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 "Aaaghh!" The moment Tianshi's head reached the surface, a loud cry of pain resounded in the Queen of Forest Elves' bathroom. She barely had the strength to grab the edges of the well as pain was almost paralyzing her body.

Earlier, during her escape from Tang Family's cultivators, when she was hit with a raging fireball, she could bear the pain from the flames that burned her back as it lasted only a few seconds before being extinguished by falling in the water. Even the pain from her broken legs wasn't that overbearing at that time so she wasn't super worried about it but unfortunately, she was painfully wrong.

Because of the adrenaline during her escape, she didn't feel the full scopes of her pain and only after she appeared in this new place, the whole dose finally hit her. Even with the flames gone, she felt like her whole back was still burning, covered with hot flames. The cold water from the well didn't help at all in easing the pain and even worsened it, adding the power to the flames.

Tianshi couldn't cope with it, forcing her to scream to let out the frustration, "Aaagh! It hurts so much!" With great difficulty, she tried to get out of the well but her body kept shaking with each move and only after using all of her strength left, she finally pulled herself up, falling to the wooden floor.


She hit the floor like a wooden plank which caused her another wave of pain to spread throughout her body but this time she kept it in, gritting her teeth to stop herself from screaming.

During falling, she turned herself around in the air to avoid hitting the floor with her back but that still didn't help much as she still felt it. There was a strong desire in her mind to scratch her whole back, getting rid of the burning skin but Tianshi knew it would only make it worse.

With her mind which was all in crumbles due to the pain, Tianshi pulled out all the best healing pills she had on her and swallowed them without hesitation. She didn't need to look in the mirror to know that the skin on her back was completely burned down and even if she took the best healing pills, it would be hard for her to magically heal without leaving any scars.

Just as she thought about it, one person appeared in her mind, someone she wanted to meet really badly since a long time and now she needed him even more. She knew about his power and only he could help her.

Unfortunately, Xuefeng wasn't here with her and she doubted he would magically appear here just when she needed him. With the help of the pills, Tianshi's pain lessened by more than half which allowed her to think clearer and she immediately woke herself up while crying out in her mind, 'Xuefeng won't help me if I die before he comes here! I need to take care of this quickly...'

The pills her father gave her were really high quality and Tianshi could already feel the effects, feeling like her tissue was repairing but she knew it wasn't the end. The burning flames burned her dress before touching the skin but before it all burned, she extinguished it with water, causing some of her dress to stick to the burned skin.

Now that the pills were working on repairing the tissue, she had to get rid of her dress and allow it to healthily grow back. It would be best if she could get rid of the dress before taking the pills but she was too weak for that at the time.

Before the pills took the full effect, Tianshi lay down on her belly and reached out towards her back before trying to pull out one piece of the dress. She knew that it would be tens of times more painful than what she experienced before but she didn't expect for it to be this intense.

"Ah!" With just one small pull, her eyes opened wide and she choked on pain, immediately wanting to scream. She didn't have good access to her back but she still had to try to get rid of the dress only to find out how ridiculous it was. Unless she pulled it all at one go, she would have to torture herself to her rid of it completely.

Even painkillers were not enough to tame the pains she was going through. Her dress was already sticking to her burned skin and the only way to get it off was by ripping the skin together with the dress.

'Ugh, you have to do it!' Tianshi cheered herself up in her mind and knowing she had no other choice at that time, she had to do it. She was in an unknown space and she didn't know if there was anyone who could help her. Her first instinct told her to find the solution herself first, leaving the desperate searching for help as the second plan.

Taking a deep breath, Tianshi ripped a part of her skirt away, rolling and folding it a bit before putting it between her teeth. With that done, she didn't hesitate to finally pull on a piece of the dress as strongly as she could.

"Ughh!" Tears fell from Tianshi's eyes when a bit chunk of her dead skin got torn away from her body together with her dress before blood started oozing out of the wound. It slowly gathered on top of the wound before streaming down onto her side and dripping onto the floor. If Tianshi watched her back, she would see that her wound was quickly healing up, creating new skin on top of the injury but even if this was the right way, Tianshi didn't have the will to repeat it.

When she wanted to reach out of check out the healed spot, her hand shook as if her body was scared of her pulling another piece which could cause her similar pains. Naturally, the idea of using her second plan quickly became very appealing to her. It didn't involve the same pains and there was hope a doctor was in this place which could help her.

Tianshi was now a bit upset at her stupidity as she didn't choose this option from the start just like any normal human being would do and rather chose to experience this much pain. She spat the cloth to the floor and wiped her tears away, bracing herself with the new resolution.

Tianshi wasn't a masochist who liked pain and she never went through similar pains before in her life so her decision to avoid the pain could be easily justified. She stopped looking at her previous mistake and focused on crawling towards the doors, planning on checking out where was she. All she knew was that Nuwa came from here but she is supposed to be on their side.

Tianshi couldn't walk so if she wanted to find help, she could only crawl outside, dragging her broken legs on the floor and hope someone was around there. Each of her movements felt like being hit by a large sledgehammer over and over again as the burned skin on her back moved around, giving her no mercy.

There were only five metres she needed to cross but that caused a lot of beads of sweat to appear on her forehead. There was this thought at the back of her head that kept repeating which caused a strange determination to appear in her eyes. What would Xuefeng say if he saw her this weak? Did she deserve to be by his side if she couldn't even handle this much?

Finally pushing the doors open, Tianshi saw a nice palace room, breathing a sigh in relief. If she was somewhere in the basement and had to climb the stairs to reach the people, she would cry.

Just as Tianshi crawled to the middle of the room, she heard someone talking outside which made her look at the doors in hope. With her current status of a wounded person, even if she tried, she wouldn't be able to beat anyone so she was at the mercy of the people leaving here. She believed that Xuefeng only becomes friends with nice people so they would reach out their helping hand.

The doors finally opened and Tianshi saw a pretty middle-aged woman of golden hair enter the room but then her movements froze when she saw Tianshi laying there, her face tired and stained with tears together with her back filled with burns.

Tianshi didn't have anything to lose so she decided to reach out for help first when the middle-aged lady suddenly rushed up to her and called out in worry, "Ah! Sweetie, what happened? Don't move, auntie will help you."

The lady was, of course, Nuwa's Mother which took control over the palace while Nuwa was away. She quickly infused Tianshi body with her Spirit Qi, trying to check what else could be wrong with Tianshi aside from the obvious reasons like her broken legs or burned back and thankfully confirmed that Tianshi was alright.

Seeing the painful expression on Tianshi's face, Auntie rubbed Tianshi's cheeks and pulled out a cup filled with a golden liquid while saying softly, "Poor child, you must be in a lot of pain. Drink this honey and the pain will go away. You must be Xuefeng's friend, right?"

Hearing the gentle and soothing voice of the lady, Tianshi could feel the motherly care from her and felt relaxed, knowing she would be safe with her. Hearing her saying Xuefeng's name assured her even more, making her nod at the question and reach out for the cup. She was already vulnerable so if Auntie wanted to do anything with her, she didn't need to try tricking her.

Finally feeling safe, a small smile appeared on Tianshi face and she replied while taking the cup of honey, "Thank you..."