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Tianshi slapped herself lightly on the face, trying to wake up and clear her mind but it didn't work as planned. The images of dead Yu kept coming back.

"Pio has to save her! He knows she is my friend..." Tianshi shook her head, not accepting any other option and forced herself to stop thinking about it, for now, deciding to decide what to do now. Tianshi was in an unknown place, away from the city, but that didn't mean she was safe. She could understand it this much.

Tianshi took a deep breath and ran into the air, using her Heavenly Steps to peek at her surroundings above the tops of the trees. The first mission was to figure out where she was so she could run away to a save place. The first place that came to her mind was to find Xuefeng and stay by his side, but she knew he was too far away from her right now. It would take her weeks to reach him.

"I know this place... The lake I met Xuefeng at should be very close to here..." Seeing the many towers of the Capital in the horizon, Tianshi quickly recognized where she was, already seeing this sight before. Recalling that, she suddenly felt like pulling out the token she received from Xuefeng and hugged it into her chest, feeling as if Xuefeng was always with her thanks to it.

Tianshi had to localize the lake first to know where she should go as he sense of direction was always bad so she gracefully walked even higher into the sky, spawning white clouds beneath her feet.

Just as she was about to look around her, she spotted more than ten cultivators flying in the night sky, some distance away from her and unfortunately, they also noticed her beginning to chase after her.

"Fuck!" Tianshi was a gentle girl but sometimes she also had to curse and this was one of those times. She just realised how stupid she was to show herself high in the air when she was a wanted woman right now.

Tianshi, of course, didn't hesitate to run away in the opposite direction, utilizing her Heavenly Steps to the limits. Her Movement Technique she learnt before also got turned on as she pumped all of her Spirit Qi into in, adding the little bit of speed to her run.

'Arrgh! I'm so stupid! They must have known I will escape so they left patrols at the circuit of my maximum range, hoping to catch me when I teleport.' Tianshi ran forward as she quickly found out what happened. She knew there was nothing else for her to do in that situation but she still blamed herself for that. If she didn't panic at the start, Tianshi believed she would think of something better.

Whoosh! She knew it would be hard to run away from them as they kept getting closer but then a fireball whished next to her head, missing the target but it still exploded in front of her, creating a cloud of fire.

"Aah!" Tianshi cried out, feeling the hotness on her body and shot a massive Air Qi wave in front of her on instinct, dispersing just enough of it to pass with her momentum.

Knowing she couldn't shake them off in the air, Tianshi dropped down into the forest, planning to ran in between of the trees. They couldn't fly in the straight line with full speed but she knew that couldn't stop them for long.

'What do I do now?!' Tianshi repeated the same question in her mind, running without care for her stamina. She was basically in a situation without an easy solution.

Suddenly, a realisation came into her mind, recalling the incident from a few days ago, 'Wait! The lake! Xuefeng used the token to come here. I should be able to use it to leave as well! Xuefeng appeared inside the lake and vanished inside of it as well so the token can probably only activate inside the water!'

The only problem she had was finding the lake. Squeezing the token tightly in her hand, Tianshi once again tried to run into the air, hoping to find the lake this time. Looking back at her pursuers, she noticed they were already only a few hundred meters away from her which pushed her to run even faster.

'I see it!' Fortunately, just as she looked around one more time, she happened to see the lit pier with the lanterns on the lake. Earlier it was too dark for her to see so far away and the pier was covered by the trees. It was quite far away from her but she had no other choice of survival. If she couldn't make it to the lake in time, she would be caught and her family would be in trouble.

"She is close! Catch her!" Her pursuers were already so close that she was able to hear their shouts but Tianshi didn't give up. There was only less than two hundred meters away until she was safe! She had to make it!

Swish! Swish!

Another two fireballs travelled towards her, forcing her to dodge it and that drained her Dantian which was running low on Air Qi even more. Each step, she used a small chunk of it.


Another explosion happened in the air, but this time they hit the target and Tianshi cried out in pain as she was blown away towards the lake, "Aaaagggh!" She could feel the fire burning her back as she flew forward with the momentum. The distance was already very little, but she wouldn't get there with just this much. The was still some meters she needed to land in the water.

Ignoring the horrific pain, she shot the last two pulse waves of Air Qi from her hands, emptying her dantian from it. Fortunately, that was enough for her.


Her body crashed into the water like a flaming meteor, creating a giant splash of water even though she hit it with her legs. Hitting the water with this speed was akin to crushing against the rocks and Tianshi definitely felt the impact. She didn't feel her legs as she sunk underwater so she guessed that they were broken but she forced herself to ignore the pain.

The only thing she thought of was Xuefeng's token which she quickly activated, sending her Spirit Qi inside of it, entering the doors which appeared without hesitation.

The Tang Family cultivators quickly dived into the water when their team leader shouted, "Find her quick! She needs to be alive else we are doomed!" Unfortunately for them, Tianshi was already far away from there, in the other hidden land.