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 Just as Pio decided to leave to continue killing just as he promised, Xiao Feng appeared in front of him, blocking his way and said, looking at him sternly, "Wait, I'm still not done with you."

Pio could only stop and look at his temporary master, with the wind blowing at his silvery hair. He already expected what Xiao Feng will ask so Pio wasn't unprepared for the questioning.

Glancing at all the bodies on the ground around them, Xiao Feng decided to ask about that first, "Did you kill them all?" There were almost twenty bodies of quite famous cultivators, each having the Sage Stage which put them into the top elites category. Xiao Feng felt it was a real shame to lose so many cultivators in such a stupid war but there was nothing he could do now.

"Yes." Pio simply nodded, not bothered by Xiao Feng's mighty presence. When he was in the special space for Fate Holders, he felt the same thing from almost everyone so he got used to it already.

Seeing the confident look in Pio's eyes, Xiao Feng didn't delve on this subject anymore, believing that he had the skills but asked something else which bothered him, "Why did you let my daughter escape alone instead of protecting her. With your strength, you were capable of that."

With that said, Xiao Feng glanced at Yi who was also staring at her master but she couldn't sustain the eye contact so she looked down. She knew what Xiao Feng meant with that. She was just a servant. Compared to Tianshi, she was nothing to her master. The question Xiao Feng wanted to ask was why did Pio save her instead of his daughter first.

Of course, Pio acted like he didn't understand that and said calmly, "I could only save one person. Young Princess had a way of escape so I utilized the resources to save the most people possible."

Xiao Feng naturally frowned and replied back, providing some information, "Tang Family had patrols all outside the capital, waiting for Tianshi to teleport so they could easily catch her. You didn't save but rather endanger her. What is your explanation?" As Xiao Feng asked, he released his Spirit Awareness, trying to pressure Pio and fix his attitude but then looked surprised. Before it reached Pio, it was magically disappearing as if sucked inside of Pio's body.

When Yi heard that Tianshi could be in danger, she immediately looked at Xiao Feng in worry, wanting to call out to him but stopped herself in time, understanding that Xiao Feng wouldn't stand here like this if Tianshi was in some serious danger.

Pio couldn't help but smile slightly at Xiao Feng's attempts to scare him and commented on it, "That won't work on me." before continuing, "Anyway, there was no time for me to take the crystal away from Young Princess and use it on Yi. Young Princess was stubborn and didn't want to leave. I didn't want to let her stay and witness both Yi and Yu's death. Not only would that make her hate me for only protecting her, but also leave a significant stigma in her mind that could affect her future cultivation and life. I couldn't let that happen."

Hearing the explanation, Xiao Feng's frown deepened as he actually found Pio's response reasonable. Even if Tianshi got caught, they could still steal her away, but once a demon appears in her heart, it would be hard to heal.

"If Young Princess was in danger, we wouldn't be chatting here. I will first kill all the members of Tang Family before joining the search of Young Princess. I hope she will be found before that time." Pio presented his plan, also figuring out that Tianshi was somewhat safe.

Xiao Feng thought about it for a second and decided to postpone his punishment, ordered to Pio while showing one finger, "You have one day. You will assist Elder Yang in taking over Tang Family headquarters and taking over all of their businesses in the capital. Kill all close members and take over all high ranked alchemists."

Looking to the side, he said to his Right Hand in the family, "Elder Yang, you can mobilize all forces and hidden reserves. I want to see Tianshi by tomorrow. Kill all the patrols, don't let anyone escape. They are still searching for Tianshi. Before they realise they lost her, you need to strike. Got it?"

Elder Yang was old but each time he heard there was battle and killing, the power he was hiding inside of him was awakening really quick and he shouted while imaging the incoming bloodshed, "Yes, Master!"

Pio didn't mind getting some helpers as it would be really tiring to actually kill hundreds of people by himself. He walked up to Yi who was once again looking back at her sister's body and passed her sword into her hand and ordered, "Let's go."

Yi only sadly looked at him and said, "She was a great sister..." Now she really regretted all the arguments they had in the past, thinking it was really silly. Instead of fighting with your brother or sister over some small stuff, one should always laugh and have fun. Now with her sister gone, those moments will never come back.

"I told you what you have to do if you want to do something for her. Become one of the best swordsmen and make her proud. Now, if you want to kill and get revenge for your sister, follow me." After those words, Pio didn't look back at her and walked forward towards the exit. He knew she would follow him.

After giving one last look at her sister's body, Yi picked up Yu's sword before taking all of her sister's belongings. She didn't want anyone else to touch them. The sword which lost its connection with its master was like a baby, quickly surrendering to Yi's rule. She moved it around her second hand, weighing it for a second before muttering, "Don't worry sister... I will take it with me so you can take your revenge. I will make you witness how I grow and become the greatest swordsman we wanted to be."

Saying that, she left, running towards Pio who already walked far away. When Xiao Feng saw that Yi actually picked herself up from the loss this fast, he nodded with satisfaction. As long as she could use this motivation, she would be a great cultivator in the future.

Before Elder Yang left, Xiao Feng pulled out the Signal Crystal connected to Tianshi and tried to contact her once again, trying to think of where she could be right now. He already did so earlier on his way here and he found no signal with her crystal, not able to tell her location. Her life crystal showed she was alive so it could only mean that she is either too far or similar to Xuefeng situation, she entered another hidden realm.

'Wait...' As he thought about it, he suddenly recalled the mysterious expert which saved Tianshi in the lake. He didn't hesitate and teleported away from the spot. Xiao Feng quickly rushed towards the nearby lake east of the capital, trying to confirm his theory.

Just as he arrived in the sky above the lake he saw a few Tang Family cultivators searching through the lake anxiously and he smiled, now understanding everything. The cultivators' talk only helped him as they cried out, unaware of his presence, "She disappeared! Fuck, we need to run away. If Tang Fei catches us, we are dead."

"I'm going. We can leave the Central Region today, no one will know."

"Let's go then."

Unfortunately, Xiao Feng couldn't let that happen and suddenly appeared in front of the cultivators with his double hammers ready, calling out to them with a smile, "And where are you going? Why don't you stay?"

Before the closest one could scream, his skull was crushed with one strike of his hammers. They were all shocked to see Xiao Feng there and thought about running but it was already too late for that.

It would be surprising if Xiao Feng needed more than a few seconds to kill each of them and he quickly rounded the clean up to half a minute, killing all six of them. He scanned the whole lake with his Spirit Awareness and found nothing, but that wasn't the problem as he already confirmed where she was.

Xiao Feng didn't hesitate and pulled out the Red Signal Crystal which was connected to his oldest daughter, Xiao Wen before contacting her, ready to talk to Xuefeng about something important.