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 'Ah! I can't stop myself anymore!' Yiren cried out in her mind as she finally reached out between her legs, not expecting to feel such intense pleasure from her connection with Xuefeng. She tried to resist it, but then she suddenly felt a burn stronger than ever, making her want to rip her clothes apart and join Xuefeng. She wanted him to finally extinguish this ember that tried to conquer her body.

Each time this situation happened, Xuefeng was nowhere close to her, but right now, he was right here next door! She only needed to walk a few steps and she could throw herself into his embrace, forcing him to ravage her like he used to in the past.

Unfortunately, each time she tried to stand up and run towards him, she recalled her mother's words, 'To train your Spirit strength, one needs to have an unbreakable mind first. If you give in to temptation, your inborn ability won't improve and you won't be able to help Xuefeng in the future. I also wasn't as strong when I was your age, but twenty-five years away from any men helped me improve. Your situation is different so you need to try other methods to improve.'

Yiren knew that the only reason her mother let Xiao Wen have her first time together with Xuefeng was to train her Spirit, which was the main source to power their innate ability. She tried to resist the temptation for this long but right now, she couldn't anymore.

Just as she broke her limits, someone hugged her and she immediately recognized this embrace, knowing her mother too well. Nuwa didn't plan to hide and whispered softly into her ear, praising her loving daughter, "You did well... Go enjoy yourself as a reward."

Yiren's eyes opened and she looked at Nuwa, flushing on her face, actually waiting to hear those words for so long. With just one quick hug, Nuwa let go of her and Yiren ran towards Xuefeng's room without looking back at the others. She was already waiting for too long, getting teased over and over again.

At the same time, inside the room, Xuefeng already changed his position, testing a new one every two minutes, pushing Xiao Wen's imagination to the limits. He moved Xiao Wen back on the bed, but this time she lay face down on her belly while Xuefeng had full access to her bottom, thrusting into her from behind.

Xiao Wen already came twice since the time he came inside of her, but Xuefeng didn't stop, continuing to make her mind go blank every time they changed their position. Xiao Wen felt like no matter what they did, as long as it was Xuefeng that was doing it, she could reach the summit without any equipment needed.

Her throat was already rigid from shouting his name so she buried her face inside the quilt, trying to suppress her voice. Xiao Wen was too exhausted to notice anything happening in their surroundings, only focusing on her own body which was constantly being penetrated, but Xuefeng was always vigilant and noticed someone approaching them right away.

The door opened quietly and Xuefeng saw Yiren, hugging her chest while looking down. Before he could say anything, Yiren ran up to the bed and threw herself into his arms, letting him catch her, not caring about his opinion. It was he who made her like that and now she couldn't handle herself anymore.

Xiao Wen's awareness was completely turned off, leaving herself in Xuefeng's hands so she didn't know that while Xuefeng continued to assault her, he was also being kissed by Yiren who didn't plan on leaving his arms. With one move, Yiren suddenly took off her dress, throwing it away, sitting sexily with only her panties on and whispered to Xuefeng with desire in her eyes who wondered how to solve this, "I want it too..."

Without waiting for his response as she didn't plan on accepting any other reply, Yiren suddenly jumped on Xiao Wen back, pressing her breasts against it and leaned over, kissing her on the cheek.

Feeling something soft but heavy on her back, Xiao Wen lifted herself up and turned around to check what it was, only to get surprised by her sister, "Eh? Yiren?!"

"Hehe," Yiren giggled as she suddenly embraced Xiao Wen across her chest and squeezed her breasts playfully, saying apologetically, "I am sorry to disturb you guys but can I join?"

"Yiren! This is not funny... I'm still not done- Ahh... Don't pinch them..." Xiao Wen tried to scold her, but Yiren only smiled and attacked, knowing her opponent was already weakened. Yiren knew what she could get away with and right now, it was almost everything.

Xuefeng who looked at the scene, also smiled, not minding Yiren's presence at all. Looking down at the second butt which appeared in front of him, he now understood why Yiren came in, so hot and ready for him to take her in. Yiren's panties were all stained by her love juices and Xuefeng actually felt bad leaving her like that. Their connection was too strong and each time she had to suffer from the side effects.

Pulling away from Xiao Wen, Xuefeng used the towel to clean both of them before teasing Yiren's entrance with the tip, exposing it for his view with it. She was all wet and ready for him, moving with her butt so she could feel more of it. Xuefeng didn't make her wait anymore and plunged it all inside of her in one move which caused her to exclaim with joy, "Ah!"

