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 Slap! Slap!

"Ahh!" Feeling that it was enough for them, Xuefeng suddenly gave both of them light but juicy slaps on the butts, causing them to exclaim at the same time, separating from their kiss. He used that window to slip in closer and stole both Xiao Wen and Yiren's lips one by one, slowly severing their embrace, making them switch to hugging him instead.

As Xuefeng finally let go of their lips, Xiao Wen got a chance and asked Yiren, her cheeks still flushed, "Yiren, why did you kiss me...? We can't kiss like that."

Yiren showed her small tongue and said playfully while placing her head on Xuefeng's chest, "It was a punishment for trying to steal Xuefeng. You shouldn't disturb someone else's kiss."

Xiao Wen wanted to argue more but then Yiren suddenly leaned over, planting a quick peck on her lips before teasing her younger sister once again, "And don't say you didn't like it. I could feel your tongue moving on its own."

Xiao Wen could only pout, having no comeback to that, but then Yiren continued, "If you want to repeat it one day, you can just tell me..." This sentence together with Yiren's smirk made both Xiao Wen and Xuefeng shocked, not expecting Yiren to get so bold out of nowhere.

Xiao Wen naturally rejected as she called back, "Ha! You wish! This is definitely not happening again!" She somehow felt as if Yiren was the lewdest of them all but she is just hiding and pretends to be innocent.

Seeing Xiao Wen blushing once again, Yiren giggled as she covered her face with her hand and commented, continuing to tease her sister, "Hehe, little sister is embarrassed... So cute..."

Xuefeng couldn't hold it in anymore and also chuckled. Seeing that Xiao Wen was about to explode, he distracted her by kissing her lips, forcing her to swallow her words.

Without saying anything, for now, Xuefeng picked them both up from the floor and walked back into his room before placing them in front of the bed. The whole bed was still messy after their previous action so they couldn't sleep in it unless they changed it all. As a punishment for fighting, Xuefeng decided to make the girls do it.

"I need to go bring the others in but we need to change the bedsheets first. Because you two were fighting just now, you will be the ones to do it. The second set is inside the wardrobe. Xuefeng ordered as he pointed towards the wardrobe in the corner and asked, confirming that they know how to do it, "Do you have a problem with that? You know how to change bedsheets, right?"

The two sisters were natural-born princesses so it wouldn't be a surprise for him if they didn't know how to do it as everything was done by servants for them. Yiren was the first one to nod happily and Xiao Wen followed, not finding it a hard task.

Only then did Xuefeng realise that Xiao Wen has been travelling a lot all the time so she, of course, required such skills. Yiren was generally diligent so he knew she would be knowledgeable.

Having their confirmation, Xuefeng pulled them once again into his arms, savouring one more kiss from each of them, not forgetting to feel up their butts in the process before recommending, "You can also wear your sexy nightgowns. There might be Princess Shan joining us as well... I honestly have no idea what to do with her yet but I can't leave her to sleep alone..."

Yiren was the first to agree, speaking for the two of them, "We don't mind, the bed is big enough to fit us all." As Yiren already agreed, Xiao Wen could only confirm it else she would look selfish.

She didn't mind sharing Xuefeng with his current wives but Xiao Wen was still against adding other wives, further decreasing her time with Xuefeng. After some deeper thoughts, she realised she was a little bit selfish, thinking it was alright as long as she was the one closest to Xuefeng, always sleeping directly in his arms. There was only this little space around him so whoever was the closest, was the most superior in her opinion.

Knowing they didn't mind, Xuefeng went with this plan, still quite confused himself, "Alright, we will do that." He did like Princess Shan, but if Xuefeng was to be fully honest, his feelings for her were not as strong compared to the other wives he had. It could be because they didn't spend enough time together for them to form fully.

Letting go of them, Xuefeng wore a towel on his hips, tying it loosely, just so it can cover him a bit. He saw the girls still sitting in the same positions, both Wuying and Princess Shan were training or at least looked to be absorbing the Qi. He could see Water Qi flowing into Princess Shan's body as her toes were submerged in the pond.

