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 Back in Xuefeng's room in the Liu Clan, after their special moment, Xuefeng picked both Xiao Wen and Yiren into his arms and brought them back to the bathroom to properly clean them from all the sweat on their bodies. If it was only one girl, it would have been an easy task but with the two sisters, one more naughty than the other, it took him a lot of time to properly tame them.

Before they finally could return to bed, it was already late in the evening. Xuefeng naturally felt bad for leaving his other wifies still outside so he quickly decided to bring them in. Of course, firstly, he had to take care of the two little monkeys which clung to his body and didn't want to let go. The worst thing was that their bodies were so soft and comfy that he didn't want to let go of them either.

The two sisters were completely different and he appreciated both of them in a different way. Yiren was more of a quiet and patient one but usually, after she gets the attention she needs, she would shower him with the love and care of a doting wife.

Yiren was a little bit shorter than Xiao Wen but she was making it up with the size of her breasts and hips which she inherited from her mother. They were planted on Xuefeng's chest, fighting for the space with Xiao Wen but it was clear Yiren could win if she wanted.

She was the one who offered Xiao Wen more space out of kindness and love for her. Even with that, they would keep touching with their breasts but at this point, the two of them were like real sisters, sharing everything and caring for one another.

At first, Xuefeng was feeling both Yiren's bottom and smooth back but then his hand travelled towards her head, entangling itself with her already dry, golden hair and rubbed the back of her head as he savoured kisses from her. Yiren was always the best one to kiss as their connection was only multiplying their pleasure, doubling the sensation of their lips and tongues.

His hand then caught onto her pointy ear which she stopped hiding under her hair since her mother, Nuwa, came out from the holy land and Xuefeng knew they didn't need to worry about others knowing their race. It would also be hard to convince Nuwa so he didn't even try.

Upon touching it, Yiren felt the immediate pleasure which signalled her love was still as strong as ever. Only when two lovers had feelings for each other would touching their ears feel amazing and in all other cases, the elves would only feel irritation.

Xiao Wen, on the other hand, was much different compared to her gentle and cute sister. Both of her breasts were round and soft to the touch while her bottom all juicy and tender, ready for some passionate rubbing. Xuefeng's hand was always gently laying down on her butt, squeezing and grasping the soft flesh while switching from one buttcheek to another.

Since the moment Xiao Wen confessed her love to Xuefeng, she didn't mind his touch at all, letting him enjoy her great body as he wished. After all, he was part of the reason she kept herself in shape, making sure he would find her attractive and always happy to pluck, savouring the unique feeling every day.

She was the type who would always try to find a way to provide him with some enjoyment and seeing he wasn't pushing her away, Xiao Wen was only getting bolder and bolder, teasing him with her movements. Her breasts would rub around his nipples, making them both erect before connecting in a quiet battle while her hands kept roaming around his bountiful muscles, squeezing where she could and wanted.

Her lips would be on Xuefeng's neck, then shoulder as she sucked on his collarbone before fighting for his lips with her older sister, Yiren. They both tried to distract him and gather as much of his attention as possible. It somehow began a friendly competition between them and for some reason, Yiren was winning with more kisses gathered.

Because of that, even though Xuefeng battled with her so hard not too long ago, making her completely exhausted, after some time in the bath, Xiao Wen regained her stamina and began teasing Xuefeng's member for another action, wanting some more of it before they had to return. Unfortunately for her, Xuefeng knew where to cross the line and stopped her hand, moving it onto his body instead, causing her to sulk a bit.

Xiao Wen wasn't a sore loser but today was her night and she wanted to get as much as she could before they would return back to sharing Xuefeng with everyone. Xiao Wen embraced her smoking hot sister with one hand across her waist while using the other to hug Xuefeng's shoulder and leaned over towards their kiss, first giving her notice by sucking on his neck before rubbing her nose on Xuefeng's cheek.

It would be strange if Xuefeng didn't notice her, especially when Xiao Wen started playfully tickling his cheek with the tip of her tongue and he finally let go of Yiren's tongue, wanting to give some attention to Xiao Wen. To his surprise, before he could lean over with his lips and catch another pair, Yiren leapt forward, suddenly kissing Xiao Wen in his stead.

Xuefeng's eyes opened wide as a smile appeared on his face, cheering for Yiren in his heart. He didn't know why he was excited to see such action and Yiren could feel his enjoyment, continuing to push forward without hesitation. What was even funnier was Xiao Wen who closed her eyes the moment she saw Xuefeng leaning over and she accepted Yiren's lips as if they belonged to Xuefeng.

Their lips exchanged soft kisses and before Xiao Wen had time to realise that something was wrong, their tongues connected, dancing around each other with passion. Xiao Wen kissed Xuefeng enough times to realise the lips that tried to eat her up completely were different, much softer than the ones of Xuefeng.

Although she found the sensation somewhat different, Xiao Wen liked the soft touches on her lips and the small tongue that was cuter compared to the one she was used to already. The smaller tongue fitted in her mouth perfectly, giving them more space for their small battles and playful rubbing.

She liked it so much that for one moment she forgot herself in pleasure only to finally realise what was going on when it was too late. Other than Xuefeng, there was only Yiren in their embrace so the answer was obvious. Xiao Wen's eyes momentarily opened and she confirmed her guess, seeing the golden hair and the familiar face of Yiren.

Even though Xiao Wen liked the kiss, she couldn't help but exclaim while trying to pull away from her, not feeling like it was right, "Mhmm!" It was their second kiss tonight and her mind was already conflicted about it.

To Xiao Wen's surprise, Yiren didn't let go off her and closed the distance instead, embracing Xiao Wen around her neck while letting go of Xuefeng completely. He didn't mind that and simply hugged both of them, enjoying the action from up close. Even though he wasn't involved, he was having a lot of fun, just watching and keeping their embrace together.

Their breasts were rubbing against one another as an extra series of kissing sounds filled the bathroom. Xiao Wen couldn't escape and decided to give in, forgetting about her prejudice thoughts for a moment. Her hands embraced Yiren's back, finding her sister's body extremely soft, wanting to touch it more with every second.

At the start, they roamed on Yiren's back but as time went on, Xiao Wen became bolder and the desire to feel Yiren's body increased, planning on testing it while comparing it with her own. Every girl wanted to look better than the other and she unknowingly created competition between her own sister.

Unfortunately, wherever Xiao Wen touched, she couldn't find a spot where her body was dominantly superior. Yiren skin was porcelain smooth and even her bottom was much firmer, feeling as if she was grabbing a perfect example of how a butt should feel like.

Xiao Wen couldn't help but think of one possibility, 'Is this the cause of Xuefeng's...'