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 Hearing the loud noise outside, Tianshi quickly got up from the bed, running towards the window to see what is going on. What she saw made her quickly scared, seeing hundreds of cultivators flying in the sky, launching attacks left and right, illuminating the sky. Tianshi suddenly felt like she was back on earth, watching the fireworks on the New Years Eve.


Just as she got distracted by the many powerful experts, she heard a loud smack on the doors to her room as if someone kicked it with strong power, causing them to explode and smash against the wall.

Upon turning around, Tianshi saw her new bodyguard Pio running up to her with a frown on his face, seeing it for the first time and he glared at her as he scolded, "Xiao Family is being attacked, why you are still not ready?! We are leaving!"

She only then understood the severity of the situation and looking at her silky nightgown, she decided to quickly change when another explosion sounded in the air, this time much closer to them than the last time.


The ground started to shake, almost throwing Tianshi to the ground but she was caught by Pio in time, who instantly dragged her out of the building by the hand. Just as they left, the ceiling fell got destroyed due to the massive shaking.

Yi and Yu were already standing there, wearing their Spirit Armours and holding their swords, ready to cut anyone who will get close to their Princess. They looked at the barrier which was enveloping the courtyard and saw more than fifty enemy cultivators, fighting against the defenders while a few who looked the strongest of them, began attacking it all together at one spot in an attempt to break in.

Yi quickly walked up to Tianshi and called out seriously, "Princess, run! They are going to break in soon. We will stop them and buy you some time!" Tianshi was still quite overwhelmed by the situation and it would be surprising that her body didn't tense up, being in the middle of the war.

She looked Yi, not knowing what to do exactly and asked in a panic, "How do I run away? We are surrounded!" Everything was too sudden for her. She didn't experience any real battles like that, causing her mind to go crazy.

"We have no time to run away now, as we are already trapped. I can take care of them but not if she is with us." Pio replied calmly after his initial unwillingness to deal with so many cultivators, trying to get control over the situation and asked Tianshi, letting go of her arm, "Don't you have any escape measure? Your father should have given you something."

Tianshi quickly looked inside of her ring and quickly found the escape crystal her father gave her, showing it to them, "Yes, I do! Father gave it to me and told me to use it for an emergency!"


Just when she finished, the barrier finally broke and tens of cultivators began rushing towards them, shouting, "Get her!"

"Princess leave now!" Yi shouted right away knowing the battle is about to start before launching a series of attacks at the invaders together with her sister, trying to buy some time for her.

Pio also moved, reaching out to the crystal on his forehead, crushing it right away which caused a cloud of silvery dust to spread all around the courtyard.

Tianshi didn't want to leave them for death so she wanted to help them somehow but before she could say anything, Pio shouted at her angrily, "Why are you still here?!" Without hesitation, he smacked the crystal in her hand, breaking it into dust. It caused space to quickly wrap around her, ready to send her far away.

Tianshi tried to resist but she was completely immobilized, her surroundings already disappearing, bit by bit. Just then, she saw Yi and Yu clash with one cultivator who was the fastest, trying to block them him reaching her, but with just one swing of his mace, Yu body was smashed away, ignoring her sword completely. The difference in the strength was too much for her to resist.

'Nooo!' Tianshi naturally tried to scream, but no words came out of her mouth. The last thing she was only able to see before being sent away was Yu body being sent flying. It hit the ground with a thud which she couldn't even hear and her head got ripped away due to the impact. What scared Tianshi the most was Yi being the next in line and the mace was already moving towards her thin body.

Unfortunately, before the scene could play out, her surroundings got exchanged by darkness. This didn't change for more than a few seconds and only then did some colour start appearing around her. When Tianshi could finally move her body again, she realised she was in the forest, outside of the capital.

"Yi!!!" Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from screaming with the pain in her voice. She became really good friends with Yi after some time but now, just like Yu she might be gone forever. She couldn't think of anything else other than recalling the scene in her mind, playing it over and over in her head, until she finally exclaimed, "Pio will save her!"

She remembered the mist that Pio released and him saying he could take care of all of them if she wasn't there. If he was so sure that he can defeat them, he should be able to save Yi as well, right?

"He can definitely save her! Pio wouldn't leave her alone to die..." Tianshi hoped, speaking out loud, only to find out she wasn't exactly sure of that at all. After spending some time with Pio, she learnt that he would only do something if he wanted. He wouldn't do anything unnecessary which would require an additional effort. Would he go out of his way to help a stranger?