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 'What did they eat to actually behave so nicely?' Xuefeng asked himself as he opened the door to his room. He just couldn't believe that they actually didn't argue at all and talked it all out.

They could make a lot of problems for him this night and give him lots of headaches but everything ended up just right. So far they were all peaceful, but Xuefeng wondered if that will stay that way after Tianshi also joins them, making it five of them altogether. The sheer number of them made Xuefeng wonder how he even did it.

'There is still Shan... What do I do with her?' Xuefeng wondered about another issue, recalling their complicated relationship. He was not an idiot. He knew how she felt, but were they on that stage already?

They did kiss back when Xuefeng was still new to dating and they still had this promise between each other, which he still planned to fulfil. Even if Princess Shan was safe already as she was under Jiao's protection, he still wanted to get rid of this thorn for her.

'I guess I will just wait and see how it goes...' Xuefeng thought as he breathed a mouthful of air in a sigh.

Looking around the room, he spotted no one inside, but he could feel and smell that someone was inside the bathroom. He already promised Xiao Wen and the time has finally come for their special moment. Throwing off his jacket on the bed, Xuefeng approached the bathroom and didn't hesitate to open the doors. He was sure Xiao Wen already sensed him coming inside the room and seeing no reaction from her side, she wanted him to go inside.

Upon opening the doors, the steam gushed out from the bathroom, but even with that, he could barely see anything inside. Fortunately, with his Spirit Awareness, it would be hard for him to get lost. She didn't block it so he could easily navigate through the steam.

Just as he reached her, his shirt dropped to the floor and he leaned over while crouching down to her while she was chilling in the bathtub, before kissing her on the neck. His hands gently slid along her arms as he whispered while tickling her ear with his lips, "I'm sorry I kept you waiting..."

She was already his woman so Xuefeng wasn't restricting himself from anything with her, continuing to kiss her smooth neck while massaging her arms and shoulders. After practising on Yiren many times, he was quite good at it so just after a few moves, Xiao Wen let out a relaxed moan, greeting him, "Mhmmm... Welcome back..."

As Xuefeng worked his way with her tense muscles, he asked, hoping to get some answers which he did not get from Nuwa, "How was the meeting with others? You guys didn't argue or anything?" As he said so, he began applying more pressure, heading towards her deep muscles which started finally releasing the stress rooting her from the inside.

"It was alright... I don't think we will have any problems while hanging around together. Only Nuwa- Mhmm... Might have a personality that clashes with mine... Ahh... But we should be alright after some work..." Xiao Wen explained the situation as she left herself in his hands, letting out satisfied groans with each of his deeper movements.

Finding it quite uncomfortable to crouch like that, Xuefeng finally stood up rubbing her cheek with his thumb before moving away and slowly taking off his pants. This bold move made Xiao Wen blush as she immediately thought he would tell her to do something naughty right away, but Xuefeng walked up to the opposite end of the bathtub instead, entering it with his back facing her.

The bathtub was quite spacious so only the tips of their feet were touching each other. Xiao Wen didn't exactly know what to expect from him as it was her first experience like that, so she simply followed his pace, trying to figure out what their next move is supposed to be.

They stared at their bodies which were completely exposed in front of each other and silently waited for one another to make a move. In the end, it was Xuefeng who didn't wait anymore as he couldn't get enough of Xiao Wen's body and reached out with his foot, rubbing it against hers while looking playfully at her.

He knew she might be a little nervous right now so he had to make her feel relaxed a bit. Playing around a bit while ticking each other with their toes definitely didn't belong to the best way, but as long as it did the job, Xuefeng wouldn't complain.

Seeing her smiling more after their playful game, Xuefeng finally stopped and asked with an inviting smile, "When are you going to come to my side? I'm waiting for you." Seeing her panic for a second, Xuefeng reached out towards her feet and slowly pulled her towards himself.

Just as she thought that he would pull her into his arms and their experience would start, Xuefeng stopped pulling when her legs were laying on his lap. They both looked at each other and Xuefeng said with a gentle smile, "Wen, just relax. I wouldn't do anything you are not comfortable with."

At the same time, he grabbed her left foot with both of his hands and began massaging it as well. Feeling the pain that came together with the sudden release, Xiao Wen relaxed, laying on the surface of the water and agreed softly, "Alright..."

"I know that you waited a long time for this day so I will make sure you feel great. Don't worry about anything. Just let me do everything until you are comfortable enough with me." Xuefeng assured her sweetly, watching her perky breasts peek out of the water while continuing his foot massage. He used a lot of strength but Xiao Wen was bravely handling it all.

Looking at his gentle expression as he continued to give her funny pains on her sole, she tried to correct him but couldn't help but get distracted in this situation, "I am comfortable with you- Ahh... Right there, that spot..."

Finishing with the first one, Xuefeng grabbed the second one and repeated the same procedure, letting her whine in pleasing pain. It was the pain which would appear as quickly as it disappeared only to be replaced by relief.

Xiao Wen didn't feel exactly right being the only one to receive pleasure so she pulled away right after she had enough to satisfy her and moved towards him like a panther asking unfairly, "Why is it only you who has to work...? I also want to do something for you..."

Xuefeng found her really alluring with how she crawled up to his face with a willing expression which ignited his internal fire. He reached out, holding onto her chin and pulled her a bit closer until their lips almost touched and asked her quietly while looking deep into her eyes, "What can you do for me...?"

"What do you want me to do...?" She whispered back as she grazed her lips against his, rubbing their roses together and without waiting for his answer, she closed the distance between them.

Kissing deeply onto Xuefeng's bottom lip, her hands landed on top of his broad shoulders before falling on his chest as she tried squeezing it. She only felt rock hard muscles which she couldn't help but touch all around, feeling the explosive power that could be generated by them.

Pulling away from their deep kiss, she whispered seductively, "I can do this..." Without backing away too much, she closed the distance again but this time it was Xuefeng who led the kiss, not letting her go to tease him just as she planned and continued to kiss her, pulling her tongue out for another battle which she had been craving for since their first kiss.

With one hand brushing through her wet crimson hair and another one holding onto her face, he didn't let go of her for a long time, dancing with her tongue until hurried breathing could be heard from Xiao Wen, not expecting such intense action. It was then that he gently pulled away from her, not letting her follow him and whispered playfully, "I can do this too... Do you want me to show you what else I can do?"