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 Inside the Central Region, that night was really cloudy without even a speck of moonlight falling from the sky. Even in the glorious Capital, the centre of the whole world, everyone was staying at their homes with their doors tightly shut and no one wandering around the streets. This was quite an unusual occurrence knowing that the Capital was always busy, even during the night.

It could only be the fault of something scary happening in the city, something which forced everyone to hide and the only such topic was the war between the two biggest families in this world. Normally, the situation would not look like this even during the most heated days but today was different.

Everything was dark all around the Capital but one place was greatly lit up, causing the whole city to shake. It was the Xiao Family Palace! Everyone knew that Xiao Family had the most amount of soldiers and expert cultivators who worked full time for them, making their Palace almost impossible to break in without leaving hundreds of lives behind.

But, Tang Family which was at war with the Xiao's decided to test this theory going in with full force, attacking sneakily at night. The whole Palace territory was too big for them to advance through, so instead, they focused all of their forces on one spot, making the entry easier to them.

Unfortunately, even that was hard to accomplish because of the barrier protecting the Palace which was too strong to break through. The only way to enter was through one of the gates which had thinner barrier but even with that, the sound of breaking would alarm all the elites nearby and they would quickly swarm, surrounding the invaders in no time. The only solution was having one strong cultivator attack from the inside and turn off the barrier manually.

"Traitor! You won't get away with this!" One of the main protectors of the Western Gate shouted at one of his brothers who stood on the others side now, together with the invaders who suddenly sneak attacked the Palace.

Cough! Cough! Right after yelling, the man spat blood while clutching his belly which was filled with holes. He was attacked by too many people at the same time and even if he was a Sage Stage cultivator, he couldn't defend by so many attackers.

"Kill him quickly! Don't waste time. We are taking the Tianshi away and we are running away. We can't alarm. Go!" Tang Fei shouted towards his cultivators, being the one, as a Family Head, to lead the charge, betting all on one card. If they could get Tianshi, the whole war would be over.

Those last few days they lost almost fifty percent of their revenue as everyone began to withdraw their funds from their businesses, immediately siding with Xiao Family. Not only all of the businessmen turned back on them but they were also the first to support Xiao Family, speeding up their demise. In only those few days they were up against the wall without any way out.

The traitor who switched sides and helped Tang Family for money was the first one to volunteer to kill the last gate protector, dashing towards the laying man while laughing, "Hah, who cares! With the money I got I can live a happy life! Now die!"

He didn't expect that instead of panic, he would hear a big fat laugh from the sage cultivator, "Haha! You wish! All off you will die instead!" before he suddenly began inflating his body as if he was about to explode.

"Shit!" Tang Fei could only curse and shield himself his experts with a thick barrier before the cultivator exploded.

Boom! The ground shook and the floor started to crumble, forcing everyone to fly into the sky. Almost half of the Gate's tower was blown away by this simple explosion.

Another Sage cultivator accompanying Tang Fei cursed, not believing one would do something like this, "Fuck, this idiot detonated his Spirit!" They were shocked cause one needed their Spirit to reincarnate but he detonated all of it, meaning he already cancelled his chances of living second live.

"Let's go! The sneaky operation is over. We need to reach Tianshi first. I will stop Xiao Feng." Tang Fei didn't dilly dally and quickly called for all of his cultivators, rushing into the sky first. He only chose the best of the best, all being above or at least Saint stage with unique skills but there were still a lot of them with him, looking like a swarm of bugs as they flew towards their goal.

Unfortunately, due to the loud explosion, every cultivator of Xiao Family was quickly woken up from their sleep and rushed to defend their territory. The Tang Family were quickly surrounded but their goal wasn't to win a fight. It was to kidnap Tianshi! They focused all of their attention on breaking through the encirclement and pushed forward.

"TANG FEI!!! YOU DARE!?" Just then, a loud yell reached them all as a powerful source of energy filled their surroundings. Before Tang Family cultivators could even react, a muscular middle-aged man with double hammers in his hands teleported right beside the first enemy expert and his hammer already was heading towards his head.

Crush! The cultivator's head exploded right away upon contact, creating a shockwave that blasted another two experts. Xiao Feng was smart and knowing that he couldn't defeat Tang Fei equally quickly, he opted to kill all of his minions first instead.

Tang Fei obviously could also see through it and quickly rushed towards his old enemy, ordering his people instead, "Take Tianshi hostage! Leave him for me!".

They all listened, breaking towards Tianshi courtyard while he spawned his Spirit Cauldron, defending the next strike from Xiao Feng.

"Bastard!" Xiao Feng cursed as he smashed both hammers at Tang Fei cauldron and suddenly teleported away, trying to catch up to the little bugs but Tang Fei repeated this motion after him, appearing in front of Xiao Feng and blocked his way.

Tang Fei smirked back to Xiao Feng and replied, happy to see Xiao Feng pissed off reaction, "I wouldn't be this sure about that!"