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 Splash! The hot steamy water exploded to the sides as they dived under the water, still connected in their passionate kiss. Their tongues rubbed against each other and with each movement, they felt spasms of pleasure, both sharing their shivers with one another.

'How come it feels so good for me too!?' Xiao Wen cried out in her mind as she continued to wrap her arms and legs around Xuefeng's muscular body, feeling amazing all around. She never expected this ability to work both ways and now understood why that woman followed this path. It was too addicting!

The moment her tongue touched Xuefeng's body, she couldn't stop herself from giving another lick or kiss. She wanted to continue forever and her whole body wanted to swallow him. The burning fire was constantly spreading on her skin and Xuefeng was the water she needed to extinguish it. Despite the lack of air, they were rolling in the bathtub with their minds running wild.

Xiao Wen understood she was slowly losing her rationality within the sea of pleasure so she didn't hesitate to halt, for now, crying out in her mind, 'Stop!' Feeling the effect cease, she quickly pulled her head away from Xuefeng and resurfaced together with him, gasping for air. At that moment, she happened to be on top of him, so she sat down on his lap and breathed deeply while leaning on Xuefeng's chest.

"I suddenly felt a burning desire to eat you and it didn't want to fade away... Was it the thing you wanted to use on me?" Xuefeng asked confused as he pulled her chin upwards to look at her flushed face, recalling her previous words.

"Mhmm... I felt great too... My mind was slipping so I had to stop it... " Xiao Wen could only admit with a nod, not knowing what his reaction would be, but Xuefeng didn't look mad at all, proposing softly instead, "I want a bit more... Can you do it one more time?"

"I can..." Xiao Wen found it hard to resist him when he asked her so sincerely and just when she was about to ask what exactly he wanted, Xuefeng picked her up and placed her against the wall while standing up. Without any further words, Xuefeng took her hand and led it onto his member with a gentle smile. She could guess what he wanted from her.

'Should I try it with my mouth instead of tongue...?' Xiao Wen hesitated while stroking it up and down, not knowing what to pick. The effects were really amazing, but that's what she was worried about. She felt too good right from the start and she didn't want to lose herself.

Xuefeng didn't push her too hard and waited as Xiao Wen contemplated on what to do while using the traditional method, licking the tip before sucking on the head while slowly taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. As she started moving a bit, she realised Xuefeng followed her, pushing it further just as she did, syncing with her movements.

"Ha..." Xuefeng breathed with relief, which surprised her. She thought Xuefeng would complain due to the difference in pleasure, but she didn't see any of that, only soft moans as he moved inside of her mouth, slowly reaching towards her throat.

'Right... I don't need any special abilities to make him feel good... I can do it on my own!' Xiao Wen figured out in her mind and suddenly her moves intensified, pushing against his back, which forced the whole staff into her throat. She felt a bit of discomfort, but it quickly disappeared as she pulled away only to swallow the whole thing once again, repeating the process in a few quick successions.

Even Xuefeng was surprised and tried to slow down, but Xiao Wen didn't let him, following after him towards the other side of the bathtub while still continuing to eat him up.

Xuefeng was already at his limits earlier so when Xiao Wen launched her assault at him, it wasn't a surprise that he couldn't hold it anymore. He didn't want to burst deep inside of her so he tried to pull her away in time, but Xiao Wen was so drummed up that she continued sucking on the tip right after.

"Mhmm!" What welcomed her was a surprise stream of golden seeds which quickly caused her to exclaim. Xiao Wen wanted to pull away on instinct but knowing it was Xuefeng's, she stayed put, gathering the thick liquid in her mouth until Xuefeng was done spurting and pulled away, breathing hurriedly.

She didn't know what to do with the liquid and even thought of spitting it out but then her tongue tasted it, making her halt. She tasted it with her tongue for the second time before thinking, confused, 'Why does it taste so good...?'

Seeing her confused look, Xuefeng gave her a knowing smile and said while rubbing her full cheek, "It's okay. You can drink it. Others say it's good for the skin."

Gulp. Just as Xuefeng suggested, after savouring the taste one last time, Xiao Wen swallowed the thick liquid in one gulp. She gripped it firmly, trying to squeeze everything before licking the last few drops from the tip while enjoying each of them.

"How come it's so good?" Xiao Wen couldn't help but ask, finding it quite suspicious. If that was a normal occurrence, every man would boast about it but she never heard such facts.

"It's because of my regeneration ability which is also very nutritious for my body other than having healing properties. Each time I use it to heal my wounds, it also regenerates my stamina and improves my body, including my seeds." Xuefeng explained as he entered inside the water and reached out towards her lower belly, gently rubbing it before teasing, "Our babies in the future will be very healthy because of that."

This comment made Xiao Wen flush right away and she quickly stopped his hand, asking sarcastically, "Who wants to have babies with you?!" They still didn't even move past the final stage and Xuefeng already thought about kids which caught her off guard.

Hearing her question, Xuefeng pretended to be sad and asked back, "You don't want to have kids with me in the future...?"