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 Xuefeng, oblivious to his father's investigations, approached the only bookcase on this floor.

"There are only 10 books of rank 5 in the possession of the Liu Clan, and most of them are incomplete. The Sword Art is complete so you might have a look at it." Wuying informed.

'You can gather them all anyway. They will be helpful when I start creating new ones for you.' Ling advised.

"Okay." He picked the Sword Art manual and poured his Qi inside. The higher the rank, the more Qi he needed to spend to view its content. He lost two-tenths from just this one manual. It was titled "Rank 5 Sword Serpent Steps."

In the vision, this Art was created from 5 sword moves. As a Shadow of a man performed the moves one by one, you could see that the power was increasing with each move. The 5th move destroyed even a small mountain.

'That's quite a decent Spirit Art. I can use it as a base later.' Ling praised and started copying it.

Wuying was again speechless when she saw him put back the manual after few minutes. She watched him as he picked up one manual after another, as if it was nothing to remember tens of books.

It took him 20 minutes to finish looking through all of them. He turned towards her, and with a smiling face he said, "I'm done."

"Well, the manuals here are too profound for me, so we can go whenever you are ready." Wuying sighed helplessly. She thought she was useless, comparing herself with him.

"Okay then, let's go back. I'm starting to get hungry from all this knowledge." He again depleted his dantian from his precious Qi.

The whole trip to the Spirit Art tower took a lot more time than predicted. It's been more than 2 hours since they left Princess Shan alone in the courtyard. Xuefeng thought that she would be quite bored staying alone, so he quickened his footsteps.

She was after all, his only chance to survive past this month. He couldn't neglect her, else she might refuse to give him her necklace later.

While they were walking on the main road, they noticed something was off. Many youngsters were running past them in the direction of the Training Grounds. It would be normal if it was only one or two, but there were groups of them, running as fast as they could, they even knocked each other around to be the first one to arrive.

After the 4th group went past them, Xuefeng finally stopped one of them and asked what is going on.

"Oh, Young Master, you don't know? There is a super sexy lady on the training grounds, fighting our clansman. She is probably a guest in the clan, so everyone is going there to check her out." The group looked unhappy at being stopped but they recognized him and told him the news before running away.

Xuefeng looked at Wuying and they both knew who that person was.

"Let's go check it out. She probably got bored and is creating trouble in the Training Grounds." Xuefeng shook his head as they changed their directions. Although he didn't show it, he was excited inside. He can finally watch a real fight.

Wuying was smiling cause she knew that if Princess Shan did anything overboard, Shadow Guard members would contact her. She already itched for a fight with her, ever since the moment she met her.

'You started the fight first. Now I have the perfect opportunity to chase you away.' Wuying started planning her fight.

After two minutes, they arrived near the Training Grounds, and could already hear loud cheering shouts. A small crowd gathered in a circle in the center of the Training Grounds. If they wanted to pass through, they would need to make a path for themselves.

Just as they walked to the back of the circle, they heard a loud thud sound, and the crowd started cheering.

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Wuying didn't give a damn and used her Spirit Qi to create an aura around her. As she got close to someone, he shuddered and gave way for her. When one person did, the others followed. Xuefeng was impressed and followed after her.

When they arrived at the front, they could see a man lying on the ground and his buddies who were picking him up. There was snow on his clothes as well as on the frozen ground around him. Princess Shan was standing proudly in her new outfit, without even a speck of dust on it.

An ice blue katana leaned on her shoulder as she smiled confidently. She didn't wear a veil anymore. Xuefeng had to admit that she looked kind of sexy in this tight leather armour.

When Wuying saw the man on the ground her face darkened. Shadow Guard members didn't work all the time. They had shifts to keep their identity a secret. That man was her subordinate and she knew his strength. He was one of her strongest fighters who had advanced to Spirit King stage quite a while ago.

When the men in the self-made arena saw her, their eyes lit up. They all knew her identity and were happy that someone came to win back their pride.

"Anyone else?" Princess called out as she hadn't seen Xuefeng and Wuying yet.

"Me, me. Pick me."

"Over here!"

Many raised their hands and cried. Even though they knew, the loss was certain, it didn't demotivate them as they could get noticed by a super beauty.

'What a bunch of losers.' Princess Shan thought. She looked around in the crowd and finally noticed Wuying and Xuefeng. She was surprised to see them. She smiled and wanted to join them but she saw Wuying walking out into the middle of the arena.

"I will fight you." She stopped her movements.

The only thing that is more entertaining to watch than a normal fight, is when two beauties fight together. The crowd cheered louder.

Wuying was also a top beauty, but everyone knew she was the Young Master's woman. In the clan, there was no one who could judge the Clan Leader as he had total power with Shadow Guards by his side. Who would risk his life, flirting with the Clan Leader's son's woman? Even if Xuefeng didn't cultivate, it was a huge hazard.

"Oh, I don't mind. I wanted to teach you a lesson much earlier. " Princess Shan got ready for a fight.

Before Xuefeng could say anything to stop them, they turned towards him and Princess Shan told him, "Don't interfere, we would fight sooner or later anyway."

"Right, we won't go overboard, don't worry." Wuying confirmed as two Blood Red Daggers appeared in her hands.

"Eh, because you say it like that I'm getting even more worried. If you hurt yourself then I will stop your fight." Xuefeng sighed.

"It looks like Young master knows this lady. Could she be the rumoured Princess Zhen Shan?" someone in the crowd asked.

"Yeah, I saw them earlier today, she even walked intimately with him."

"She is said to stay in our clan because she fell in love with him."

"Meh, I thought we had a chance."

"Well, if you also had Black Talent, girls would go crazy about you too."

"Wasn't she said to have worn a veil all the time?"

"My brother works in the capital and she once said that she will only take it off if she meets her future husband."

Hearing him everyone around him exclaimed in surprise, and looked towards their Young Master.

The crowd's conversation caused him to frown. Was she really telling the truth? If yes, then he was really in trouble.

'But having sexy girls around you is not that bad,' He thought, watching the two ladies staring at each other.

Because the fight was about to start, he stopped listening to the crowd. His priority was to see that no one got injured.

'If there is no winner in a few moves, I will just stop them anyway.' He decided.