Xiao Wen pouted for having her moment stolen but then exclaimed the same way as Yiren, feeling Xuefeng's member back inside her out of nowhere. Laying on each other like a sandwich, Xuefeng began pleasuring both of them, of course, giving Xiao Wen more attention in the hope of pleasing her.

Complaints were still filling her mind but honestly, Xiao Wen didn't have the strength to complain anymore so she simply let it be, focusing on the next orgasm she felt was coming. She knew that such a day when she could enjoy full attention from Xuefeng would be hard to come by so she decided to enjoy it as long as it lasted, even though Yiren stole some of her show.

Yiren was already aroused from all of their shared emotions so when Xuefeng continued to thrust into her, the hotness only increased, making her fall into the same state as Xiao Wen. Trying to make them both come at the same time, Xuefeng entered into Xiao Wen before he tried using his fingers on Yiren, going in and out while continuously rubbing her cherry bean which was already hot and red.

"Ahh!" Just a few more seconds later, both of them cried out as their bodies shook but Xuefeng didn't stop, continuing to rub them inside to prolong their orgasm. Only when he saw them finish moaning like before did Xuefeng pull away from them, sitting against the wall, also quite tired from all the exercises. One must know that he didn't use his regeneration to regain his stamina today and was working with what he had.

"Both of you, come here." Still, being able to burst one last time, Xuefeng called for them and Yiren was the first who reached him and leaned over to kiss him, thanking him sincerely, "Thank you. You were amazing..."

Xiao Wen was more tired than Yiren after already cumming for the fifth time, but she still crawled up to them only to get pulled into Xuefeng's embrace and receive the same kiss from him.

Before she could say anything, Yiren suddenly started stroking on Xuefeng's member, finding it already at its limits based on her experience and asked playfully, "You are also close to bursting, right? I can see it twitching..."

"Yes," Xuefeng replied simply, but he didn't need to say any more as Yiren already volunteered, diving downwards before swallowing it without hesitation. If Xiao Wen didn't want it, she was happy to have it all for herself.

Unfortunately, her plan didn't go as she expected as Xiao Wen also followed her example, suddenly having her competitive side turned on, stealing it for herself from Yiren's hands.

Xuefeng didn't support such behaviour on his watch, so he flicked Xiao Wen on the ear and scolded, "Don't fight." Xiao Wen rubbed her ear as she glared at him in pain but her gaze softened when she realised it was her mistake and stopped fighting, learning from her error.

They both shared together, licking and sucking on the tip, sometimes having their tongues touch each other, but that only made them giggle and continue right after, playing around. Unfortunately, such occurrences kept happening to them so, after a few times, they stopped caring about it anymore, teasing one another by tickling each other's tongue.

Xuefeng didn't know why he found it super erotic, but he couldn't stop watching their little games. The only downside was that his arousal kept increasing because of that and he suddenly couldn't hold it anymore. He took back the control and pulled their heads away, finally bursting, shooting straight at them.

"Ah! There is still so much even after cumming this many times..." Xiao Wen was the first to exclaim in wonder, finally witnessing live how much of Xuefeng's golden seeds were shot each time. She suddenly felt embarrassed knowing how much of it she already absorbed. Both of their faces were all covered!

"Mhmm... It's still as tasty as ever." Yiren commented without bothering about Xiao Wen's reaction as she gathered everything from her cheeks and licked it off her finger. She quickly cleaned herself and seeing that Xiao Wen was still not done, Yiren leaned over and licked her cheek, stealing a big part away.

"Hey!" Of course, Xiao Wen couldn't let her take everything and quickly pulled Yiren back, kissing her lips before trying to steal it back with her tongue. They battled for a moment until Xiao Wen finally pulled away, getting some of it back, which put a smile on her face.

She was happy that she won and looked at Xuefeng with a victorious gaze, only to find him staring at her with an open mouth, having a surprised expression on his face. At the start, Xiao Wen didn't understand it but after looking at Yiren who licked her lips with a smile, she blushed all the way down to her neck, not expecting she would actually kiss her sister like that.

Planning on teasing her more, Yiren patted her younger sister on the head and commented, "Don't worry sis, you are a good kisser. I liked it."

"I... Aaahh! It's all your fault..." Xiao Wen was already red but Yiren's comment made her want to get under the ground and she cried out, blaming it all on Xuefeng as she buried her head in his chest.

Xuefeng gladly accepted the blame, thinking it was a nice trade for witnessing such an action in front of him. Yup, definitely worth it.