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 Seeing him still confused, Xiao Wen grabbed his hands and pointed at the Red Signal Crystal that she threw at him a moment ago and explained, "You can listen to the message my father left for you after our talk. Use your Spirit Qi to activate the message. I'm not joking, this might be serious. She is definitely lost somewhere." Only then did Xuefeng understand the severity of the situation and quickly nodded, running his Qi through the crystal, having a message passed to his mind right away.

'Tianshi escaped from pursuers and I suspect she is inside the Holy Land. You must have given her a way to enter it right? I know it was you who saved her back then in the lake. Go there and bring her back home safe.' The message was passed in a very domineering manner, Xiao Feng voice sounding as if it was Xuefeng fault and sounded more like an order than a plea.

It wasn't a surprise that Xuefeng got mad and his hand squeezed the red crystal, almost crushing it with just his grip. It was only saved by Xiao Wen as she grabbed his hand and hugged it into his chest, calming him, "Calm down Xuefeng. This is not the time to be angry. I'm also pissed off by the news but right now we need to act and check if Tianshi is alright."

Xuefeng still exploded as he was angry at something else as well, cursing under his breath, "I can't calm down when your father is this irritating. What does he mean by bringing her back home safe?! She is obviously not safe in the Xiao Family and that's why she had to run away! I'm not giving her back anymore. The safest place for her would be near us. This is ridiculous."

If Xiao Family was raided and Tianshi had to run away, they obviously didn't do a good job in protecting her. He didn't plan to make the same mistake of letting Xiao Feng take her away from him after hearing such news. He already missed her a lot and now this was happening which ignited him even more.

"Don't tell that to me. Tell it to my father when you meet him. First, let's go to that Holy Land and check if Tianshi is there." Xiao Wen reached out and held Xuefeng face with both hands, trying to calm him down by making him look at her gentle smile before turning to Nuwa who was behind them and asked curiously, "Is that okay with you?"

Xiao Wen knew that Nuwa was the Queen from Yiren's tales so she decided to ask for permission first. As Nuwa was also one of them, they all had to respect the other's decisions and thoughts.

Instead of replying to Xiao Wen's question, Nuwa turned to Xuefeng and asked with a frown, "Since when can humans enter the Holy Land? Did you decide that with Goddess Mingshu?"

Nuwa didn't mind friends entering the Holy Land but if some other greedy humans gained access, it would be catastrophic for her people. Right now, if Tianshi really did successfully enter inside with the token, it only meant that she could also have her token stolen, leading to tragedy. Tianshi was almost caught after all.

Xuefeng scratched his head hearing Nuwa's question as he actually forgot to mention it to her before and turned to her, admitting, "Yes... I did talk about it with her, deciding to drop the barrier so we could all enter there. It's a good way of transportation after all. I wanted to take everyone together with me... I'm sorry I didn't tell you, it somehow flew out of my head."

Seeing her not replying, Xuefeng approached her and held Nuwa's hand, saying apologetically while looking into her eyes from up close, "Don't be mad... I was planning to bring that up, but too many things happened in between."

Nuwa finally responded as she blinked a few times, returning from her dreamland, "I was thinking. I'm not mad. I'm just a bit surprised the goddess listened to you like this. Anyway, we can't let so many tokens stay outside then. If someone evil enters the Holy Land if Tianshi loses it, will you be the one responsible for all the possible damage? It was different when humans couldn't enter even with the token but now, I can't let my people be at risk."

Looking into Nuwa's eyes, Xuefeng knew that there was no discussion to her decision as she looked sternly at him so he could only agree, finding it a fair trade, "Alright, I will take it from her when we meet. I also don't want anything to happen."

Just then, Yiren who finished setting the bedsheets walked up to Xuefeng and hanged herself on his neck, pleading cutely, "Xuefeng, can we also go?" She already wore her light nightgown, but hearing the circumstances, she would have to change once again.

"Of course, we are going." Before Xuefeng could reply, Nuwa nodded in reply to her question, which made Yiren smile happily, saying excitedly, "Great! I didn't see auntie for a while already. I still miss her snacks."

Unfortunately, before Yiren could get enough happiness, Xuefeng caught her and moved her body to the front, rejecting her softly, "No, you both should stay here."

Both Nuwa and Yiren didn't like that with Yiren naturally asking, "Why...?" She showed her classic begging puppy eyes, but Xuefeng didn't fall for it this time, explaining, "Our plans didn't change. There is still the selection for tomorrow prepared by the White Lotus Sect. How are we going to join it if we are all gone? We can't go all together. I wanted to go alone with Xiao Wen and bring Tianshi back here before tomorrow."

Nuwa countered his argument pretty fast, calling out, "Why bother with the mere branch sect if we can join the main one with our skills? We can take Princess Shan with us if that's what you are worried about. With just one word from Xiao Wen or me, they would beg to take us in." She didn't yet fully approve of Xiao Wen but she had to admit her influence was big and they could use it to her advantage.

Just as she thought that Xiao Wen would concur, the red-haired beauty shook her head and said calmly, knowing much more about the dangers of a Fate Holder being in the Central Region, "I agree with Xuefeng. You might not know but there is an organisation for all Fate Holders which gathers all of them from the Central Region. I don't want Xuefeng to join it yet, or even joining it at all. If we stay in the main Sect, they will definitely bother us, forcing Xuefeng to join it."

The reason Xiao Wen was telling it to them was not only to inform Nuwa but also to remind Xuefeng of dangers which he kept forgetting. Once he joined, there was no going back. He could only hide for now or fight them directly. Xiao Wen still believed they were too weak to defy the whole organisation.

After listening to the whole explanation, Nuwa looked frustrated, being forced to give in like that and replied unhappily, "Fine, we will do as you say..." Even though she said that Nuwa leaned over and stole a kiss from him as a payment for listening to him. She was used to doing what she wanted and only when Nuwa got Xuefeng, she started to take Xuefeng's opinions into consideration.

Just as Nuwa let go of him, Xiao Wen asked impatiently as she rubbed his shoulder, "Can we go? I am worried about Tianshi." They had no information about her what so ever and there was also a possibility she wasn't there so Xiao Wen didn't want to wait anymore.

Naturally, Xuefeng also knew it as he let go of Yiren as Xiao Wen was still talking and started wearing his clothes, putting his black leather jacket into his ring. It didn't take him too much time to get ready and reminded Nuwa when he finished, "Keep everyone safe while I'm gone." Nuwa felt it was unnecessary to say but still nodded with a smile. As the strongest from the group, she naturally felt the responsibility to protect everyone.

Before they departed, Xuefeng still had one thing that couldn't be skipped and he rushed outside, calling out to Xiao Wen, "Wait for a second, I still need to do something."