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 Starting from himself, his name was the same as the previous owner, Liu Xuefeng.

He was currently in the Phoenix city in the Aurora country. He was the son of the clan leader in Liu Clan, Liu Xiaobei.

He didn't have any information's about the size of this world, but he could tell it was enormous. It was at least hundreds of times larger than Earth.

'If Aurora Country is as big as Asia on Earth, then how big is this world. There are so many Countries like that and there are even Kingdoms which are even bigger.' Liu Xuefeng tried to imagine it.

After being shocked by this fact, he was overwhelmed once more.

'I actually reincarnated into a cultivation world.' Liu Xuefeng read a few novels with that genre, but he didn't think that there existed other worlds like that.

In this world strength represents everything. It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. Stronger party will always be the right one.

'Damn, I need to be careful and consider my every action. You never know when you are going to offend someone powerful. Too bad this guy didn't know anything about cultivation. His dantian was broken from birth.'

Liu Xuefeng sighed. 'I hope it's repaired after my reincarnation.'

At that moment someone opened the door and entered the room. Before he could even turn to look at the person, he heard a scream.

"Aaaaah! Young master, you can't stand up!" A sweet voice of a lady called out to him.

The moment he heard that voice, his heart started to beat faster. He turned around and saw a young lady in servant dress running towards him in panic.

"Wuying..." A name left his mouth uncontrollably.

Wuying was the name of a servant, his predecessor was in love with.

At this moment, she already ran close to him, in her hands, new, clean bandages.

Her hands started roaming around his chest, checking if the action of sitting up didn't open the injury.

"I'm fine, don't worry." He tried to talk to her, but she didn't listen. She started to take off the bloody bandages but was shocked when she spotted no injury beneath them.

"Young master, what happened with the injury?" Although still astonished, she was happy that he is fine. She couldn't help but ask confused. She applied the medication last night and he had a big wound across his chest.

"I don't know, it healed when I was asleep." He tried to calm his raging emotions.

Whenever he looked at this young, brown-haired beauty he could feel something tighten in his heart.

"That's wonderful!" She cried and threw herself into his arms. Her full peaks hugged his arm as her soft hands wrapped around his neck.

After a moment, she finally realised her actions and pushed him away. Blushing heavily, she stood up and ran towards the doors.

"I will call Milady, she must be worried." She called out, before rushing out.

Only after she left, Xuefeng calmed down.

'Now I know, how you fell in love with her. For a normal boy, it would be hard to resist against attacks like this.' He felt as if he was the one who loved her.

'I need to somehow lessen those emotions. They are not mine after all.' he decided after thinking it through.

After around five minutes, he heard hurried footsteps coming from behind the door.

Seconds later, the door opened and three people entered. This time, in addition to Wuying, there were also a mature lady and a dignified man.

From his memories, he could tell that this black-haired man was the current clan leader as well as his new father. The woman that looked as if she was in her twenties was his mother, Mu Lan.

He thought that he will burst with emotions this time as well, but surprisingly he didn't feel much.

'Maybe the emotions are not strong enough to break through.' Xuefeng thought.

Xuefeng was standing by the bed, wearing his purple robes.

"Feng'er, Wuying said you already recovered, let your mother check." His mother crisp voice travelled into his ears as she approached him. They heard about his injury an hour ago but before they even came to check on him, he is already recovered.

Before they came here, Xuefeng already prepared a story that will match this world and will explain his recovery.

His mother checked his body but didn't see any physical injury.

"How did you recover so fast? I heard you were injured just yesterday." She asked confused.

"Actually, a week ago, when I was on a stroll in the city, I helped an old beggar by buying him bread. To repay me, he gave me a medical pill. After I was injured yesterday, I swallowed it before going to sleep." He narrated the story.

"When I woke up today, not only did I heal, but I could also feel something in my stomach unlock. Father, can you check if my dantian is also recovered?" He asked his father with an excited look on his face.

"Oh? Show me your hand!" Liu Xiaobei finally showed the change in his expression.

After his hand was grabbed, Xuefeng could feel weird sensation spreading from his hand to every part of his body.

"Ahahahahahahaha, God did not abandon us!" After a moment his father started to laugh.

"Lan Lan, our son dantian is not broken anymore!" He hugged his wife in happiness.

Who wouldn't want his child to be the very best?

"Let's see which bastard say my son is a trash again."

Mu Lan checked Xuefeng dantian to confirm for herself and she as well got excited.

"Feng'er, that's such a great news!" She hugged her son.

Wuying was also jumping excitedly, happy for her young master.

"Feng'er, there will be a Spirit Awakening Ceremony for all ten years old in our clan in two days. Although you are a little bit older, it doesn't matter. After you get your first Spirit, you can start your cultivation." Her mother mentioned.

"Right! I need to contact resources Elder. Now that my son can cultivate, he should get his part of the cake." Liu Xiaobei looked like he was 10 years younger now.

"Son, you should rest now, we will take care of everything. I will send someone to teach you some basics of cultivation tomorrow." After saying that, his parents left.

Only Wuying was left with Xuefeng.

'Everything worked as planned. Thank god my dantian was healed too, else living in this world would be horrible.' He could finally relax. That was the major issue he was worried about.

After his parents closed the door, their happy faces disappeared and were exchanged with focused ones.

"Shadow." Liu Xiaobei called out.

After a moment his shadow expanded forward and soon turned into a black-robed man. His face hidden behind a black mask.

"Yes, my Lord?" He answered with a deep, dark voice.

"Did you hear the story of my son? Investigate. I give you a day." Liu Xiaobei gave a quick order.

"Right away, my Lord." Instead of going back into shadows, a black masked man just vanished into air.

When they reached their chamber, Mu Lan finally spoke.

"Only rank three pills can heal broken dantian. To create such a pill... there is only one such person in Aurora Country who can do it." She thought out loud.

"Qiao Jingyi!" They spoke at the same time.

"But he is currently in the capital. There is no way that he would come to Phoenix City, dress as a beggar and give a random kid a rank 3 pill in exchange for a bread. I asked him many times to sell me one of his rank 3 pills, but he never agreed." Liu Xiaobei contemplated.

"What if, it wasn't a medical pill, but a poison pill he got? He would be dead by now. You can't even protect your own kid. Why do you even keep your Shadow Guard, if they can't do their job properly." Mu Lan scolded her husband and slapped him on the back of his head.

"Au, Calm down woman. There is no way a rank 3 alchemist could enter Phoenix City and I wouldn't know about it. Our son probably lied to us to hide something. We should ask Wuying to investigate as well. She got really close to him recently." If other people saw the powerful Clan Leader being scolded like that, he would become a laughingstock in the city.

But they didn't know that his wife Mu Lan was a lot stronger than him. He himself didn't even know by how much, but every time they spared, he would be defeated in a few moves.

"Eh, don't even mention her, where was she when our son was injured. Don't send her on any missions from now on, just let her stay near our son at all times. Now that he can cultivate, he needs to be protected." Mu Lan commanded.

"But she is the leader of my Shadow Guard, she needs to participate in group training... Okay..." He tried to reason, but under his wife cold stare, he could only compromise.