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 "Ahh..." Feeling a sudden change of environment, Xuefeng couldn't help but let out a soft moan. The moment something appeared in her mouth, Xiao Wen's tongue immediately started wiggling on instinct, rubbing against the tip which made him feel true pleasure.

When she heard his reaction, she actually felt satisfaction from being able to influence him like that and didn't stop doing it. Her tongue ran around the most sensitive parts as she glanced upwards to see his reaction to everything she did. The more pleasure she saw on his face, the more eager she was to continue.

With her saliva spreading evenly on the head, she started applying it to the whole shaft as well, making it easier for her to slide up and down with both of her hands. She didn't push it too deep inside of her mouth, having only the exposed head laying on her tongue, but just this much made Xuefeng feel amazing. He didn't expect that just her tongue could make him reach such heights this quickly.

Xiao Wen suddenly pulled his member out from her mouth, still continuing to tickle it with the tip of her tongue and asked playfully as she started sliding down towards the base, "Am I doing a good job?" Based on his reaction, Xiao Wen knew what the answer would be, but she still wanted to hear it from his mouth.

"Yes... I'm actually surpris- Ahh..." Xuefeng had to give her the credit for such a nice service, but before he could finish, another unexpected moan left his lips, breaking his speech.

Xiao Wen moved with her tongue on his shaft as he spoke, heading downwards towards his balls and without hesitation, she swallowed it whole, sucking on it like a lollipop. At the same time, her hand moved towards the top and gripped it strongly before playing around with her thumb, rubbing it with interest.

"You are the best..." Xuefeng had to admit it, knowing that even Nuwa didn't give him such a nice blowjob like Xiao Wen did right now. There was something weird about her tongue which made him almost go crazy from it.

Xiao Wen only smiled as if she already knew it and asked, returning to the top while slowly moving her tongue around, "Is it the best one you ever had...?" Before he could reply, she kissed the tip a few times and slowly swallowed it, wrapping her lips around it tightly.

Looking at her gentle eyes as she asked the question, he said what she wanted to hear, which was also the truth, "Yes... I love it." Xuefeng didn't know that such a statement really made a difference for her, making her consider new paths she wanted to take right now.

'Uff... I am the best even without using it...' Xiao Wen suddenly thought with relief, happy that she didn't need to use the ability she acquired some time ago. It was one which she never got to use after she learned about its properties.

Unfortunately, because she thought of it already, as she continued to lick him, this thought kept coming back over and over which made her consider it once again.

Xiao Wen felt Xuefeng's hand which applied small pressure at the back of her head and thought, 'Should I try it on him...? If it's just Xuefeng... maybe there shouldn't be a problem, right?'

She recalled the lady who died from her sword at the early stages of her cultivation, and how she used her ability to make men fall onto their knees in front of her by giving them immense pleasure. Xiao Wen didn't think she would do the same, given this wasn't her intention at all. All she wanted right now was to give Xuefeng the best experience he could have.

'I'm not evil like her, so I won't use it against him... I guess I can try it once and stop if it turns out badly...' Having full control over herself, Xiao Wen decided to try it. She already got this power so it was quite a waste not to use it even once.

"Mhmm... I am at my limits already..." Just as she finally decided, Xuefeng informed her of his incoming burst and she also felt his member twitching inside her mouth. She didn't hesitate to pull it out and call out, "Wait!" Now that she thought it through, she really wanted to make him feel even better so cumming this fast wasn't an option for her.

Xuefeng let out a cold breath, feeling quite weird not being able to release when he was this close and asked confused, "Why? Is something wrong? You were doing great."

Instead of replying, she asked as she traced her finger from top to bottom and from bottom to the top again, "Xuefeng, can I try something different that will make you feel even more amazing?"

Xuefeng found that a bit suspicious, but still accepted, not expecting anything too crazy, "Huh? Sure..." After all, she was still a newbie, experiencing everything for the first time. He didn't expect that she had a hidden ace up her sleeve.

Xiao Wen only grinned at that and couldn't wait to surprise him. Her ability allowed her to turn one part of her body into a pleasure spot which could make her partner explode with ecstasy upon even a gentle touch. It was a very lewd ability which made her not use it even if it could get her everything she wanted. She wanted to use her own power to earn that instead of seduction.

Thinking of which part she should choose, Xiao Wen picked her tongue, thinking of testing it first with single licks before switching to something more ambitious later. Focusing her ability, a golden hue suddenly appeared on top of her tongue and she didn't waste time, going straight into it.

Xiao Wen didn't want to overdo it as her knowledge about the effects of this ability was non-existent so she decided to start with the shaft. Leaning over, she got complete control over his staff once again and suddenly gave the head a small lick, barely touching the skin with the tip of her tongue.

She observed Xuefeng's face during that moment and seeing his eyes go wide open, she couldn't help but smile, knowing that her ability actually worked, but then she herself shivered surprised, finding her tongue sent a wave of pleasure all around her body.

'What?! Aah...' Xiao Wen cried out in her mind, not expecting to also have the same feeling transferred to her, causing her to moan loudly in her mind as no words came out of her mouth.

"What did you do...? Your tongue feels amazing..." Xuefeng quickly asked, finding the difference just too big. Just from this single lick, he was able to guess that it wasn't just a simple lick. Something changed with her tongue.

Without waiting for her reply, Xuefeng leaned over and pulled her upwards by her chin, kissing her. He didn't hesitate to open her mouth and reach for her tongue which she was hiding.

"Mhmmm!" Both of them exclaimed right after they tongues touched, wrapping around each other on instinct for more sudden pleasure. Xuefeng felt as if his mind was getting a solid massage, making him momentarily unable to talk only to fill him later with a desire to cry out her name.

Quickly pulling away while still having his rationality intact, Xuefeng asked, interested, "What did you do?!" Unfortunately, he didn't get the reply as Xiao Wen closed the distance while pulling him back into the bath and clashed with his tongue once again.