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 'That woman must have thought that the only way she can make a man feel pleasure was through her ability but that's untrue. One can feel amazing even without that- Ahhh... So good...' Xiao Wen thought in her mind, feeling happy that she didn't succumb to the pleasure and decided to follow the traditional way. Not only did she feel amazing, Xuefeng wasn't short on pleasure either.

She laid on top of him, moving up and down with her hips, syncing her mind with the long rod which slid deep inside of her with each movement. Xiao Wen didn't feel any pain anymore, only pure pleasure which continued to push her desire for more. Each time she would pull out until the end of it, up to the tip, only to slowly lower her hips again, feeling it rubbing her walls until it reaches the end, teasing it everywhere which brought her even more joy.

Xiao Wen wanted to be in full control and Xuefeng let her do what she wanted, leading his hands onto her breasts so he could rub and squeeze them with vigor. When she noticed that Xuefeng tried to move with his hips as well, she led his hands onto her bottom but realised it was a mistake, a somewhat pleasurable mistake.

Just as Xuefeng's hands landed on her butt, he grabbed it firmly and slammed it against his hips, all the way down to his base. This caused her to cry out a soft moan, "Ahh... Not so fast..." She said that, but at the same time, she kind of liked his rough move, feeling it even stronger inside.

Slap! As if reading her mind, Xuefeng suddenly slapped her butt with both of his hands before grabbing it and forcefully slamming it against his hips yet again in quick succession. Just as she let out another cry and was about to scold him, Xuefeng moved one of his hands onto her back, pushing her downwards into his chest while still moving his hips to continue the act.

Planting a deep kiss which felt as if he tried to suck her lips away, Xuefeng asked with passion in his voice, "Are you done playing around...?" She didn't understand what he meant by that, but then he followed up with other questions, "Do you want to see what the real experience looks like...? Do you want to feel it more?"

Xiao Wen didn't know what he planned, but the way he said it made her want exactly that, making her nod her head without a solid answer but that was enough for Xuefeng to start, making her finally understand what it feels like to be a woman.

'Ahh!' It wasn't even a minute after she agreed when she wanted to scream in pleasure but couldn't as her lips were closed in a tight battle of their tongues. Just when she let him take control over her bottom, Xuefeng increased their usual pace, acting as if he didn't get even a bit tired, continuing to slam against her entrance, trying to rip it apart. She had to tighten her arms around his neck and cover his lips to suppress her incoming moans, afraid to disturb others staying in the garden.

Xiao Wen should already be grateful to them for letting her have this time alone with Xuefeng, but here she was, screaming as loud as her throat could bear in pleasure, teasing them all. She could feel the strong Spirit Awareness lingering in their surroundings, so she knew that Nuwa had been watching the whole time and even if that was not the case, all the girls in the garden possess Spirit Eyes strong enough to pass through the thin wall. The feeling of being watched made Xiao Wen much more excited for some reason.

She was surprised that just after Xuefeng got into proper motion, she already felt her fingers and toes tingle, signalling the release of pent up pleasure, the same she felt before in the bath.

Just as she expected, the love juices erupted soon after as her body tensed up, shivers filling her whole body which forced her to finally pull her lips away and shout out to release her feelings, "Aaah, I can't anymore! Don't stop!" Xiao Wen didn't know why she shouted that, but Xuefeng understood her well, suddenly rolling on the bed and thrusting strongly from the top of her.

The more he pumped with his hips, teasing her deep inside with his tip which twitched every now and then, the longer her moment lasted, not planning on ending any time soon. Her body felt hot, tingling all over as her skin became super sensitive. Each of his touches began increasing her desire to be more physical and she didn't want to stop.

Because of that, her legs wrapped around his waist as she pushed his hips together with him and her arms began roaming on his broad shoulders. Before her mind went blanch, forgetting about everything other than Xuefeng in her embrace, she whispered with hurried breaths into his ear, "Xuefeng, I love you dummy... Ahh!"

Just as she finished her confession, sudden hotness started filling up her insides which was connected with the last few strongest thrusts of his hips and Xiao Wen let out her last bits of air from her lungs, staring at the ceiling with her eyes wide open.

She already experienced this feeling once and couldn't mistake it for something else. Xuefeng was cumming right inside of her! Her tired mind immediately went back to their talk about kids and it would be strange if she didn't think about it. 'Is Xuefeng trying to get me pregnant...? No... We can't have kids right now...'

"Oof... It feels so good inside of you..." Xuefeng commented as he laid down on top of her and kissed her, rubbing her cheeks gently after saying, "I love you too." It was never a bad time to express one's feelings and Xuefeng didn't mind showing his. After Xiao Wen confessed to him just now, he had to let her know it wasn't one-sided.

Xuefeng wanted to admire her wet red hair, rosy lips and cheeks before he enters into his mode for another round but then he noticed her confused gaze as Xiao Wen continued to stare at him.

"What happened, sweetie?" Xuefeng asked after he kissed her, following it with a calm smile.

He didn't expect that Xiao Wen would hit him with a somewhat important question, involving their future, "Were you serious about the kids...? I can still feel it flowing inside of me..."

Fortunately, Xuefeng already thought about it at some point, knowing that such talk would surface while having this many girlfriends and kissed her again to scatter her worries, saying with care in his eyes, "Yes, but not now. Maybe in the far future when I will know for sure that nothing can hurt you and the kids. For now, you can absorb it all as it has a lot of Fate Qi inside of it. Don't think about it."

"Mhmm, alright..." Hearing his explanation, she thought it was quite reasonable, knowing they had too much to do right now and kids would only disturb them. Being together with Xuefeng for so long, she actually forgot about her ongoing war with the Tang Family. If she were to have a kid any time soon, that would bring quite a disadvantage to her battle prowess.

She contemplated every pro and con for that issue and had to admit that cultivators in this world had real troubles while having a baby, especially those with high cultivation and status. To get where they are right now, almost all of them had to offend many people who only wait for the right time, when you are vulnerable to strike back.

Female Cultivators could control their pregnancy but they had to choose the right time for that, knowing they had someone who could protect them at that time. The stronger one was, the more power the baby would suck away from them to grow before leaving them with a lot of time of recuperation after birth.

Xiao Wen rubbed Xuefeng's smooth white hair, looking absent-minded as she got distracted by her thoughts and she didn't notice the sudden smirk which appeared on his face. Only after Xuefeng lifted her up in the air, leaning her over the wall which abutted to the bed, did Xiao Wen regain her focus and ask, surprised, "Ah? What are you doing?"

Xuefeng smirked again and commented as he pulled both of her legs upwards, "Heh, you are more innocent than I thought. Do you think this is over already?"

Unfortunately for Xiao Wen, Xuefeng didn't give her time to reply as he pulled his hips away from her before slamming against the inside of her once again, making sure she would never forget her first experience with him.