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 Xuefeng even looked to the side, trying to take his hands away from her, but she stopped him, calling out with a little panic visible in her eyes, "I was kidding! I do want to have kids with you..."

As if nothing happened, Xuefeng sad expression vanished and it was quickly replaced by a smile as he suddenly picked her up, saying smugly, "Oh, perfect. Let's do it then."

Xiao Wen found herself momentarily in the air as Xuefeng left the bathtub and carried her out of the bathroom. She was blinking as if waiting for fresh ideas to enter her brain, but that didn't happen until she was thrown onto the bed and her lips were sealed the moment Xuefeng covered her body with his.

She could feel that Xuefeng's desire to eat her for real this time was burning strongly and she was unable to resist it, or rather, didn't want to resist it. Xiao Wen waited for this moment for quite some time, so even if she wasn't one hundred percent sure of what to do, she was ready to confront it.

As Xuefeng started already getting turned on, kissing her lips, her neck, her nipples before going back to her lips while continuing to rub her breasts, Xiao Wen suddenly proposed, "Xuefeng... Can I be on top?" She knew he was going to take action soon so she acted before that.

He found that a weird request so he stopped kissing her neck, looking back at her face and asked, assuring her with a kind smile, "Why? I will be gentle. You don't need to worry about that."

"I know you will. I just want to be in control over my first time." As she said so, Xiao Wen kissed him and suddenly wrapped her arms around his chest, rolling on the bed. Sitting on top of him, she looked down at his face only to see his smirk and hear his comment, "It's not like I would say no, but do you know what to do?"

Xiao Wen wouldn't be herself if she didn't pout at him for that and she quickly called out while forcefully squeezing his member which was already rock hard once again,

"Of course I do! I just need to put it in..." As Xiao Wen replied back, she realised that every time it's Xuefeng who would bait her into saying such embarrassing stuff, so she hit him on his thigh as punishment, but that only made him laugh, finding her too cute.

Pulling Xiao Wen by the knees, Xuefeng placed her on his hips, fixing his member right in between her legs and called out with a gentle smile, "Should I help you?"

"No, thank you." Xiao Wen only stuck out her tongue at him as she rejected his help and looked down towards the raging erection which already waited to enter her. When she saw it reaching almost up to her belly button, she swallowed her saliva, now realising how big it was. Would that even fit inside of her?

Not wanting him to wait, she took one last breath and raised her bottom, hovering above his hips and aimed his member inside of her, planning on making it enter her slowly. Xiao Wen had at least this much knowledge about it, which gave her more confidence compared with the other naughty things he made her do.

"Ah..." As she hovered about it for some time, she finally let the tip slide inside, finding it hard to believe how smoothly it went. She and Xuefeng were already too wet for there to be any problems with that.

"You don't need to hurry. Slowly move up and down, get more comfortable with the feeling before even reaching deeper. You can take your time." Even if she wanted to do everything herself, Xuefeng didn't stop giving her advice, which she accepted willingly. She knew he had experience in it so there was no reason to reject his knowledge.

It was just the tip inside of her but with each movement, more and more of his member spread her walls apart to venture deeper into the unknown. Xuefeng found it weird that she didn't feel any pain from this, but then, he finally saw some expression change on her face.

It did hurt her, making Xiao Wen stop for a second but compared to the pain she went through after getting cut and hurt countless times, this little bit was nothing for her. She continued to move up and down even though it hurt her, finally reaching the base.

Xiao Wen stayed like that, feeling as if hundreds of ants were crawling inside of her stomach as well as Xuefeng's pulsing member which decided on rubbing against her walls and said quietly, expecting small praise, "I did it..."

Seeing the trace of blood, dripping from her entrance, Xuefeng leaned over as he sat up as well and hugged Xiao Wen tightly, praising her while kissing her, "Good girl..."

At that moment, Xiao Wen's bottom moved, still staying in Xuefeng's embrace, rhythmically shaking with her hips while trying to get used to the pain. She knew that she would feel a lot of pleasure soon, so she didn't mind passing these tough moments to get her sweet dessert.

She thought of using her new ability, but after testing it just once, Xiao Wen realised it wouldn't be the real experience she wanted to have with Xuefeng. Her effort paid off quickly though, finding that she was in less pain the more she moved around. Xuefeng was also helping her with his constant distractions.

As if kissing him to sleep, Xiao Wen slowly lowered him back on the bed, leaving a few sweet cherries on his lips every few centimetres until he was finally laying down once again. Pulling away from him and she sat up completely, only leading his hands onto her chest before muttering back the same words he said to her previously, "Don't worry about anything. I will be gentle." Without waiting for his reply, she began working her hips.