Xuefeng believed that Wuying was more or less training her strong will, trying to resist her desire for his blood but he could see she was struggling, her eyelids shivering ever so slightly. Nuwa, on the other hand, wasn't doing anything, sitting on the grass while holding her legs up to her chest. She was looking at the fish swimming in the pond while looking at the moon that was mirrored on the water surface.

Even though Wuying was the closest, Xuefeng decided to leave her for last, knowing that he had to provide her with some relief before she would join them for the night sleep. His first option was Nuwa who he approached first.

On his way, he leaned over to Wuying and whispered to calm her down while rubbing her cheek, "I will come back to you in a second. Will you wait a bit more?" When Wuying felt his touch, she opened her eyes and nodded, her shaking subsiding with such a promise. She knew they couldn't just perform such actions in front of everyone and she could only wait for him in this situation.

Going up to Nuwa, there was no way she still didn't notice his presence so he knew she chose to ignore him until he went to her side as she didn't move at all. Xuefeng could only fulfil her wish, crouching behind her and kissed her on the hair while embracing her, wrapping his fingers together with hers.

Leaning over, Xuefeng kissed her on the ear and whispered, "The Queen is being invited for the rest..." Nuwa couldn't ignore him anymore with him aiming at her weak spot and she turned her head around, catching his mischievous lips.

Even though he tried to please her from the start, Nuwa didn't let go of this opportunity and reacted sarcastically, "Did you finally recall that you have other wives? Did you enjoy yourself properly?" She was the one who proposed such a chain of events so she was fine with it, but Xuefeng definitely prolonged his fun too much.

Xuefeng already felt bad for leaving them outside while playing together with Yiren and Xiao Wen so hearing Nuwa's words did not make him less guilty. Xuefeng could only hug her tighter and simply apologise, saying softly, "I'm sorry it took so long. Next time I expect you to join, okay? I don't want you to be left apart from the rest."

He could feel that she was getting relaxed the more time she spent inside of his embrace so he asked, "Will you come on your own and sleep with me or do you want me to carry you with me?" He knew she would be a bit moody right now so the least he could do is pamper her a bit.

Instead of agreeing, Nuwa, of course, bantered with him, asking, "You think this is enough to convince me?" For him, Nuwa was the hardest to handle but after spending so much time with her, Xuefeng already knew some things about her.

Xuefeng suddenly picked her up like a princess and carried her without asking anymore. Before she could complain, he added some kisses to the mix, calming her down as if she received the food she was hungry for. As they neared his room, he stopped and asked playfully, "Is it enough with the kisses? You are not complaining."

"Nope, I want more tonight. Others already got their share." Nuwa shamelessly shook her head and reminded him of her words, "I told you, I will only let you meet with others if you satisfy me properly. If not, I will kidnap you and make you only mine."

"Is this how a Queen should behave? Don't be naughty." Xuefeng naturally had to reprimand her but deep down he knew his words would pass through her without much of an impact. Just as he expected, Nuwa grinned, wrapping her hands around his neck and commented, "I don't care. You are mine."

Opening the doors, Xuefeng smirked and said as he smiled mischievously, "We will see what you say after I'm done with you tonight..." Thinking how he should punish her, Xuefeng looked at the bed and was surprised to find Xiao Wen slowly wearing her clothes while Yiren was finishing making the bed. There was a serious look in Xiao Wen's eyes, signalling that something happened.

Xuefeng could only place Nuwa on the ground and asked as he approached Xiao Wen, "What happened? Where are you going?" Just a moment ago she couldn't wait to sleep with him and now Xiao Wen looked like there would be no sleep tonight.

Xiao Wen buttoned her fighting outfit and called out to him while throwing a Red Signal Crystal to him, "Tang Family raided my Family's Palace. They tried to catch Tianshi to blackmail my father. After running away, she disappeared and father suspects she entered the space Nuwa and Yiren came from."

Walking up to him, all ready to go, Xiao Wen asked seriously, "Will you take me there with you?"