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 Hearing the question right after leaving the playful battlefield, Xiao Wen didn't even think of rejecting him and nodded, already desiring to get more of him. It was the first time that she received this much attention from him so she was totally intoxicated by the emotions brewing in her mind.

Xiao Wen was already sitting on his legs but Xuefeng suddenly lifted her up and pulled her into his arms with her back facing him. His hands wrapped around her smooth belly as his lips found their way onto her neck, sucking on it greedily. It quickly caused Xiao Wen to let out a sweet moan as she leaned her head over his shoulder, allowing him to do anything he wanted to her. She was ready as long as it was with him.

Xuefeng was already somewhat aroused with such a sexy body in his arms so when Xiao Wen leaned on his chest, she also met his long member who already stood on attention, becoming harder and harder with each movement of her hips. Nuwa and Xiao Wen were ones who could proudly show off their round but firm bottoms, having much more to love in that scope than the others.

She flinched a bit after feeling a hard and hot object poking her back, but upon realising what it was, Xiao Wen didn't do anything other than blush. She wanted to reach out to feel it a bit but didn't find the necessary boldness go through with it. Xiao Wen was brave and domineering normally, but when she suddenly happened to land inside of his arms, all of that was quickly disappearing.

Before she could decide on what to do, Xuefeng finally moved with his hands, beginning to skim along her body with the tips of his fingers, teasing her with his gentle touch. First, it was her belly which tickled her plenty, but they quickly moved upwards, heading towards her ample chest. She thought he would go straight into rubbing and squeezing it around like he did before, but she became disappointed when he suddenly dodged them and travelled upwards towards her arms.

'Did I become this lewd already...?' Xiao Wen thought, actually wanting him to caress them forcefully, not caring about the rules. Because of his teasing, she wanted to reach out and lead his hands to squeeze her breasts strongly which scared her quite a bit, not expecting herself to feel like that from the start.

Unfortunately, her prayers were not heard by him as he continued to slowly tease her skin endlessly, leaving a burning line with each of his fingers which lingered even after they moved elsewhere. Her breathing was already hurried after their kiss but now she started feeling it much deeper, getting hot all over her body.

When his hands finally moved downwards and grazed on the soft skin of her breasts, she wanted to cry out softly but her lips got sealed, suppressing her cries for more. Xiao Wen didn't know what exactly was going on with her. Was she really so horny to get aroused just from some simple touches?

Xuefeng's fingers didn't mind her troubles as he began using one finger, moving in a circle around both of her breasts, closing into the centre with each round motion. Her own arms were wrapped around his neck but being unable to cry out, she suddenly clenched her hands together with Xuefeng's hair, signalling she was ready for more.

Who would have thought that even after this, Xuefeng would slowly continue with his pace, reaching the centre only after a few more rotations? She was already frustrated but when his fingers finally touched her nipples, Xuefeng changed his approach from a kitten to a wild tiger.

"Aaahh!" Xiao Wen couldn't stay quiet anymore and let out a long moan that left her breathless for a second. After being so gentle from the start, she didn't expect his hands to suddenly grasp strongly just as she wanted him to do from the start. She was totally caught off guard. What's more, she also felt a pleasurable striking current run through her body as if someone struck her with small lightning.

The current didn't stop on just one strike, right after Xuefeng played with her nipples as if they were two small joysticks, she felt another current fill her body, this time much stronger than before, making her bend like a bow on top of him. Xiao Wen's body even raised above the hot water and suddenly a waterfall of juices erupted from her lower body.

Xiao Wen wanted to cry out but couldn't, suddenly having no air in her lungs. Only when she collapsed weakly on him did she finally catch her breath. Her body was still experiencing extreme shivers all around her body, bringing her unusual pleasure.

Xuefeng, as if not bothered by it at all, continued to kiss and hug her while slowly sliding one of his hands downwards on her belly. Xiao Wen could guess what Xuefeng planned to do right now, but she didn't stop him, being in too much pleasure at that moment. She also wanted to scold him for using Lightning Qi on her, but when it came down to it, she only said cutely, "Meanie..."

Xuefeng only smiled at that and reminded her, "You invaded my domain first. You should have been prepared for that before entering into my arms. Don't think that I will stop now."

Without waiting for anything else, Xuefeng didn't waste any more time, planning on pushing further while she was still aroused and his three fingers finally found their way to her bottom lips. His middle finger went right through the middle of her entrance while two side fingers accompanied it, following their brother in arms.

Feeling him going up and down while teasing her crevice with each movement of his fingers, which threatened her with invasion, Xiao Wen pleaded, "Ah... Babe... give me a short break..." She expected that Xuefeng would not listen to her as usual, but this time he surprisingly listened and stopped.

Unfortunately, such a deal couldn't be done selflessly as Xuefeng said right after with a mischievous smile, "You can have a break but not for free."

Xiao Wen literally needed a few minutes to catch her breath so she would accept anything. Having nothing to lose, she nodded in agreement as she asked, "What do you want for five minutes...?", proposing her own idea, "We can kiss..."

"Not enough." Xuefeng didn't hesitate to reject her and suddenly pulled away from her before sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Xiao Wen didn't know what Xuefeng planned so she turned to look at him and only then she quickly realised what he wanted.

She suddenly blushed and tried to look away, but Xuefeng caught her hand and pulled her close to him, placing his raging erection right in front of her face. Before she could say anything, Xuefeng called out dominantly, "Here. Hold it."

Listening to his domineering tone, she found herself listening to him even without thinking about it and only realised doing so after her hand was already grabbing onto his hard member.

'So hard and hot...' Xiao Wen thought in wonder as her eyes opened wide before they glued to the sizeable object in front of her. She didn't know exactly what to do next but hearing no further commands from Xuefeng, the crimson-haired teen decided to start her first adventure without a map, going forward blindly until she finds the right way, just as she always did.

Squeezing it with some force, she found it quite sturdy so she didn't hesitate to use the same power in her approach. Xiao Wen first began to touch his member all around, trying to first find out what she had to deal with and also the correct method to pleasure him. She was smart, so she believed it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out.

As she rubbed it all around, skimming it with her delicate hands from top to bottom, Xiao Wen found out that the top was the most sensitive based on his gentle twitches from time to time when she passed on the tip with her fingers. Knowing it was his weak spot, Xiao Wen focused on that part the most.

It didn't take her long to figure out the movements as her one hand started stroking on the base while the other began rubbing gently on the head. Finding water to be not enough as lubrication for smoother movements, she suddenly thought of using her saliva which was much stickier, just what she needed.

The only thing she was worried about was Xuefeng's thoughts. Will he think of her as a lewd girl if he sees her thinking about it this quickly? Xiao Wen looked upwards just before she was about to test it and found him smiling at her, as if he knew what she was thinking.

He reached out to pat her on the head and praised, "You learn pretty fast. I think you are the quickest to learn like that."

"Really...?" Xiao Wen didn't know why but she felt good when he mentioned her being the best in something, but then her enthusiasm faltered, realising that she was the best at something naughty which didn't suit a girl like her and she replied while pouting, "I don't want this title..."

"Haha, too late!" Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh at her cute expression as he brushed her hair away from her face and advised while gently holding her head from behind, "You can try licking it too."

Hearing him say the same thing that she was secretly hiding at the back of her mind, Xiao Wen flushed red and cried out, embarrassed, "I know! I was about to!" Without waiting for his follow-up comment, she suddenly went a step ahead of his advice and put the whole head into her mouth as punishment.