you both injured?" Xuefeng asked with an angry expression causing them to lower their heads.

"Let's go back." He decided before turning towards the crowd, saying "The party is over, you can all disperse."

"Since when was Young Master so cool?" Someone asked after Xuefeng left with the ladies.

"I guess, the rumours were true..." his buddy added.


Although he looked angry on the surface, that fight really helped him to generally understand how cultivation work in this world, so he was grateful. Even if you have a high stage, you can still be defeated if you are not careful enough.

There was a lot of training awaiting him but he was positive about his future. With Ling help, he has higher chances to survive than anyone else.

'I need to get stronger...' Xuefeng thought as he again realized it won't be that easy and colourful.